Luxembourg is widely known as one of the most important financial hubs in Europe, but it is also a great place to be a software developer. The country has become a major hub for software development and programming with tech companies like Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft and more hosting offices here. With such big names setting up shop in Luxembourg, the job market for developers & programmers is flourishing.

The government of Luxembourg has taken steps to make sure that their citizens have access to top notch training and education when it comes to programming and software development. In addition, there are several universities offering degrees in these fields as well as numerous coding boot camps available throughout the country making sure that everyone who wants to enter this field can do so with ease.

Luxembourg boasts some of the best salaries for developers & programmers in all of Europe which makes it an attractive place for those looking to start or further their careers in this field. In addition, there is plenty of support from both public institutions and private companies when it comes to hiring talented professionals or getting started on projects from scratch. This makes Luxembourg an ideal destination not only for those looking for work but also those wanting to start their own tech business or create innovative new apps or services which could potentially become successful startups.

Lastly, Luxembourgers benefit from being part of the European Union which provides access not only to its huge internal market but also allows them free movement across its borders allowing developers & programmers here legally work elsewhere within the EU without needing any additional permits or visas on top of whatever they already possess by living here! This gives them further employment opportunities as well as greater mobility should they decide they no longer want/need stay any longer than necessary within one particular location within Europe – something that many others working across different countries don’t have access too!

Overall then Luxembourg offers plenty of benefits when it comes choosing where you want pursue your career (or startup!) if you’re interested in software development & programming - especially given how much wider range opportunities are now available due its membership within the European Union!

Top Developers & Programmers in Luxembourg

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Software engineer

hire Software engineer4

I am a Software engineer that is passionate about learning new things and working hard. I've been programming for 8 years now and have been developing web app solutions. I'm a hard worker who loves to...

Hire Lilith
Project manager
Chana U

Project Manager

hire Project manager3.5

I am a hard working, Project manager with 6 years of professional experience. I have excellent problem-solving skills, an ability to quickly grasp new concepts and a variety of programming languages l...

Hire Chana
Mobile developer

hire Mobile developer4.6

I am a software engineer with 2 years of experience in developing apps/applications. I have worked on projects that integrate with Jsp,Drupal and Ethereum blockchain. I am passionate about building gr...

Hire Sam
Project manager
Azalea F

Project Manager

hire Project manager3.7

Azalea is a passionate developer with a strong problem solving mindset. She loves learning new technology and creates happiness while working through difficult problems. She strives to constantly be b...

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Web programmer
Chloe V

Web Programmer

hire Web programmer3.5

My name is Chloe and I have 12 years of experience as a Web programmer. I am interested in working on more difficult and difficult projects. I've worked on projects in ASP and JavaScript. In addition ...

Hire Chloe

Customer Testimonial

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  • We hired the team of Developers from to develop a custom software for our FMCG business and were extremely pleased with their performance! The developers worked quickly and efficiently, delivering high-quality results within the agreed timeline. They also provided excellent customer service throughout the project and were always available to answer any questions we had about progress or functionality. We would highly recommend them for developing customized applications!

  • has been a great resource for us in hiring remote Firebase developers. We were able to quickly find high-quality candidates who had the right skill set and experience that we needed to get our project off the ground. The offshore option worked out perfectly, allowing us to save considerable costs while still getting top talent from around Europe without having to manage an onsite team. Highly recommend!

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