What are Some Disruptive UX designs in Mobile Apps or Web E-commerce?

By Sam

Mobile ecommerce is rapidly changing our shopping experience. It is now moving to mobile ecommerce shops or apps that make shopping easier and let you purchase offline using your smartphone. Insider Intelligence predicts that the U.S. mobile commerce market will double its retail sales by 2025. This is a great time to get involved in e-commerce app development.

Your ecommerce mobile platform must have a strong app design to be profitable.

Let's first discuss the importance of ecommerce apps and designing ux for them if you own an offline or online retail business.

The best Ecommerce UX Designers are not to be ignored. Ecommerce sales in the United States totalled 5.3 trillion U.S. Dollars. In 2023, projections project that this figure will rise to 14.88 trillion US$ by 2023.

This article will provide best practices for Ecommerce UX Designers. It is based on coders.dev's success in creating successful ecommerce products like Dollar Shave Club and Holar.

Who will find UX tips for eCommerce apps useful?

The numbers speak for them - the market for mobile eCommerce is expanding rapidly. The industry's expansion has brought many benefits to sellers. To succeed, businesses must adhere to several best practices for mobile eCommerce app design.

Learning design tricks is the first step in creating an e-commerce platform or marketplace. The difference between a brilliant idea and a poor implementation is poor design. If you already have a functional e-commerce solution, you might wish to redesign it. An efficient and sustainable design is the best method to dominate your industry.

Each eCommerce store is unique and has its own goals and limitations. However, the best mobile eCommerce practices described in the infographic will ensure a more successful experience.

You can hire dedicated Offshore Ecommerce UX Designers or just a few people for your project. We guarantee a 10% deviation in cost and deadlines.

How a retail app can help you improve your business

eCommerce is a form of eCommerce that allows for the use of retail outlet functions.

  • Insider Intelligence reports that m-commerce sales will reach $359.32 billion. This is an increase of 15.2% compared to 2020. 
  • By 2025, retail m-commerce revenues will have increased by more than double to $728.28 trillion. In America, it represents 44.2% of retail e-commerce sales. 

Consequently, mCommerce currently holds the largest share of the huge online market. This means that although having your mobile shopping app is not a competitive advantage, it's an essential tool for selling products and services on the go.

What is the secret to mCommerce success?

The app allows owners to have unlimited market coverage beyond their country's borders and even across continents. Their inability to physically be present to many people simultaneously does not limit their options. This is solved by the shopping app, which also saves money on staff for offline shops. This means that company turnover should rise dramatically.

The biggest issue with m-commerce is that not all of the apps developed by online merchants are popular and successful. Apps with strong UI/UX can influence users positively and boost conversion rates. In contrast, users will engage less and negatively view an app's UI/UX.

The mobile app can't help your business. Users often face difficulties when shopping online. This means that having it won't automatically increase your business.

Designing for mobile UX is essential in highly competitive e-commerce. This implies that people will stop using an app if they are dissatisfied and uncomfortable. The app's capacity to serve your company's demands declines significantly.

Your app must function well for customers to keep existing users happy and attract new ones. Investing in good UX and U.I. for your retail app is crucial.

Good UX is essential for ecommerce apps. It should make it easy for users to use the app and offer excellent service.

Even if your shopping app is already selling, it's worth trying to identify the pain points that users face within the app. Mobile ecommerce UX is the answer.

E-Commerce Mobile App UX Design Ideas for Improving Sales

Your app UX will depend on your industry and brand identity. However, there are best mobile ecommerce UX practices that can be applied to any shop app design. Let's take a look at each one.

Solid UX concepts should be developed and then integrated into the right U.I.

A well-thought-out top Ecommerce UX designer's process results in an amazing design. It's crucial to ensure that you implement a useful UX that meets the design's requirements with the correct colours, shapes, and other relevant U.I.

Mobile solutions are built around the user interface. So, start your project by applying UX deliverables, such as your product design, competitor research, mapping customer journeys, and creating the most suitable design.

UX and U.I. should be interrelated to ensure the user has a pleasant experience using your app. Despite UX being a foundation of great design, it is important to use the right mobile U.I. when developing ecommerce apps.

Consistency in colour scheme combinations

Colour selection can increase engagement and conversion rates. Make sure that your app's colours are consistent across all screens. Although drop-shadows and gradients can be utilized to give the appearance of space, your UI/UX shouldn't abuse them.

Adobe has created this colour combination sheet. It will help you understand each colour's psychological effects before applying it to your product design.

Use Thumb-Friendly screen zones for UX/UI design.

Make sure to construct your shop app's UX in a thumb-friendly place as design advice. Steven Hoober made this initial suggestion in his book Designing Mobile Interfaces. The thumb-friendly zone is a location on the screen where a user may easily reach with his thumb and click while holding his smartphone in the same hand, improving user experience.

This is an example of the interdependence between UX and U.I. and the need for us to focus on U.I.

Mobile design best practices allow for a minimalist aesthetic experience compatible with minimalist aesthetics.

You can outsource or build your design in-house. However, it is important to ensure that both operating system versions have the same design guidelines. These are Material Design for Android (and Human Interface Guidelines for iOS). These rules are essential to ensuring the best user experience for any app, not just the shopping one.

The viewpoints of the Material Design and Human Interface Guidelines should worry you. Product architecture, navigation, shape grouping, pattern design for searching, filtering appropriate for each O.S., and not forgetting your own branding in your application are focused on a basic user-centred experience.

Mobile UX structure with easy 3-Tap Rule

When developing your app UX, ensure it takes less than three taps for a user to reach the product he is interested in. This is important to remember. Only three clicks should be required for users to reach the desired product.

For readability and spacing issues, the screen size is.

Mobile eCommerce has been difficult because of the small screen size of mobile phones. The Baymard Institute stated that 61% of mobile phone users would use their desktops to finish purchases they made with their phones. Because of the stress that small screens can cause, this is what we call "small screen syndrome."

Mobile shoppers need to be able to read product descriptions and shipping details. It is important to maximize the readability of the content on your mobile device and to check for spacing issues.

Animation and imagery of objects

Remember that each design element and animated object must serve a purpose. It is also sensible to use animated design objects for dual purposes due to the limitations of mobile screens.

You can use object animations and visuals to direct users and persuade them to take action if the design is appropriate and organic. This clarifies UX. Users will remain interested and engaged in your design if you incorporate object animations and motion graphics.

This animation is a great way to add a few functions to your ecommerce mobile site.

Visible and intuitive UX for ecommerce navigation

We've already said that a strong U.I. is essential for achieving the best UX. Especially when designing retail apps, U.I. and UX are intimately connected. This is evident in the ecommerce UX for navigation. Mobile users don't need a keyboard or mouse to navigate the web and perform desired actions.

Keep this in mind and make shopping easy and intuitive. Signs and objects should be placed that make the app easy to use and help users get the most out of the app's features.

Register for UX

Facilitate filling out registration forms. Add auto-suggestions, auto-complete, and auto-detect errors to registration forms. These features are very useful on mobile devices and enhance the app's UX, especially for users who don't want to register to purchase anything.

Easy user account design

Ensure your app's account and profile registration feature allow you to shop.

Let's look at a DSC app to better understand what it could be. It has an easy user interface and allows users to manage their accounts. This includes the ability to add/remove products and track orders.

The simplicity and clarity of data presentation, including account details and shop details, will make shopping easy and eliminate any confusion.

Search results with exceptional UX

Make sure the in-app search function facilitates the online purchasing procedure. 40% of consumers use A.I. today to find the products they want. Use Amazon Alexa or other voice recognition software to your advantage and voice search for answers. It's the same for image invert searches. The outcomes of an image search can be displayed in your app using picture recognition technology.

Search results for shopping applications can be tailored based on user history and profiles. Additionally, Hollar offers predictive search capabilities like the one we created for Hollar's web application. Users will remain interested, and the transaction experience will be more fun. It also simplifies the UX of apps.

e-Commerce filter design

Horizontal filtering is a popular choice. Because it is more user-centred and flexible, it is more useful for ecommerce apps. This filtering allows users to scroll and view filters at the same time as using the full-screen width. Users can use different elements, such as tables, paragraphs, and sliders. This creates a richer UX.

Product description form

The app should be capable of effectively (without too many details but still expository) describing the product being sold. The details about the forms available, the size options, and other details should not break the mobile UX.

Product image zooming

This is a clever trick, and many brands don't realize it. Over 40% of mobile eCommerce apps do not support zooming gestures, according to statistics. Customers can zoom in on images to decide whether to purchase. This feature allows for a better product inspection, which in turn helps to quench curiosity. It is, therefore, essential that mobile eCommerce apps support product image zooming gestures.

Wishlist and Save Features

Your customers will love the seamless shopping experience when you offer a "Save" option for your Shopping Cart. A feature that allows shoppers to receive email notifications or customized notifications about all their saved items could be added. This could allow them to remind themselves of unfinished purchases while on the move.

The UX process for payment and checkout is painless.

The checkout and payment processes for online stores should be made simpler if you don't want to lose clients before they make a purchase. The ability for users to pay via Google Pay or Apple Pay will significantly enhance their experience. As we did while creating the DSC app, the ability to scan cards is a retail feature that aids consumers in making transactions.

Use UX for navigation and wayfinding.

You can integrate GPS and maps to help your users locate their local stores. Other features can be added to simplify the app's UX. You can implement the following features we have developed for Floorwatch, such as listing stores with details like store hours and location, sorting by your device's proximity, and displaying distance and an opening map for driving directions.

Virtual Reality-based Shopping UX

Virtual reality technology has a positive impact on mCommerce and drives engaging UX. The integration of VR/AR allows users to see the products through their smartphone's camera, just like they do in real life.

These innovations will reduce the need for you to visit the physical store. You can also wear the clothes virtually and check if it matches your room.

Review and add a rating

Ratings, reviews, and best seller marks are part of the ecommerce UX. They simplify the customer journey by allowing them to make a purchase decision.

Improved Retail App eCommerce UX Benefits

This is not an all-inclusive guide to UX design for e-commerce applications. You can experiment with and test new UX features for your use case here. You should know how crucial UX is for mCommerce as a company owner. Improving the shopping app experience and tailoring it to customers' needs will significantly benefit your business if done correctly.

Increase in users

One bad shopping experience in-app will discourage customers from using the app again. This is because his trust in the brand would start to drop. Therefore, it should be obvious that a pleasant shopping experience with an app will increase its use.

Users' engagement will increase, and retention will be improved.

Metrics for app engagement will rise when the user experience is personalized, whether in design or content. For instance, Original Content, Gift cards, and Handsome discount notifications are available on the DSC app. Users' engagement and retention will increase due to this UX adjustment.

Brand authority and brand recognition can be increased.

Customers will start to experience great user experiences with your app. This will build trust in your brand. Referrals can be a bonus as they may recommend your app to other family members.

Increase your conversions and profits

The perfect UX design for mobile commerce apps does not have a single solution. You can follow a few rules to help you identify the ideal UX design for your retail store app. These rules cover all of the situations mentioned above and ideas. Fixing your UX shouldn't be too difficult if you adhere to them.

Retail m-commerce sales will double by 2025 to reach $728.28 trillion. It accounts for 44.2% of retail ecommerce sales in America.

UX improvement is a constant process. You should keep an eye out for new trends in ecommerce UX so you can keep up with the rapidly changing trend. Review your app analytics and user behaviour to identify their problems and solve them using usability and A/B testing.

Our design team has extensive experience in ecommerce design and can help you choose the right UX solution for your business needs.

We aim to make shoppers feel at ease while shopping, earn their trust, and help build your brand.

Our eCommerce Mobile U.I. Designs Templates

Coders.dev has a wealth of experience developing e-commerce apps with seamless and memorable UI/UX. The Dollar Shave Club app is one of our favourite e-commerce app designs.

Dollar Shave Club sells shaving products online for men. This company is not a traditional retail store. It offers personalized packages and delivers razor blades, handles, and other shaving products to men.

We created an application with fantastic U.I. components and frameworks for animating model objects. To increase conversion rates, analytics were also carried out. This software earned positive reviews from Android users and more than 500,000 downloads, earning it a 4.8-star rating.

Hollar is another e-commerce solution we have helped to develop. Hollar, an American discount online retail platform, is another one of the e-commerce solutions we've helped develop. When he approached us, the customer already had a website and a basic, limited-functional mobile app.

The Hollar team wanted to improve their online presence and their mobile app. We have added the following features to increase its capabilities.

  • Android and Apple Pay 
  • Animations and an updated U.I. 
  • Adding goods via smartphone feature 
  • Mobile users get exclusive offers 
  • Daily content updates 
  • Predictive Search 
  • Customer support options 

Get a Free Estimation or Talk to Our Business Manager!

Last Thoughts

The process of designing an eCommerce solution can be challenging and time-consuming. The choice of your business model must come first. The features and technology stack that will make your eCommerce solution effective and user-friendly should then be carefully chosen.

We can assure you that a mobile app design is worth the effort, regardless of whether you are hesitant about creating one.

Our team of designers is available to help you with any questions regarding platform development, even if your budget is tight.

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