Mobile phones are becoming a part of our lives and not just the personal life – it is contributing immensely on the business side too. Mobile applications have become far smarter, and that shows in the idea behind the amazing applications we use.

Mobile app developers are no longer restricted to game apps or chatting apps but are building high-performing and complex apps such as on-demand logistics apps.

Logistics are the spine of many industries. They have empowered businesses to go global and also improved user experience. It is now possible for an app to control and manage logistic operations. They have become so efficient that they can track all the logistic operations in real-time. This has made life so much easier for businesses around the world.

It is possible to track consignments in real-time, learn about delays before-hand, reduce costs, and get analytics at every stage of business operation. Furthermore, apps are integrated with powerful features that help you take action just by a single tap on your smartphone screen. The intervention of smart technologies such as IoT, AI, and ML are making automation possible and bringing flexibility in the operations. The world is shrinking as we are moving more and more into a technologically advanced world.

On the business side, on-demand logistic app development has helped people reduce their operational costs. This is because of the seamlessness in the operations and the unprecedented transparency at every step of the supply chain.

How does the cost of logistic app development influence the quality of the solution?

Logistics software development can be costly; it is a complex software that includes various features and functionality that allow you to operate from any part of the world and manage your business single-handedly. Logistic app development costs and transportation companies have a significant impact on many other industries.

This puts great pressure on organization heads to continuously make improvements in their internal and external operations. The rise in portable on-demand logistic app development has become very productive. These and other depending factors make the cost of the logistics app development rise. It includes features or functionalities, technology stacks, development team, resources, time taken in the development of general and advanced features, and more. It is important to align your needs with the competitive advantages you get by developing a highly efficient on-demand logistic application. Here is a factor analysis that will allow you to choose the features that are absolutely necessary for your app and know the cost of development.

Top benefits of on-demand logistics app development

Mobile apps give you new and improved operational functionality. Here are some major business benefits that you can enjoy by on-demand logistics app development.

  1. Brand Identity

Building a dedicated mobile application doesn't just focus on improving your experience but also brings a positive impact on the lives of your users. Going for an on-demand logistics app development that focuses on user-experience can help you meet the growing demands of your users. As your userbase grows tech-savvy, it is always good to show them your tech side to establish trust and sends out a clear message that you are a technology-driven company.

  1. Improved customer experience

Transparency in the operations makesthe user experience better. Logistic mobile app development allows you to improve your internal and external operations and thus brings seamlessness to the entire process.

Easy tracking of shipments and on-time delivery improves your brand image in the market and helps you establish trust. Companies love to engage with brands, and trend-setter logistic app development helps you in customizing the solutions as per your client needs.

  1. Easy Fleet Management

Fleet management is not easy, especially when you have a large fleet. A mobile app allows you to have a 3600 view of your entire business. It helps you manage your fleet efficiently, meanwhile tracking the status and location in real-time.

One tap, and you can get a detailed report on the location, ETA, emergencies, or any delay caused by external factors. This allows you to gain the data to optimize your business operations and reduce overhead expenses.

  1. Say bye to the paperwork

Paperwork is prone to mistakes and also can cause a lot of confusion. Managing the piles and piles of paperwork is tiresome and require you to increase your infrastructural capabilities. But with a technology-driven solution, you can get scalable solutions and reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

Different types of mobile apps for a logistics company

When we say logistics, we are implying the multiple operations that are happening in the company that supportsthe transportation of goods. As per your services and unique business needs, the cost of logistic app development depends on the app you choose to build. Here are different types of mobile apps that can get to improve your processes.

  1. Fleet management app

Fleet management apps help you manage your fieldwork. You can store the entire fleet data and easily coordinate with the vast fleet scattered all across.

The app brings transparency in the operations and makes it easy for you to know the status of any vehicle in the fleet in real-time. Also, it boosts productivity by enabling the management to make decisions quickly.

  1. Logistic on-demand app

It is like a uber for freight services. The on-demand app allows users to book their freight carrier online directly from the app. This amazing app saves time and effort for the customer while also minimizing the manual work.

  1. Warehouse management app

Warehouse management is a labor-intensive job, but technology is here to improve it to a great extent. The mobile warehouse applications store data related to the products that are stored in your warehouse. This makes it easy for you to avoid any delay in operations and also eliminate the scope of mistakes. It also fastens the process, helps you understand the requirement of every product, avoids damage caused to the product, and improves customers' experience.

On-demand Logistics App Development Cost 

The cost of building a mobile app depends on the type of number and features that you want to add to your app. The more complex features you have, the more time it would take to develop and ultimately would cost you more.

Other than that, the cost of development also depends on the location of the logistic app development company. For example, app development is 4 times more costly in countries like the US and UK when compared to India.

Also, logistics software development is not the only cost you have to consider; any tech product would require regular maintenance, update, marketing, and testing of the app.

In this section, we would be focusing on on-demand app development costs and ways to avoid hidden app development costs.

Important features in an on-demand mobile app

General features

A logistics business has different stakeholders, and thus, you need to design apps as per their usability. Here is a breakdown of general features for the three kinds of users:

Customer App Features

  • Sign up/ sign in
  • Booking different types of vehicle
  • Notifications for status
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Request Quote
  • Live Shipment tracking

Driver Panel

  • Freight details
  • Navigation
  • Emergency notification, SOS features

Admin Panel

  • Dedicated Dashboard for managing and overviewing end-to-end operations.
  • Freight Management
  • Driver Management
  • Customer Request Management
  • Billing and invoice generation
  • Monitoring vehicle health and fuel consumption
  • Push notification for concerned user types

Advanced Features for Logistic App

Let's look at some advanced features for your logistics app development for more improved operations, transparency, and sharper competitive edge.

  1. Pre-planning routes for drivers

 Making a pre-planned route helps you in increasing your profitability and also control the factors that can add to the losses. By choosing the right way, you can take control of the delivery time and overhead expenses.

Also, it would help you improve the experience of the drivers by providing them the fastest route and managing their journey to make it as safe and good as possible.

  1. Journey Reports

Get a complete log of the journey, keyed in by the driver to understand the problem areas, optimize them and make the business process as hassle-free as possible.

Journey reports allow you to reduce the problems not only on the driver's side but also on the customer-end. You are able to communicate the required information using real-time data and gives information from start to finish to the users.

  1. Vehicle maintenance and updates and fuel consumption

You can choose to add a dashboard development in the logistic software development to track and monitor the health of your vehicles and fuel consumption. Using this advanced algorithm, you can identify a pattern and make an appointment with the maintenance team to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and avoid any mid-way vehicle breakdowns.

  1. In-app chat

Real-time chat allows you to improve communication between your enterprise and the users. It helps you assist users and allow them to inform you of the problems they are facing and resolve issues then and there.

Furthermore, you can create an in-app chat feature on the driver app, which would help them to get assistance from your team when in need of instructions, documents, and more. A chatbot would also make the process automated, bringing in more speed and efficiency in the process.

You can use the chat data to identify the problems in the current process and improvise with tech-based solutions.

  1. Multi-lingual Support

Based on your services, you can choose to have multi-lingual support on the application. It will allow you to improve the experience of your users booking your services internationally. Multi-lingual countries like India can have a multi-lingual feature in the logistics app. Also, you can include the local language feature in the driver app too. This will improve the process and fasten their journey through the learning curve.

  1. Finding nearby gas stations and mechanic help

In case of emergency or in case the vehicle is running low on fuel, this particular feature comes as a huge help. It is strongly recommended that for the driver app, you must consider adding a nearby gas station feature along-side a mechanic finder to avoid major delays in the deliveries. Also, this feature will help you improve your customer experience as you would be able to give them a revised ETA.

  1. Driver Safety

To ensure the safety of your drivers working with you, you can add important features that help you monitor the speed, use of brakes, etc. These small inputs can be used to give out automated alerts when the driver is speeding or neglecting safety measures.

  1. Offline Support

The drivers often have to travel to the areas where there is less to no internet connectivity. To avoid any inconvenience, you can include offline support for many functions in the logistic apps so that they can retrieve important data points and assure the safe delivery of the cargo.

Technology Stack for Logistics Mobile App

To ensure your app is providing a seamless experience to all the stakeholders in the application, you must choose the right technology to support the entire infrastructure. You can use the above-mentioned list of features and define the necessary feature you need to build in the on-demand logistics app. Once you have the plan ready, you can consult the tech experts and find the right technology stack for the logistic app development. Furthermore, the technology stack also influences the cost of development. But it is absolutely important that you don't compromise the quality at any point to achieve your goal behind having a logistics app.

  1. Payment

You can allow people to digitally pay for their booking through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, etc.

  1. Analytics

Real-time analytics require you to integrate solutions offered by 3rd party software solutions, such as IBM, Spark, Cisco, Hadoop, etc.,have a good reputation.

  1. Database

To manage your data well, you can use database technology such as Hbase, Mail Chimp, MongoDB database management system allowing you to manage huge data generated during the various logistic operations.

  1. Notification

Important technologies to integrate push notification features in the app are io, Twilio.

  1. Cloud

Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud can help you in improving your data efficiency.

The team required for Logistics Mobile App Development 

As per your project requirement, you would be required to align the human resource capabilities. In case you want faster development, you can choose to hire multiple resources for the single job role and get things done faster. However, it would increase your budget.

Also, you must have a very practical view of the timeline; no app can be built – especially the advanced ones in a month; you would have to give the needed time for research, brainstorming, development, designing, testing, and deployment.

Here are the capabilities you need to engage for logistic app development

  1. Developers
  2. UI/UX designers
  3. Project Managers
  4. Testers

Cost of logistic app development

The cost of the logistic app development depends on multiple factors, such as features, complexities in the project, technology stack, and the location the company prevails in. A reputed company in India would charge you $18-$40 per hour, while you might have to shell $100-$120 per hour for the developer with the equivalent talent in the USA.

As per the location logic, the cost of logistic mobile app development can range between USD 70K to 80K at least.

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