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Worldwide, the market for educational mobile app development has expanded extensively. Being a reputed education app developer and provider, Coders can design custom-made mobile apps for schools, colleges, and other teaching institutes or private tutors. Using the latest styles of app development frameworks available, like React Native, Ionic, Flutter, and others, our teams at Coders develop top-rated mobile apps for all your business needs. Coders and its employees have always promised to provide the best services to our clients and we make sure to pay attention to every detail of our client’s needs. Our developers are very talented and experienced in their fields and can provide our clients with all-round guidance and professional treatment.

In this era of smart classrooms and remote learning through educational mobile app development, our company is certainly one of the best in the country with its dedication to customer service and smart educational solutions. At Coders, we ensure that we provide the best services we can, at prices that are very reasonable to your company. Through the whole process of app development, Coders takes care of its clients, their needs, their ideas, and their business goals, to the maximum of our abilities.

Benefits of Education Development Services

Distance Learning

Educational mobile apps can provide wonderful e-learning solutions to any student who lives in remote areas without any means of regular to and from travel.

Individual Focus

Live online classrooms with single students can provide the teachers and students a lot more one-on-one time with each other, than regular classrooms.


If students miss a class due to any reason, the recorded classroom discussions and other interactive sessions can help students catch-up easily with e-learning solutions

Cost Reductive

Since an online classroom or course eliminates the need for physical textbooks, the cost of supplying them to students and students purchasing them is reduced.

Assignment Submission

E-learning development makes it easy for teachers and professors to give out assignments, send reminders, and collect them through a specific portal on the app.

Easy Analysis And ROI

E-learning apps make it possible to have a very quick performance assessment of students and prepare reports on the observed results on a student’s classroom performance.


M-learning or mobile learning enables easy navigation and performance through the scalable and smooth operating app software development technologies that developers have at their disposal.


Mobile learning and education apps make it easier for teachers to design lesson plans that are more illustrative and interactive so that students learn faster.

High Retention Rate

Students have more chances at retaking classes and lectures that are recorded through the e-learning development of mobile apps and retain more of their lessons.


Online education reduces the need for papers to write assignments, publish grades, or print report cards, thus reducing the huge impact of cutting down trees.

MVP Development

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an important concept in any kind of business-related development plan. Sometimes, the cost of developing an m-learning application can be a tedious factor, involving lots of expenses and very little guarantee of success. This can be very hard on businesses that may not have a huge budget to begin with, like a startup or a small company. So, if we use the Minimum Viable Product, rather than a long form of the app, companies can benefit a lot from it. At Coders, we advocate the use of MVPs for this exact reason. An MVP in-app development terms is a basic format of app codes that offers one initial function to its target audience. Then, as users begin to utilize it, Coders and its teams help our clients with collecting data on the usage patterns of the app and finding out if users like it.

So, MVP Development:

  • Helps in collecting valuable market data
  • Enables the collection of user feedback
  • Reduces the wastage of resources
  • Saves time and money spent on educational app development projects.
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Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development is the process through which app developers write codes for multiple platforms at the same time. This is a crucial part of an educational app development process because it reduces the time and cost of writing the codebase for apps that function on different platforms like Android, iOS, or Windows. In this technique, app developers use development frameworks like React Native, Ionic, or Flutter to write codes for a platform, and then reuse the same codes with just some minor changes to suit a different platform. Doing so makes sure that the developers do not have to spend hours upon hours writing two sets of app codes for the same mobile application. Our teams at Coders are well versed in the importance of cross-platform app development for all your business needs, and make sure that we use the latest app development technologies to confirm smooth proceedings.

Cross-Platform App Development Is:

  • Less time-consuming in nature
  • A more cost reductive development method
  • Useful in distributing apps quickly
  • Helpful in meeting all your company goals rather fast.
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How Do We Work?

We love hearing your ideas, which we can mold into wireframes and can be developed and marketed to various app stores.

  • 01Your Idea
  • 02Wireframing
  • 03Development
  • 04Testing
  • 05Deploy

01Your Idea

Your Idea

  • Assessment of competitors
  • Formation of company goals
  • Designing features consistent with goals
  • Assessment of market risks



  • On-screen features assigned
  • User experienced studied
  • Set cases prepared



  • Detailed plan formulation
  • Acceptance criteria are defined
  • Development schedules created
  • Working hours are tracked



  • Control checks are done
  • Automated API testing is performed
  • Tested for quality assurance


Submit To Store

  • Study guidelines of app stores
  • Submit app codes to stores
  • Guide clients

That’s Us - We Provide The Best Education Services, For All Your Needs

At Coders, we believe in making education accessible to all students, at affordable prices, through our e-learning application development solutions.


Our teams at Coders are known for our reliability, not just in terms of app development, but also for being there for the good and bad parts of development processes.


At Coders, we have worked to make sure that our prices for app development technologies are affordable and within the global price range and standards, making it easy on our clients’ pockets.

Timely Delivery

Our teams understand that delivering products and services on time is very important and have set up systems that ensure the timely delivery of our clients’ apps and other projects.

Customer Centric

All our services have been designed with the needs and goals of our clients at their center and this helps us know that our clients have been served very well.

Technical Proficiency


We are always open to hearing from you and receiving valuable feedback from you on our company proceedings, client requirements, or app development processes, that we incorporate in a reasonable fashion.

Technical Proficiency

Support And Maintenance

We are dedicated to serving our clients well, and in the interest of this have a team of developers and customer service providers who assist you with support and maintenance.

Do you want to share an app idea that you have? Talk to us today, and we can help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of educational services do you provide?

Coders provides a variety of educational app development opportunities to schools, colleges, or individual tutors so that they can reach all their students.

Do you have good data security?

Yes, we are careful about collecting and storing the data on our apps or an e-learning web portal and are particular about keeping it safe.

Do you provide training sessions to use the app or e-learning web portal?

Yes, we often include simple tutorials or training sessions in our apps that enable students and teachers to use them with ease.

How much time and cost will it take to develop an app?

The time and cost of the development process depend on the number of features on the app or web portal, so it varies accordingly.

Can I give feedback on the app?

Yes, we have features on the app and e-learning web portal that lets users share their issues or feedback with us.

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