Health & Fitness Mobile App Development Cost & Key Features

By Ruchir C.

In the early days, people were not much enthusiastic about their health and fitness. But over a decade or so, the scenario has completely flipped. Now more and more people are spending money to stay healthy and fit. Health is now considered an important factor of being fit and successful. The motto “Health is wealth” has made people realize the importance of being healthy in this fast-moving world.

Nowadays people are leveraging the benefits of technology to stay fit and healthy. Earlier, staying fit and on-trend was more difficult as finding a fitness coach was not easy. But with the arrival of the digital era, the fitness industry has undergone a full makeover and transformation as well. 

Multiple health and fitness apps are one of the major reasons behind this cultural transformation. These fitness apps have various features that can help a person to be the best version of himself. Now there is no need to wander here and there as the fitness apps offer diet charts, workout sessions, cardio sessions, everything under one roof. Most of the fitness apps have started offering rewards and loyalty points to users for every mile they run or every weight they lift. This innovation has helped many companies to mark their presence in the market. 

As people are becoming more health-conscious, the popularity of health and fitness apps is at its peak. And most business organizations are inclining towards fitness app development solutions to generate profits for their business. 

To help the fitness freaks, the apps are integrated with top exercise and diet plans right at their fingertips. Users depend on these apps even for the smallest details such as total steps walked, distance covered, calories consumed, and a lot more.

Why Fitness Mobile Apps?

Before we talk about the great features of the fitness app, let us have a look at the history of this industry. In 2008, Google launched Google Health Service which seemed very promising. If Google Launched it today it would have been very popular in the market. But the service didn’t gain much popularity and the company abandoned the project in 2011. What was the reason behind this fail of Google Health Service? 

The main reason behind this is that in 2011, health and fitness weren’t a much popular topic. For the general public, it wasn’t interesting. But in 2014, everything flipped suddenly as the fitness industry took a gigantic leap. The main reason behind this leap was the introduction of wearables in the market. Wearables became a trend and their popularity increased continuously. 

Stats and Figures of Health and Fitness Mobile Apps

As we already discussed, the rend of health and fitness apps is not new as Google launched Google Health Service, it's the very first fitness and health service in 2008. As it didn’t gain much popularity, it was abandoned after three years in 2011. But with the launch of wearables in 2014, everything flipped suddenly. The below image shows the interest of people hat is rising constantly year by year. 


The above chart shows the revenues generated from wearables in millions of U.S. Dollars. The chart also clearly shows that the figures are surging upward on a year by year basis. Every year, new fitness apps are launched with new features and functionalities which creates a pull for the users. Recently, most fitness apps reward their users every time they complete a milestone so that they can stay motivated towards their goals. 

Last year, during the COVID-19 lockdown, the Nike Training Club app witnessed a 100% increase in weekly active users. This clearly shows that the trend and necessity of staying fit are on the rise. 

Statista forecasts that in upcoming years the fitness market is going to see a specific surge which means that it is the best time for start-ups to set their foot in the fitness market. Now let’s dive into the various types of fitness apps that are currently available in the market: 

Types of Fitness Mobile Apps

Life is busy and exhausting, which means staying fit and in shape is a challenge and tough for everyone. Luckily there are fitness apps that help you to track every aspect of your fitness. Here are five types of fitness apps that can help you to stay in shape and fit. 

1. Workout Fitness Apps

Workout apps are designed for beginners who are not sure how, to begin with, the fitness exercise as well as for professionals who want to stay to their workout routine strictly. The Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout app helps the user to perform short workouts in their busy schedules. Although the app also offers long workout training, it is one of the best apps for busy people. 

On the other hand, Fit Radio offers music as motivation for the workout sessions. The app contains various playlists with consistent beats for a rhythmic workout such as cycling or running. 

Fitplan is another popular app that has a variety of famous fitness experts and athletes from which you can choose to workout with. Whether you just need a daily workout plan or you have a specific goal, Fitplan is the best option for you. 

2. Competitive Fitness Apps

If workout fitness apps are not enough motivation for you, it’s time to take it to another level with competitive fitness apps. These competitive fitness apps allow users to connect with their friends in real-time. Starva is one example of a competitive fitness app that allows users to compete with their friends or relatives through bicycling and running. 

3. Fitness Tracking Apps

The very first and important in fitness is keeping a track of all the calories ingested. The calorie count in fitness app depends on the honest input from users and it provides helpful information such as calorie goals and nutrients breakdown, in return. MyFitnessPal is one the best calorie counter app with an option of bar code scanning for easy input. Users can manually track the exercise through this app or they can also use fitness trackers for more accurate results. 

You can connect your fitness device with fitness-tracking apps to track daily physical activities such as distance traveled, steps walked, and pace maintained to provide more accurate data. Some of the most common fitness tracking apps are Nokia Health, The Fitbit, Moves, and Jawbone UP. These fitness tracking apps also remind the user about daily exercising and tracking goals. 

4. Social Fitness Apps

Still not motivated? If you are an active social media user, social fitness apps can be a great motivator for you. Users can share their daily fitness data with their friends and family on social media platforms. Social media fitness app such as inKin enables the users to connect with people on the fitness apps and devices. Users can also various fitness challenges and competitions that other users can also join. Today everyone is obsessed with sharing their goals and accomplishments on social media and social media fitness apps are best for that. 

5. Altruistic Fitness Apps

With fitness apps like Charity Miles, you can use your daily exercise for a good cause. These fitness apps allow corporate sponsors for the charity of your choice for every mile you complete by tracking your runs and bike rides. There can be nothing more motivating than being allowed to support a social cause with your daily exercise. 

Top Health & Fitness Mobile Apps in the Market

Various fitness apps in the market are ruling the fitness market but we have shortlisted the top 5 applications that you can use to stay fit with your daily fitness goals. 

1. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

This fitness app has certified fitness trainers that offer professional training and workout sessions to users. This app is considered one of the best budget fitness app.

2. Glo

This app is specially crafted for people who love to do yoga daily. Customized yoga sessions are offered daily to the users to help them with their daily yoga workout sessions.

3. Sworkit

This app is specially crafted as per the workout needs and requirements of beginners. Users just have to set the time limit and a workout session will be created for them.

4. My Fitness Pal

Among all the apps mentioned above, this app is one of the best apps with a wide range of features and functionalities. If you are looking for an app with all the features under one roof, then this app is the perfect platform.

5. The 7 Minute Workout

Looking for a quick workout session to pump up your body, check out this fitness application. The app has various workouts of 7 minutes which are perfect for busy professionals

Health & Fitness Mobile Apps Monetization Models

You must ensure that the fitness app you are planning to develop should offer positive results to your business. Various ways can help you with the monetization of the application. Consider integrating the following in your fitness app: 

1. In-App Purchases

If you are planning to make the app available free for users, you can still generate profits from the app by offering in-app purchases to users. If users want to use the premium features of the app, they can buy it from within the app. 

2. Freemium Apps

Users can use the basic features of the app for free but they need to pay a small fee for accessing the premium features of the app. Another name for this type of business model is the premium subscription model. Simply, the basic features are free for users, but the premium features such as personal training sessions are not. 

3. Paid Apps

These apps cannot be download for free. Users need to purchase these applications to leverage the benefits of these applications. You can offer a free trial and if the user is enjoying the features of your app, there are chances that they will buy it or subscribe to it to keep using it. 

4. Advertisements 

If your fitness app is running well in the market, there are chances that other fitness companies will partner up with you to run their advertisement campaigns on your application. You can charge a commission from them for running their ads in your application. 

Fitness App Development Stages

Developing a mobile application is nothing like a cakewalk. There are various factors that you need to consider such as market analysis, platform analysis, figuring out targeting audience, and so on. The mobile app development stage consists of the following steps:

1. Discovery

The very first thing that the app development team performs is preliminary market research and analysis, to determine whether your idea is suitable in the market or not. If your app idea is not marketable, the development team will analyze what can be done to make it so. Later you will have a brainstorm session with the product and project manager and designer to:

  • Create a vision of your app to filter out solutions, requirements, challenges, rivals, and revenue sources of your app idea

  • Understand the logic behind the app

  • Create a drawing of prospective customers

  • Make an idea of the app’s navigation

2. Idea Validation

At the discovery stage, you figure out the problems that your app will be able to solve. You validate the solutions the app can provide to the users. To accomplish this, you will need a UI/UX designer, project/product manager, tester, iOS and/or Android developer, quality assurance engineer, and blackened developer. 

3. UX Strategy

Noe the development team will start working on app interface and screen relationships. You will need an entire development team of UX professionals to:

  • Create a prototype with an interactive interface to figure out the app’s control elements in the final product

  • Design a rough plan with deadlines.

  • For functionality, a high-fidelity prototype is the closest match to the final product

4. Design and Development

During the designing and development phase, the app development backlog is divided into sprints which are usually two weeks long. The project manager is responsible for prioritizing tasks and keep track of the backlog and development process. 

  • During the design concept sprint, the style of the app is approved for being used in any part of the project. 

  • Then during the technical setup sprint, the team describes the functionality of the design, refines documents, and creates the technical environment for the next sprint. 

  • During the development sprint, the app is developed and the project manager creates documentation for the next sprint.

5. Testing and Improvement

This stage also requires the entire team to participate. After the app is developed is successful, it is tested for improvement of features by eliminating bugs and errors. 

General Features of Health & Fitness Mobile Application

Fitness applications have three different panels; the user panel, fitness trainer panel, and admin panel. Each panel has its specified features and functionality: 

User or Customer Panel

  • User registration 

  • Track miles, diet, and calories intake

  • Select Meal Chart & Diet Plans

  • Measure Critical Data 

  • Live Chats with Trainers

  • Filter Workouts

  • Schedule Workouts

  • Push Alerts and Reminders

  • Share and Store data

  • Reward Points & Loyalty Program

  • Purchase Fitness Merchandise

Fitness App Trainer Panel

  • Dedicated Panel

  • Manage Workout Plans

  • Send Push Notifications 

  • View & Manage Attendance 

  • Schedule Consultation 

  • Video Consultation

  • Manage Trainees

  • Manage Meal & Diet Plans

  • Track Pre-Work out Details

  • Manage & Generate Earnings Reports

  • Upload Workout Videos & Manuals

Admin Panel in Fitness App

  • Secure Login via email

  • Trainer Management

  • View & Manage Attendance 

  • Push Notifications

  • Report Management

  • Subscriptions & Membership Management

  • Advertisements and Promotions Management

  • Run Promotions & Loyalty Programs

  • Add Fitness Products & Merchandise 

Core Features of Health & Fitness Mobile Application

The number and complexity of features are some of the key factors that affect the cost of the final product. So, it is important to decide which features you will be including in your application before beginning with the development phase. Here is a list of top features that you should include in your fitness application: 

1. User Account and Login

To develop a great fitness app, the very first feature that you need to integrate into the fitness app is account login and signup. Users can create an account through email or log indirectly through social media. They can view their data, achievements, statistics, and achievements. Including various other options such as adding age, weight, height, etc. 

2. Integration with Wearable Devices

In the last few years, wearable devices have gained a lot of popularity. These wearable devices allow users to track their daily physical activities such as total distance traveled, steps walked, calories burnt, heart rate, and so on. 

3. Daily Summary

The daily summary and analysis feature offers complete overviews of the tasks completed at the end of the day. Including graphs and statistics can help in getting detailed information about daily workouts. The summary is not only about workouts, it also displays information about macronutrients and micronutrient intake. 

4. Time and Track Daily Workouts

Through this feature, users can track the total time of their daily workout sessions. They can set the timing of their daily workout and workout within the scheduled time. The time and tracking features work parallel with each other that allows them to complete the exercise as per the decided parameter. 

5. Social Sharing with Geo Location

This feature is useful for enhancing the user experience of the application. Users can share their workout sessions on social media platforms. Integration of geolocation enables them to connect with nearby users. Sharing personal achievements with friends and relatives can motivate the users to workout daily. 

6. Set Goals

If you want your app to be loved by users, do not forget to integrate the feature of “set goals”, as it is one of the best options to motivate users. By setting daily goals, users will be able to adapt daily workout habits, which will eventually help them to stay fit and in shape. 

7. Gamification

It is considered one of the best features to make your app stand out from the crowd. Offering rewards, loyalty points, scores, and badges for accomplishments will keep your users in staying motivated towards their fitness goals. 

8. Video Tutorials

This feature helps the users to perform daily workouts and exercises without trainers. For beginners who do not know how to perform certain exercises can see video tutorials for help. The video tutorials contain a complete step-by-step guide for various exercises. 

9. Safe Payment Options

Users can buy premium features of the application through in-app payment options. Integration of secure payment gateway assures that the billing data of users are safe and secure from hackers. 

10. Push Notifications

Sometimes the user misses a workout or exercise session. Push notifications remind them about upcoming workout sessions or the workout sessions they have missed. Moreover, push notifications can also help in notifying them of the latest deals and offers. 

Technology Stack for Health & Fitness App Development


Programming Java, C, HTML

Cloud Azure, IMB SoftLayer, Google Cloud

Testing and Debugging Runscope

Tracking Issues JIRA

Data Analytics Solutions Amazon and Google

Push Notifications Twillo, Apple

Social Sign-in Social Media Sign-up Plugins

Database Management MySQL, PostgreSQL

Team Required for Health & Fitness App Development

The development team is the most crucial aspect of fitness app development, so you must know about the specification of each individual. The ideal team required for developing a fitness app is:

  • Project Managers

  • Team Managers

  • Technical Experts

  • Business Analysts

  • UI & UX Designers

  • Frontend and Backend Developers

  • Quality Analysts

How Must Does It Cost to Develop a Fitness Application?

As various factors affect the development cost of an application, calculating the exact cost of development is not possible. There are various other factors also such as the final set of features, time spent on discussion, research, and idea implementation that decide the fitness app development cost. The cost of developing a minimum delight product for fitness applications is around $60,000 per platform (iOS or Android). If you want to develop a fully-featured app with complex features the expected price is over $120,000 per platform. 

Ready to Hire Web & Mobile App Development Team? Talk to Our Expert Now!

Why You Should Hire an expert App Development Company?

Working with an in-house development team for the development of fitness applications is perfectly possible. But it would be better if you outsource a fitness app development company as they will take care of everything from planning to testing and maintenance. Working with a professional team of developers will help you to build an that will stand out from the crowd and leave your competitors in the dust. 

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