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DevOps stands for Continuous Improvement of Software Life Cycle Processes. DevOps engineers can be hired to perform various tasks that help ensure close collaboration between the development teams and optimize their workflows. This will result in a shorter time to deliver the software developers' product to the end-user.

DevOps can be considered a support option. This is surprising for business owners when they need to budget for something that's not a product. Software development productivity will need to improve for digital products with multiple environments sooner or later.

A DevOps developer can also be hired for system scaling and distribution. Experienced DevOps developers can cut down on manual tasks such as release management, project builds, and testing by using the central nature of cloud computing.

The Key Benefits of Hiring DevOps Developers for your Business

Are you still unsure why DevOps professionals should be involved in your project? These convincing arguments will help to dispel any doubts.

Flexibility and lower costs

Automated processes are quicker and, therefore, less costly. When your digital product launches, it is reasonable to hire DevOps developers.

Resilience for business

Stability and predictability in the deployment of the project. Get a custom CI/CD process to reduce integration risk with third-party services.

Scaling up quickly and easily

Cloudification is a key part of many companies corporate goals. Digital visionaries prefer Java developers that are a good fit for their implementation goals. Devoted Java programmers who have years of experience with Coders.dev are available to create web applications that can be accessed from any location.

Security improvements

Clients are guaranteed safety: security audits and user security controls, hacking, security audits, and user security controls, hardening servers, and Linux/Unix privileges. SSH keys, permissions. SSL certificates. Encryption.

Coders.dev is a great place to hire a DevOps Engineer

We've now identified the real benefit of hiring a DevOps specialist to help your open-source project. It's time to discover why Coders.dev is a reliable place to find these specialists.

The technical expertise of our DevOps engineers

DevOps specialists can be described as multi-dimensional experts with a wide range of soft skills and tech stacks. To ensure your needs are met, check out the technical skills and expertise of our DevOps specialists.

Our DevOps Engineers can Provide Services that will Benefit your Business

DevOps services include network, safety, and automation engineering, as well as system administration in Unix or Linux and cloud practices.

Process automation

Here is a DevOps expert from Coders.dev to automate the Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery pipeline. Our DevOps engineers can automate infrastructure tasks using IaC and Bash/Python programming, configure clusters of servers, and speed up the deployment process.

Storage and network management

In a business environment, network and storage management are crucial. They must be reliable, efficient, and scalable. Our DevOps engineers can push the boundaries to bring your business to new heights.


It increases flexibility, agility, and scalability in the IT environment while drastically reducing costs. Our clients enjoy increased workload mobility, improved resource performance, greater availability, process automation, and a more efficient and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

Highly distributed systems

you can create distributed systems using AWS, Microsoft, and Google cloud if you are looking for DevOps experts proficient in Linux. You can store and manage your software application and services using microservices, Kubernetes, and virtual servers.

Interaction between the system

Coders.dev has a DevOps Engineer who can help you organize the interaction between microservice architecture modules, their management in K8s clusters, and modules logging, metrics, and tracing. You can run containerized applications in multiple virtual, physical, cloud-based, and on-premises environments.

Establishing a Continuous Feedback system

To create a complete chronology of all events in development and administration. This will help in the resolution of issues. It also allows the development team access to issues analysis on the production server. This will enable them to create self-service information radiators that can be used to control system behavior.

Do you want to automate delivery using DevOps experts?

How to Hire a DevOps Engineer Quickly

When it comes to hiring specialists, we believe in simplicity and ease. Learn how Coders.dev makes it easy to hire a DevOps expert in just four steps.


Prescreening programmers' CVs is the first step in hiring for DevOps. To test their hard skills, selected qualified candidates will be asked to complete an optional task.

Interview with a customer

Next, a video interview is conducted with the customer. This will introduce you to the best potential candidates for your project. Candidates can be met and viewed to see how they will fit in with your company culture and core team.

Tech interview

Tech interviews are a deeper assessment of candidates who have passed previous rounds. If a customer experience wishes to assess the DevOps software engineer's knowledge, they can choose to do practical tasks using real situations.

The signature of a contract signs the contract

When the most compatible persona has been agreed upon. As a programmer or DevOps consultant, you can use the full expertise of our DevOps Engineer.

Choose from a Variety of Engagement Models When you hire DevOps engineers

DevOps engineers can be employed as part of a dedicated team. DevOps can be a great support tool for large companies and startups that are scaling. It allows you to deploy frequently with committed developers and long-term projects. DevOps engineers can help you choose the right services and act as infrastructure architects.

The staff augmentation model allows you to hire DevOps experts to expand your development team. This is an option for businesses or startups that are growing rapidly and have vague project requirements. This is a great way to automate manual deployment tasks and move them to automation.

DevOps team may join as Architects or Deployment insurances in full-cycle development. The complex system can be built from scratch, with minimal risks, and much faster.

Our vetted DevOps Engineers have proven to be successful in using our cases

Are you interested in discovering how Coders.dev DevOps professionals participate in project creation? We have prepared some examples to show you how our professionals work.

IoT-powered complex smart home solution

Challenge: We hired our specialists to help with infrastructure planning and setup in AWS

Solution: DevOps professionals have set up AWS using Terraform, Terragrunt, and IaaC. Amazon Web Services (IoT core. AppSync. Timestream Database. IAM. Lambda. SNS. SES). A bash script was written to test unit deployments. It pulls a template from the project, checks syntax, and calls TaskCat to verify that the deployment succeeded.

Sector Edge: An analytics platform for do-it-yourself investors

Challenge: Architecture design and transformation of raw data. Also, extraction of market insights for the self-investor analytics platform. To ensure an efficient development process, the client engaged our DevOps expert advice.

Solution: We built AWS infrastructure using Terraform (ECSFARGATE, CloudFront), QuickSight, and ElastiCache), created CI/CD pipelines to deploy frontend and backend microservices using CodeBuild, and then migrated the existing infrastructure to container-based solutions without any downtime. Coders.dev now supports the project.

SaaS solution to service inventory planning

Challenge: DevOps participated in the project as part of a dedicated remote team that contributed to the transformation and maintenance of the legacy inventory planning system.

Solution: Coders.dev DevOps engineers developed an AWS Cognito/Cloudfront-based solution for non-AWS users for uploading media files into a secured S3 bucket and created CodePipeline CI/CD automated deployment of further changes to the stack.

The system has been accelerated by Bitbucket, Jenkins, and Bitbucket, as well as automated CI/CD pipeline solutions (Jenkins and Bitbucket), for existing React/Python/Java microservices. CI/CD is used for automated testing of the UI part. Serverless AWS Lambda solutions have been implemented for automated reporting. The complete "lift-and-shift" migration of more than 100 Linux/Windows servers to Amazon Web Services. This includes their optimization and upgrading.

HomeLike is an online booking platform for long-term rental

Challenges: HomeLike allows tenants and companies to take advantage of real estate services fully. The client chose Coders.dev to provide the dedicated operations team needed to improve the project's functionality and add modern technologies.

Solution: To perform DevOps services such as scaling and continuous integration, we used Amazon Web Services. Kubernetes (EKS), EC2, WAF Cloudwatch, Nginx, and Cloudwatch were all used as utilities and services. Terraform was the basis for AWS infrastructure. CircleCI was the foundation of CI/CD, and we improved existing processes. We checked the current EKS implementation and fixed any issues. Also, we performed upgrades to EKS and the underlying nodes. We created and maintained a production-level AWS WAF to address many network traffic issues and provide complete observability over the incoming network flow.

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DevOps is a relatively new concept. They have been involved in many tech projects by businesses, reducing time, improving the development cycle, and optimizing manual processes. You are a tech-savvy individual who recognizes the value of DevOps specialists. Contact us to hire them to help you with your project.

If you are looking for the best sites to hire DevOps engineers then coders.dev is your one-stop solution for this.

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