Beauty & Wellness Services App Development Cost and Key Features

By Ruchir C.

Innovation has made a huge difference. It has changed the method of working, the perspective, way of life, and more. Whether it's schooling, medical care, or automobile, innovation is being used everywhere for the useful motivation behind solving issues. Through this, we can discover more promising approaches to complete multiple things in a day without any hassle.

The beauty and wellness application development one of them, which is also leveraging the advantages of innovation. The approach of beauty and health application and eCommerce business website has rolled out a great improvement. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are redefining the business for certain fascinating and imaginative realities. Hence, this industry has acquired enormous prominence quality since the top beauty, and wellness startups and brands have come into the market. Moreover, it is incredible to see inventive changes in the beauty and wellness industry.

In general terms, beauty and health are fundamental requirements for everybody today. Everybody needs to look delightful, attractive, fit, and stylist to stand apart from the crowd. Furthermore, it very well may be done through beauty and health mobile applications. In this way, feeling healthy and active is important for inward peace.

The worldwide beauty industry is right now getting a 5% growth. Asia-Pacific alone is forecasted to grow up to $6.6 billion in revenue from 2016 to 2021. Normally, this multi-dimensional industry will turn into a trillion-dollar industry in upcoming years. Moreover, the evolving requests of consumers, the different brands, beauticians, and cosmetics artists are moving toward the internet through mobile applications.

Working of On-Demand Mobile Application

On-demand beauty application works just like Uber, but it offers beauty and salon services. After a client downloads the application, he/she can easily book a nearby beautician from among the choices available inside the application. When the booking is affirmed, a beautician will come at the picked time and execute the referenced services whenever the client requires. 

Need of Developing a Beauty and Wellness App

Beauty and wellness service providers are a piece of the on-demand industry, are quickly evolving on mobile application solutions for the growth of their business. Whether you own an independent little salon or a major one with numerous branches, having a mobile salon application would directly affect the development of the business. All key tasks, for example, dealing with a staff of beauticians, following their work record, taking care of different clients all at once, and advance appointment booking, are made conceivable through the application.

To understand the salon business' working process, we can consider a working ecosystem comprising of 3 main panels: salon owner, the staff of beauticians, and clients. Therefore, features of salon booking applications mainly focus on enhancing the work of people of each panel. 

On-Demand Beauty App Business Models

Aggregator Beauty Service App

Aggregator applications acquire all salons, cosmetics artists, stylists, and independent cosmetologists under one umbrella. If you build up an aggregator application, you need to cooperate with the beauty parlors and spa services in your area. In these applications, the income is generated by charging a commission/expense on each transaction.

Self/Owned or Dedicated Business Model

Dedicated applications are made by a renowned beauty brand or a set-up salon to extend their business locally. With these applications, the service provider can make potential customers aware of their services and upgrade their organization's online Presence. Whenever a booking is made, it is directly steered to the application owner's spa or salon. Then a professional is assigned to visit the client's home and extend the help.

Scaling of On-Demand Beauty App

Integration of New Categories

Adding new categories like Ayurveda, oceanic treatment, laser, nourishment counseling, and so on is an excellent method to scale your contributions.

Adding eCommerce Platform

Selling beauty and wellness items by adding an online store can assist you with accomplishing a competitive advantage. 

New Geographical Market

If you want to engage with more customers, you can decide to enter an entirely new geographical market.

Starting with Subscription Boxes

Membership boxes are extraordinary as they assist the clients with stay consistent with their regular beauty routine. In addition, you can begin delivering a customized box of beauty items every month to your clients at a fixed monthly cost.

Launching Offline Store

When your image has made a mark in the online world, you can even set up an offline store and earn from an establishment model.

Types of Beauty and Wellness Industry Solutions

Following are different type of saloon apps that you can consider for your business or startup:

· Hair & Beauty Products Selling Mobile App Development

· Beauty and Wellness Application Development

· Beauty Salon Mobile App Development

· Beauty Salon Mobile App Development

· Beauty and Hair Salon Solution

· Appointment Booking Application Development

· Complete Beauty Solutions

· Hire Beauty Professional App Development

Beauty and Wellness App Market

The worldwide beauty industry is developing dramatically as Beauty brands are continually hoping to give better options. At present, the worldwide beauty industry is worth more than $532 billion and is assessed to reach $716.6 billion by 2025. In a lifetime, a normal lady spends more than $225,000 on skincare alone.

Proceeding onward, attributable to expanding customer interest for beauty services and shift to the online platform, the existence of beauty specialists has gotten a lot simpler. A year ago, out of the 1.2 million experts, including beauticians, stylists, and cosmetologists in the US, around 70% began promoting themselves through mobile applications.

As per another report, the spa and beauty parlor market in 2017 was esteemed at $128.59 billion. Also, this is expected to reach $190.81 billion by the year 2024.

On-Demand Beauty and Wellness App for Every Business Need

Beauty has been about instant fulfillment. The beauty experts' serving on-door is not a privilege saved just for big names or celebrities. Affirmations to the developing number of on-demand beauty parlor applications like calling beauticians, makeup specialists, and masseuses. Having a beauty parlor application installed on your mobile phone can be an improvement in your job. Aside from giving you the most recent update on the most exceptional beauty care tips, you will also get an opportunity to investigate the distinctive beauty parlors with the various unique features they give.

Innovation has created everything. It has improved the method of working and serving, thinking, way of life, etc. On-Demand Solution gives a total solution for the current beauty services.

The Beauty and Saloon Service industry is one of them, which utilizes the benefits of innovation. The Presence of a beauty application has acquired a magnificent development in the app market. It is incredible to see imaginative changes in the Salon and Beauty Industry. Whether your skill is in hair styling, makeover, or skincare – smoothing out your services with a mobile application will make the administration more open, accessible for both iPhone Mobile App and Android Mobile App. The aim behind your salon services is to overcome the fear factor of your clients and beauticians. You can give it a top startup by building up a Beauty Service mobile application for them.

Monetization Opportunities with On-Demand Beauty and Saloon Apps

Featured Listing

The aggregator applications can highlight a couple of beauty specialist service providers in the top segment of the application or promote them independently to catch the client's eye. As a trade-off for this featured posting, the application owner can charge a particular amount of expense. A lot of specialist organizations decide on featured posting as it assists with accepting top deals.

eCommerce Enablement

The application owner can add an online beauty store inside the application to set up an equal income stream. The application clients can peruse the store and buy beauty and wellness items easily from the actual application. This additionally assists with boosting client commitment.


The mobile application owner charges a particular measure of cash from the salons and cosmetologists listed on the application. This commission is charged for each request sent through the application. This is a famous source of income for aggregator applications that permits the owners to create enormous income.

Ads Selling

The application owners can also generate money by adding PPC advertisements inside the application. These advertisements can be anything identified with the beauty and health industry. Furthermore, as a trade-off for these promotions, the application owner can charge a pre-chosen sum from the advertising organizations.

Basic Features of the Beauty and Wellness App

The beauty and wellness application has four basic panels for each department of the application. The general features of each panel are:

User Panel

· Social Signup/Login

· View various beauty services

· Browse and select stylists or beauty salon

· Hire a professional beautician

· Schedule appointment at the salon

· Integrated payment system

· Rate and Review beauticians and other services

· View past bookings and future Schedule

· View and choose subscription packages

· Live Chat with the stylist/beautician

Beauty Salon owner panel

· Register via email id

· View user requests

· Catalog Management

· Manage services offered

· Schedule the stylist for users

· View ratings and reviews

· Accept/decline user's request

· Manage pricing of services offered

Individual Beauty Expert Panel

· Register via Social/email id

· View and confirm bookings

· Manage calendar and availability

· Accept/Reject/Re-schedule user request

· List services and prices

· Accept payments

· Manage catalog

Super Admin Panel

· Manage stylist/beauty salons/beauticians and end-users

· Manage CMS

· Report generation

· Manage payments

· Manage subscription packages

· App monetization

· Manage marketing channels

Advanced Features of Beauty and Wellness App

Social Sign Up/Login

With a social media login choice, clients can quickly create an account for your application through their social media accounts. A basic, quick, and eye-catchy sign page is an important tool for acquiring client loyalty.

Push Notifications

Pop-up notifications help to keep the application clients updated and informed. For example, the service provider can engage clients by sending them beauty tips, data on cutting-edge products, discount offers, etc. Then again, service providers can also get notices about significant tasks, like payment affirmation, new clients, booking confirmation, and so on.

In-App Calling with Hidden Number

The application clients can also make free calls to the service providers for any further communication. But the calls are made using the in-app calling feature with complete number masking. This implies that the real mobile numbers are not given out.

PIP Model Tracking

Picture in Picture mode is an extremely valuable element as the client can monitor the beautician or stylists' appointments in real-time.

Upload Video Portfolio

The stylists and makeup artists can upload live makeup or hairstyling videos done by them using this feature. Looking at these videos, the app users can comprehend the quality of services extended by the service provider and make the best choice.

Content Management System

Content Management System assists with dealing with all the content that is accessible on the application. For example, service providers can undoubtedly update data about their salon, services, contact details, open hours, addresses, and so on Also; the administrator can keep a style blog, where he/she inputs content on the most recent beauty patterns, top-selling items, cosmetics hacks, and so on. 

Mobile Wallet Application Integration

By coordinating different payment options into the application, you can empower the application users to make speedy and quick payments from their ideal payment method. For example, they can use different mobile wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, book appointments, and pay for the services.

Rating and Review

This is an important element that empowers the clients to look at the reviews and ratings of each service, salon, or item before booking it. This helps with successful decision-making. Moreover, the clients can also leave detailed remarks or surveys about the service providers after availing services from them. 

In-App Chat

In-app chat assists the clients in connecting with the stylists, beauticians, and cosmetics artists, by messaging from inside the actual application. They can undoubtedly impart and explain their questions or issues in regards to the services.

In-App Navigation

Beauty on-demand service applications are also incorporated with a GPS location identifier. This feature empowers clients to track the area of their service providers continuously. Furthermore, the tracking screen additionally records and shows the provisional arrival time of the personnel. This assists with keeping up complete security.

SMS Authentication

SMS authentication is a robust function that supports the safety efforts of the application. First, an OTP number is sent to the client's enrolled email address or mobile number to stay away from fraud practices. Then, when the beauty professional arrives at the client's given area or arrives at the salon, this OTP number should be shared to finish the services.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM assumes a significant part in managing clients. With an effective CRM framework set up, the application owners can rapidly resolve all client questions and offer an improved experience.

Real-time Analytics and Dashboard

A scalable beauty application is incorporated with a robust analytics dashboard. Here, the administrator can see detailed data on important business measurements, like the number of clients, client procurement rate, e-store numbers, retention rate, etc. It is a significant component as it helps the administrator to monitor the details of the application.

Promotion and Marketing Tools

Advertising is the main aspect of each business. For example, a beauty service application integrates advertising devices, like calls, email, text, coupons, and so on, to send special proposals to the clients and convince them to use the application.

Technology Stack for Beauty and Wellness App Development




Java, C, HTML


Azure, IMB SoftLayer, Google Cloud

Testing and Debugging


Tracking Issues


Data Analytics Solutions

Amazon and Google

Push Notifications

Twillo, Apple

Social Sign-in

Social Media Sign-up Plugins

Database Management

MySQL, PostgreSQL

Team Structure for Beauty and Wellness App Development

The development team is the most crucial aspect of Beauty and Wellness App solutions, so you must know about the specification of each individual. The ideal team required for developing a Beauty and Wellness App is:

  • Project Managers

  • Team Managers

  • Technical Experts

  • Business Analysts

  • UI & UX Designers

  • Frontend and Backend Developers

  • Quality Analysts

Cost of Developing a Beauty and Wellness App

It is not possible to calculate the exact cost of Beauty and Wellness App development as there are multiple factors that decide the cost. Some of the most common factors are:

  • UI UX development

  • Size of the development team

  • Integration of third-party APIs

  • The location of the app development company

  • Backend and front-end development

  • Time invested in the development

  • Size of the development company

As discussed above, there are multiple factors that affect the development cost of a mobile application. But keeping the above factors in mind a rough estimation can be calculated. The cost of developing a new beauty and saloon app with a simple design will cost around $1500.

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Having an own business and would be best when you have your own beauty parlor application to get a request basically and manage them are generating more income when compared with offline salons. Online Presence is the quick approach to book a salon appointment according to appropriate time and the beauty parlor can acknowledge and manage payment transactions in just one tap. The Beauty Salon industry is one the best organizations to focus on that can be started as your own business. We will be happy to assist you in your beauty parlor mobile application development for your business.

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