Virtual Reality In Healthcare Market: Booming Demand From Emerging Economies

By Amit Agrawal

Virtual reality has indeed created a lot of revolutionary waves in how we perceive things around us. And to be honest, virtual reality has helped the healthcare realm a lot.

This article contains highlights about how virtual reality has helped and transformed the realm of health care and how it is still changing with the help of facts and figures. If you are someone who wants to eagerly change their website contents or even keep them up-to-date then you can contact the best or renowned website development services, provider.

But, first, let us ask you some simple questions. Have you ever followed a risky surgery from the comfort of your couch? Or have you gone for a check-up while laying in the bed midst of whales of the oceans? Wondering how this scenario is even possible? Then fret not and continue reading. Medical VR is one of the boons to the realm of healthcare facilities. It has offered countless opportunities, such as exploring options that were ancient to the human concept and the world of imagination. Due to such advantages provided by the VR based apps, there are a lot of agencies who can provide you with Healthcare Application Development services real soon and at the best prices.

In a nutshell, VR involves the use of computer-mediated technology to draw an environment where the users get completely drawn into it. Virtual Reality on the other hand can help simulate different types of hearing, smelling, vision as well as touching experiences. You can also reach out to a Healthcare IT Solutions provider if you are looking to get your hands on such VR based technology.

The examples of how the medical realm employs the features of VR:

1. It can help add color to the overall medicinal and educational purposes. It can further help improve and enhance the overall quality of medicine too. The VR based apps are used by doctors to educate and enlighten the future and would-be doctors to help them understand and learn the concept of human anatomy. And even help practice operations or understand the process of infection control.

Some famous examples of VR inclined platforms are as follows-
1. Anatomyou VR
2. Precision Genomics VR
And many more companies can provide you with the finest Virtual Reality Solutions real easy and very soon.

Usually, it is a known fact that only a student can attend and operate. There is no room for other people to even know what is going on. This hampers the study process. This limitation has been omitted by the use of VR in the realm of medicine. It offers a hand in hand learning as well as teaching experiences to those who want to excel in the realm of surgeries. Moreover, it has been reported that the first operation using a VR camera was exercised and done by ShafiAhmedon on 14th April 2016.

Such technology has helped the surgeons to stream and conducts their operations while using the virtual camera’s technology to the fullest. Not only this, as discussed even medical students can learn the science of watching and conducting surgery in virtual worlds.
To help them in this process they have VR goggles, which allow them to step into a room filled with virtual reality and thus see every detail from the start to the end. And, even if a family member wants to know the course of the surgery they can ask for the VR googles and understand the process better. There are a lot of pioneers who can help you get a customized version of Healthcare Software Development who help you tailor and monitor your app according to your needs.
Another amazing application of VR in the medical realm is that it can help physicians understand the life of the elderly better that further allows them to practice medicine. It has been seen that a lot of doctors tend to take the disability of the aged as a solution to their every problem. But it shouldn’t be the case. The right solution for seniors is one of the factors that involve one of the biggest advantages and assets of VR.

2. VR Based on mobile apps for health care facilities-
VR based applications have helped in easing a lot of diseases treatment. Speaking of helping to get rid of diseases, there are a plethora of VR based medical apps, such as virtual games that can help in easing the pain as well as phobias, elevate and speed the process of rehabilitation, make the medical line a tad easy for the patients as well as helping the medical practitioners paint a better picture for their patients. The latter can help them understand the medical realm and the solutions offered in a better way.

In simpler words, the VR based apps can help and act as a surgery simulator. The VR app can also be used for meditation as well as helping people with disabilities. And these apps are not limited to the use of just students, but also for the stakeholders as well. For an instance, the Royal College of Surgeons helps use even those who cannot avail of this app,  even the laymen who have no good knowledge about the medical background. To them, the app can help its users get a piece of detailed information about every medical process.

3. Pain Management & even relaxation with VR application-
Medical VR is also referred to as Virtual Reality Therapy. It has proved quite useful for the brain to process the pain & also reduce the overall pain born by the patients. Virtual Reality can also act as a treatment for those afflicted with chronic disorders and diseases.
It was also supported by the results of the survey that the patients who indulge in virtual reality sessions and therapy experience less pain as compared to the others. It allows them to relax more often. Moreover, the study also stated that the perception of pain has a strong physiological component associated with it. The people will feel, but how they define the pain sensations will change altogether. How is that done? It happens when a patient is doing something, he becomes a tourist or the pain bearer of his own emotions.

When you interact with people, you will get an illusion of what happens inside the VR environment. This entire process requires a lot of attention as well as brain resources too. When we put attention to something else, the pain beared or perceive is less in comparison to that of reality. And, it has been reported that these apps help even the patients with the chronic condition to feel better than those getting traditional medical treatment at some hospital.

To add to this information, students of Simon Fraser University created a Farmoo app. It was a virtual reality game for cancer patients. Its overall purpose was that teen cancer patients can get distracted for a while they are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. In such a case, it helps them to forget about the illness completely and focus more on an imaginary world. For an instance, just imagine that the person playing such VR video game can escape the reality of being in the four walls of the hospital and they are swimming carelessly into vast and magical oceans. If this isn’t therapeutic then what is? It is simpler terms that have helped the patients to live more fun-filled days.

4. Rehabilitation and physical therapy with VR-

The technology of escaping the constraints of the present world and engaging in the realms of computer-mediated technology has been a lot therapeutic and easy for medical therapists. They claim that these are more effective than the traditional exercises and medicines too. Moreover, even if you ask them to exercise more, they will do only just 30% of it. In such cases, come VR-based therapies as a savior. They combine the physical exercises with that of the virtual games. Moreover, to help speed up the process of recovery or therapy, the programs are customized according to the different patients.
There are also VR based tools that can help track and monitor the overall quality of the patient's performance. Not only that, they can quantify the overall progress or even motivate the patient to exercise or focus more on one-self.

5. Treatment of phobias as well as post-trauma disorders using the VR technology-
Do you have a fear or a phobia that creates an overall hindrance in your day to day working? If yes, then the VR technology happens to be an excellent aid. They can help you fight your traumas and fears by transporting the patient in a world filled with fun and engagement. One of the popular examples of the same is Bravemind. It was developed with the purpose to help the patients deal with post-traumatic stress as well as other traumas.
Bravemind lets the doctors immerse the one in question into a realm of virtual reality where the patient encounters their fear one at a time. The therapists in turn will control and monitor all the neurological activities as well as also how they react while under the stress. Moreover, when they use the VR app the doctors and therapists may get a better understanding of how the brain works in such conditions.

6. Cognitive Recovery and Rehabilitation with using the VR

As discussed the VR can help speed the recovery and also the rehabilitation process for the patients. The VR will record all the activities, and in a controlled environment setting the doctor can help the patient get all the motivation and zeal to overcome the challenges.

7. An aid to the people with low vision-

Do you know over 150 million people suffer from poor eyesight? And, they seek treatments in medicine, surgery, and even glasses? The VR can be used in a way that helps the patients to magnify the contents of everyday life in a better way without affecting the patient's overall day to day productivity too. Not only this, but the users can also customize the treatment and adjust the properties such as contrast, text options, and also the ambient level.

Facts and figures-

Due to the aforementioned advantages, VR has offered a lot of advantages to medical practitioners. And, it was reported that it will reach over 2 billion by the coming year or forecast period 2027. During the covid crisis, the VR market in the health care realm was found out to be over the US $336.

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If the above-mentioned insights are to be believed then it's no news that VR can help the healthcare realm in opening up & getting out of a lot of challenges too. And, due to its such demand, the market of VR is said to cross over billions today. If you are looking for an agency or software design company that can help you in getting VR based apps for the medical realm, then look no more and contact us. There has been a growing demand to get the cure for diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and now for the novel coronavirus. But this also requires the need for innovative yet diagnostic technologies, that help to increase one's awareness and scale for the possibilities of cure. Such times calls for the VR based solution. It is because it starts from where human thinking and theory ends. Today, Northern America tops the chart to be known as the region that has contributed to the highest of the VR based operations. And the leading market players include- Microsoft Corporation, Alaphabet Inc, General Electric to name among the others. Hence, this article just highlights why VR has been a much-needed savior to the medical realm and its practitioners and how the market can boom with its provided advantages.

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