How Much Does It Cost To Have A Logo Professionally Designed

By Sam

Logo design can be a complex and creative process. It involves symbolizing the values of a brand using a solitary image. Many entrepreneurs want to spend only a little money on a simple design. Your logo is the fundamental identity of your brand and the first thing customers will see. Position your business in the thoughts and hearts of your potential customers by creating a distinctive logo. Your logo ought to convey the principles of your business.

Importance Of A Professional Logo

Why is a logo design necessary? It is the symbol of the brand. A logo is what represents the brand. You have to maintain a business with it. Companies move and change, but brands last. Market leaders Nike, Google, and Facebook have classic logo designs that haven't changed much. Why is this crucial? Ideal customers can recognize a logo that is simple to remember.

You may differentiate yourself from the competition and build enduring ties with your clients using distinctive logo designs. Let's take Coca-Cola as an example. Look for the iconic Coca-Cola bottle when you go into a shop. It is easy to distinguish the brand's vibrant red color from many others. The brand has been around so long, and most people have fond memories of it (family, friends, and even Santa Claus!) 90% of people can recognize its logo.

Here are some more statistics:

  • 60% of people will not choose a company with an unattractive logo, regardless of their reviews.

  • According to a research, 75% of respondents believe that logos are the most easily identifiable brand identifier.

  • According to studies, 50% of consumers are more inclined than other consumers to purchase from companies whose logos they are familiar with.

  • A signal buy is worth ten times less than brand loyalty.

A well-designed logo will attract customers from the beginning and build brand loyalty and brand recognition over time. You can see why spending money on a premium logo makes sense. Logo design costs range from $300 to $700. When creating a logo for small firms, the facts favor designers. A professional logo will typically cost small business owners $500. Just 18% of people are ready to spend more than $1,000. What is the going rate for creating a logo? There are no standard prices for logo designs. The kind of logo you get will depend on your design needs, spending limit, and choice of a design service provider.

Why Do You Need a Professional Logo Designer?

Why choose a branding firm over a regular logo designer? They see you as a single, unified whole. To establish or rebrand your company, successful brand identity companies will concentrate on the unique components of your company.

  • Research, lots of it: You might be surprised to realize how much effort brand identity experts devote to study. They will analyze the data and look at your competitors to see what they are doing well and what you can do better.

  • Logo incorporation: A logo is a brand's front face. It is the foundation for all other aspects of your brand and the most important. You should always have someone to help you with any logo needs.

  • Typography: Typography is essential for legibility and to be identifiable. Design firms for brand identity will work closely with you to create the appropriate fonts that complement images in your brand's content.

  • Color palettes: Colors have a profound impact on everything, from your logo to your website. The right color variation can have a profound psychological effect and make the difference between sales growth and stagnation. A team that understands the psychology behind color inspiration and can help you incorporate it correctly is essential.

  • Consistency: Consistency is crucial after the research, logo inclusion, and typography processes have been completed. Your brand identity team must be able to develop a strategy to maintain consistency, from the giant billboard to the smallest pen branded.

After you've narrowed down a few offshore logo designers, You should inquire specifically about your branding from them. These are just a few examples to help you get started:

  • Are they large enough or small enough to do your work? Are they equipped with the right technology to manage your brand effectively?

  • How do they conduct research? Are they responsible for pulling the data, or are they able to have it done by someone else? Do they anticipate you to complete the study?

  • What's their record in promoting businesses? How many companies have they rebranded for? Are you familiar with any of these? Do you recognize any of them?

  • Have they previously worked with similar brands? Do they have experience working with brands in your sector? This could be a great advantage as they may have worked in the same industry before.

  • Are they able to refer clients? Could you talk with former clients to learn more about their experiences? Are there any reviews they could provide?

  • How do they contact each other? What communication style do they use? What are their communication habits? How frequently do you contact us for updates? Are they available to answer questions? Are their personalities in line with your brand's voice?

Why Is It That People Think Logo Design Costs Too Much?

A logo is a picture, illustration, or graphic that's used to represent a business or brand. It is often the first contact that customers have with a company. Logos may look similar to any other type of graphic design, but they require more skill and work.

How much does a logo cost? It's critical to comprehend how logo designs are created and what they imply for your company before we can respond to that query.

Creating a logo design: A logo is a design project like any other. The client gives the brief, and the experienced designer begins to work. A logo designer must do extensive research on the company and understand its purpose before they can create a decent logo. Understanding the company's mission, values, and target market is part of this. To avoid similar designs, they should also research your competitors.

Don't think of a logo as "merely another image." A winning logo must:

  • Represent the brand identity of your company

  • Attract a targeted audience

  • Be flexible and memorable.

  • Share a story.

  • Use the correct color combinations, fonts, and shapes.

These factors play a role in the creation of a logo that is unique for a brand. It is easy to see why the cost of logo design can be so high due to the creative effort required.

The firm behind a logo is just as unique as its design style. These logos are just a few examples. They all look identical to non-designer. Creative professionals know that minor details can make all the difference in logo design.

What Is The Cost Of Logo Design?

Online Logo Maker Or Templates: $20-$200

Premade templates can be purchased if you prefer to avoid making a logo. Using premade templates significantly reduces the time required to build a logo. The public can access logo templates so that another brand may have one similar to yours. The templates do not comprehend the needs of your business. They are unable to produce the high-quality logo that a designer could.


  • You can find the number of templates on different sites like Adobe Spark, Creative Market and GraphicRiver.

  • By starting from scratch, you can save time.

  • Logo Makers build unique types of logos based on your industry and name.


  • You can also download the templates to create a logo that is similar to your competitors.

  • The intelligence of creative designers needs to be improved to create a logo that accurately captures the distinct character of your business.


  • A basic logo template will cost around $20. However, a premium template could cost as much as $200.

Crowdsourcing And Design Contests: $130-$700

Crowdsourcing is a great way to get multiple concepts for your logo design. Crowdsourcing is a great way to find unique design options that you can buy. A design contest can help you find various logos at a fraction of the cost. There is one tradeoff: the unpredictable nature of design ideas into reality. Some contestants might suggest designs that you would like to avoid. The design platform will determine whether you receive a refund. Even if you don't pay a cent, a lot of time and money will be lost.


  • Many ideas

  • It can be a simple design brief.

  • Cost-effective


  • You can never foresee what you'll get because it is unpredictable.

  • It can be time-consuming, and it could lead to loss.


  • Crowdsourcing is a more costly option for a logo design. Design contests and competitions can be expensive. A contest for design can run from $130 up to $700.

Freelance Logo Designers: $300-$2000

The work of a professional is unbeatable. A freelancer can be a great option if you need a professional service to design your logo. Pricing for freelance logo design varies depending on experience. You should be aware of these things when you hire a freelancer:

  • Portfolio: Have they used the same logos or branding projects? Have they completed similar work?

  • You can also ask them for referrals and testimonials.

  • Although experience in the industry is optional, having some knowledge of your background can be beneficial.

Logo design costs: Although it is not always the final price, most freelance graphic designers will provide a rough estimate, especially for projects that are charged per project. This pricing guide for logo design will help you to understand the costs of professional logo designs so that you can choose the right one.


  • You get to choose the best from the available logo designers for hire for your project.

  • The designer can be contacted with your requirements.


  • Fraud is possible as freelance designers sometimes copy other people's work to defraud clients.

  • Due to the required work, freelance designers can take more time than they are willing to commit. Pay more than your limited budget.


  • Pricing for freelance logo design can be as low as $300 or higher, up to $2,000. Hourly rates for freelancers range from $20 to $100.

Unlimited Logo Design Services: $300-$900

This is the best way to get a professional logo. Clients pay one flat monthly fee to cover all of their design needs. Clients can request as many design services as they wish, and unlimited revisions are available at no additional cost. A typical unlimited graphic service is about the same price as a freelance logo designer, a few hundred dollars.

You won't get just a logo or brand design for this price. Other projects that are completed in a month can be ordered, such as ads, social media posts, and collateral. It is possible to work with other designers. This makes finding the right graphic design services for your company and needs easier.


  • Scalable and affordable.

  • All-inclusive design services.


  • The service is only available for a limited time, so you don't get full access. Although professional logo design can be expensive. A month's subscription is a cheap method to acquire your logo.


  • Unlimited logo design services are available for between $300 and $1000 per month.

Logo Design Agencies: $2500+

A logo design agency is another option for logo design. This option is the most costly in the marketplace. You will need to spend a lot to get a professional logo. Your logo will align with your brand's principles, identity, and target market. These design firms carry out in-depth market research before developing a logo.


  • An excellent logo is created with thorough market research and a brand design.


  • Small enterprises frequently cannot afford these.


  • A logo design agency's pricing can start at $2,500 but can go up to $10,000.

How To Find The Right Logo Designer For Your Business

If you're wondering how to employ the best Logo Designers, you're not the only one. Before you look for a logo designing artist, the first thing you should do is decide what you want.

What are your ideas for your logo design?

When you meet with the logo designer, they will likely ask you several questions. Professional designers will have a questionaire they can show you or hand you so you can explain what you want from the logo. However, you'd be shocked at how many people are searching for a logo but have such a hazy sense of what they need. If this is you, try not to get discouraged. Many designers will help you to identify the problem areas.

It is a good idea to look at logos online to get ideas. This will allow you to clearly communicate your preference. Suppose you want a grungy sports logo that appears to be going off. In that case, you won't be happy with the final product, but the designer will recognize that you want a clean and simple logo. You can do some research and send them some ideas for logos. Once you have a clear vision, it is time to search for your designer.

How to find a logo design artist?

You have many options, but first, you must decide on your goals. Are you looking to establish a relationship with someone local who will meet you face-to-face or expand your reach nationally by contacting them via email only? When searching for websites or printed materials, it is also essential to keep the potential relationship in mind. Sometimes a local logo designer will be more suitable if you have to meet in person. However, this is optional with Skype or Google Hangouts.

Take a look at the portfolio of the designer

It is essential to understand that if a designer only works with sports logos but needs a logo for a jewelry store, the final design won't be what you had in mind. It's crucial to match the logo designer's portfolio. You should pay attention not only to the craftsmanship but also to the atmosphere the designer conjures. Are every design element happy and colorful? Do they use a desaturated corporate color palette in their portfolio? The portfolio may be moody and dark. You can match the feel and look of the artists to your expectations. Even if they don't understand your feelings, they could know someone who does if you talk to them. Additionally, you can visit your neighborhood's chambers of business, networking events, or online social networks. Most likely, we are searching for a logo designer.

Get in touch with the designer

Once you have established your contacts and looked through the portfolios, it is time to reach out to your logo designer. It is enough to briefly describe how you came across them and what you are looking for. Several questions will drive the conversation for designers. Several examples of questions could be:

  • Which age group are the target consumers?

  • What do you think about using this logo?

  • Are the logos more geared towards females or males?

  • Are you clear on what you want?

  • It would help if you were prepared to answer more questions than that. Designers will use the information to guide their logo design decisions.

After you've answered all your questions, it's time to discuss costs. This is the most crucial question.

Set a realistic budget

When you're prepared to begin a logo design job, it's crucial to establish a reasonable budget. It isn't polite to ask a logo designer for an accessible design. It's more likely that you will need help to perform volunteer work at your place of employment. Do not request that others reciprocate for you.

You're on a budget. In that case, ask the designer if they can stick to your spending limit. If you still need to get a project, asking the designer to submit a bid is accepted. Don't panic if the cost comes back more than what you expected. If the price exceeds your budget, ask the logo designer for possible reductions. Sometimes, the designer will lower the number of revisions or provide multiple designs. They could reduce the cost. This is only one example. 

Understand that there will be more work done behind the scenes than you can see. Before you see the final design, it could take hours to build mood boards, concept thumbnails, and competition research. The clip art is something other than what we ask for. This isn't very respectful to the logo design artist and means you can't buy a logo with clip art.

Discuss the project and agree on terms, then sign the contract

Graphic designers are familiar with contracts. Contracts are required to protect the designer and work, although they may appear scary. Protecting yourself and the goods you agree to purchase is also crucial. Your contract will state whether you have full ownership of the design. It will also be there if you only purchase limited rights. You should carefully read the agreement to ensure you are satisfied with it. If you have any questions, you can ask. Contracts are beneficial.

What you can expect from the logo design process

Now you have agreed on a price and discussed the design. You have ratified the agreement. What now? It is common for designers to request half of the payment upfront. You'll receive an invoice from the designer for a particular sum. They will start your design once they have received the half-down payment. Once you have paid, the design process will begin. You won't see hours of labor that were put in. These include thumbnails, which will be the most potent design from a series, mood boards, and preliminary comps, which are more detailed sketches. Then the vectoring procedure starts. 

Although most logo design artists won't share thumbnails, they need to be more intuitive to people who don't work with them daily. If asked, the majority of designers will deliver them. Be open to a design. It's better to let the designer choose a solid logo. After all, you hired them to be professional. They can see the physiology and more robust shapes behind the logo design.

Your feedback is welcome

After that work, the logo designer will present you with your design. You still have the right to make changes during the design process. You might not like the letter's shape or color choice. Talk to your logo designer to find out why they made that decision. However, if you feel the logo needs to be strengthened, the designer will gladly make it.

Finalizing the design

It is a challenging process. The outcome must be straightforward and memorable. Once the final logo design has been created, the logo designer will ask for the final payment. The final designs will then be sent to you. The contract will determine what rights you have to the logo. You can choose whether you have complete or fewer rights. Most contracts do not enable you to alter the logo design after it is finished. This means that the logo cannot be stretched or recoloured. Branding is important!

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Your firm will have a distinctive style that sets you apart from other brands thanks to a professionally designed logo. It is essential for creating a lasting brand. A logo can also help you stand out from other brands. Although you might be tempted to make it yourself, remember that you could end up spending too much time searching for freelance talent. You will likely find the right match if you read through portfolios and applications. Design contests are the same. If you have a few hundred dollars to spare, you can hire logo designer to assist you in developing your brand.

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