Web Designers Europe is a leading web design and development company based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2001, they have grown to become one of the most respected web design firms in all of Europe. With experience in designing, developing and maintaining websites for some of the largest brands and organizations across Europe, Web Designers Europe offers a comprehensive suite of web services that are tailored to meet each client's unique needs.

The team at Web Designers Europe is composed of experienced professionals from different countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy. This diverse background allows them to create stunning designs that fit each brand’s individual style while adhering to best practices for SEO optimization and user experience. They also specialize in creating corporate websites with custom functionality and content management systems (CMS), as well as developing e-commerce solutions for businesses looking to expand their reach online.

When working with clients, Web Designers Europe strives to provide an exceptional customer service experience with fast turnaround times on projects regardless of their size or complexity. All projects come complete with full technical support during launch processes so that clients can rest assured their website will be running perfectly before they begin using it day-to-day.

The company also offers website maintenance services such as security monitoring, bug fixing assistance, regular backups etc., helping keep your site secure against malicious attacks or other threats that may arise over time. Additionally they offer various SEO consulting packages designed specifically for European markets so companies can benefit from increased traffic while improving conversions rates at the same time.

As one of top web design companies operating out of continental Europe today, Web Designers Europe has certainly established itself as a leader when it comes to creating innovative digital solutions across many industries throughout this region – making them an invaluable asset for any business looking for a trusted partner capable of bringing its vision into reality online

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Digital Artist
Henley E

Digital Artist

hire Digital Artist3.9

Henley is a product designer with several years of experience. She focuses on explaining the design process to her clients in a way that's simple, concise, and easy to understand. She has experience w...

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Ux designer
Clark N

UX Designer

hire Ux designer4.5

Clark is a UX/UI designer with a passion for visual design. He has created interactive designs across many different mediums, such as web and product design....

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Creative designer

hire Creative designer4.8

Alayah is a UX/UI designer that has worked on a variety of different projects, including websites and apps. She works with companies of all sizes, and loves to start-ups to large enterprises....

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Digital designer
Gideon W

Digital Designer

hire Digital designer4.7

Gideon is a product designer with years of experience. He focuses on designing solutions that communicate the client's needs effectively and concisely. He also has plenty of experience explaining his ...

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Ux designer
Bowie V

UX Designer

hire Ux designer4.2

Bowie is a skilled designer with more than 7 years of experience in user experience and human-centered design. During his career, He has contributed to two of the largest digital media producers in th...

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Customer Testimonial

  • "Coders.dev has been an outstanding partner for our Romania-based agriculture firm. We had a specific project in mind, and they provided us with a team of offshore Mobile UX Designers who delivered results beyond our expectations. Their staff was knowledgeable, professional, and flexible; adjusting to our needs as the project evolved. We've been very pleased with the quality of their work and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable offshore development team."

  • We had a fantastic experience working with the team of remote Graphics designers at Coders.dev for our Zurich based FMCG firm! They provided us with high quality designs that accurately reflected our brand image, and their communication was top-notch throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend them to any company looking for professional graphic design services!

  • "Coders.dev has been an absolute pleasure to work with. As a construction startup, we needed to find a creative designer who could bring our vision to life, and Coders.dev delivered exactly what we needed. Not only did they quickly find us the perfect fit for our team, but they also provided us with continuous support throughout the entire process — from onboarding new hires to managing their workloads. We couldn't be happier with the results!"

  • As a hospitality startup, we have been extremely satisfied with the work of Coders.dev's team of artistic designers. They worked closely with us to understand our needs and provided beautiful designs that surpassed our expectations. We were particularly impressed by their technical knowledge of coding languages as well as their creative abilities which enabled them to bring out intricate details in all aspects of the design process. Overall, it has been an amazing experience working with this talented group and highly recommend them for any project.

  • Coders.dev has been a pleasure to work with! Their team of Corel Draw designers have gone above and beyond on every project they’ve tackled for us so far. They are highly skilled, professional, and communicate effectively throughout the entire process. We would recommend them without hesitation!

  • We recently hired offshore Adobe Premiere designers from Coders.dev, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results! They provided us with experienced professionals who had a deep understanding of our requirements and delivered outstanding work on time and within budget. We highly recommend their services for anyone looking to hire top-notch Adobe Premiere designers. -Fitech Munich

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