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What is Email Design?

An email design is the strategic placement and arrangement of your content by your marketing goals. It can also result in lead generation and conversion.

Why is Email Design so Important?

People currently have too much information to process and remember. Your audience needs more time and patience to read every email you send, regardless of how interested they may be in your brand. They merely read and scan what they observe.

You must still give information, though. How do you attract their attention by communicating what you want? This is where style and design are helpful. A typical scan can be upgraded to an intelligent scan that sends the appropriate message. You can change the reading flow to give your readers the necessary information.

What is an Email Template?

Email templates can be thought of as ready-to-eat food products. Open the package, pour it into a container, and you have your food ready to go (while you scroll through your Instagram feed).

Email templates are based on a similar idea.

You may develop email templates using HTML, which you can reuse in marketing campaigns. You can add pictures, videos, and site links. A backdrop color and styling options are also available. This is a fantastic approach to being creative while keeping your brand intact.

The next time you send a welcome message, all you have to do is select the template and modify the customer information before pressing the send button. You can design distinct templates for various marketing initiatives to better organize your email approach.

Email Templates Have Many Benefits

You probably already know a few, but you might have yet to learn about a few. Here's a list of all the benefits email templates can bring. If you need help convincing someone of the benefits of email templates, here's a quick list.

You Save Time

This one is easiest to guess. You can't create some things from scratch when you have an already-filled email design. It saves you a lot of time when designing the email. This allows you to get ahead of the curve, makes it easier to react quickly, and helps you stay competitive in an environment where over 200 billion emails are being sent daily.

Personalized Content

You can generate a 122% ROI with personalized emails. Many people mistakenly believe that email templates are the same as sending the same content to everyone. This is not true. You can personalize the content even if you use a template. An email expert consultant uses an email template to personalize your emails.

Improved Brand Recognition

Your revenue can be up to 33% more consistent with your brand. An email template allows you to incorporate different brand elements into your emails, thereby increasing brand recall. Add your company logo and color to make your email stand out. You can also use specific fonts. Email templates can be powerful brand boosters in a highly competitive market. This template allows you to send personalized emails, letting your audience recognize your brand by simply looking at the email.

Rapid Growth

You earn a $42 return on investment for every $1 spent on email marketing. Consider having your marketing department edit each email before you send it. Your ROI would be low due to the time required to create emails.

Think of an email template in this situation. Scaling up your marketing activities is simple and quick when sending emails. Anyone may participate and customize the content of emails using templates. Since there are no complicated nuances to understand, they are simple to utilize. When compared to manually typing each word and adding each image and video, your marketers can effectively reach a larger audience.

Better Communication

Email creation is made simple with email templates. With less personalization to distract you, you can concentrate on the content. A strong foundation for communication with your audience is established by doing this. Over time, your audience will value your consistency. Higher open rates, higher CTRs, and more email answers will all result from this.

Improves Sales

Email communication can help you boost sales and give your sales enablement plan more substantial support. Utilizing templates will simplify your work—a better relationship results from your attempts to communicate with and engage your audience. As a result, trust is increased, and eventually, they make a buy.

As clients utilize your goods and services more frequently, you can also develop loyalty over time. Customers agree that they are loyal to the brands they know and like (62%).

Example of an Email Template

There are several reasons to send email templates. Depending on the goal, an email template's structure and content will change. Here are a few illustrations of email templates used by well-known companies.

  • Template for a Welcome Email

This template is a great way to provide information and guidance in an easy-to-understand format. This template is an excellent example of how you can prepare your subscribers to get started with their relationships.

  • Email Template for Cart Abandonment

Talk about tugging at your heartstrings! This email template features an excellent copy that reminds you why you almost bought the product.

  • Email Template for Event Invitation

All details are essential when it comes to events. To create excitement, it's a good idea to use an attractive image.

  • Product Update Email Template

It's crucial to generate interest in your product updates and highlight all selling points so that customers can get on board quickly. While giving a lot of information is fine, ensure that you do so in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • Thank You Email Template

You can send thank you emails to express your appreciation to your customers by offering discounts or other offers.

Effective marketing strategies require you to write emails. Email templates can help you increase your marketing efforts in a shorter time so that you can concentrate on the essential things that you need to do.

What can Email Design Do For You?

There are three types of Email Designs.

There are three types of email designs to choose from:

Emails in plain text

This is a text-based email, which is commonly used for personal correspondence. The benefits of using this email design are:

  • It creates a feeling of personalization. 
  • Concise and to-the-point information. 
  • It is mobile-friendly and responsive. 
  • It's easy to make. 
  • The drawbacks to plain text email are:
  • It needs an appealing design and wow factor. 
  • It isn't easy to market in these emails. 

Rich HTML email

This email acts more as a landing page. This email has a unique structure, colors, and images. They are made using HTML and CSS.

These emails offer the following benefits:

  • They are appealing and attractive. 
  • They allow for customization and flexibility. 
  • You can add images, animations, and gifs to them. 
  • They are more organized. 
  • It is easy to find. 
  • Mobile-optimized and responsive. 
  • There are two main cons to HTML email:
  • Browser display issues can occur. Users can be frustrated by inconsistent displays. However, fully responsive and mobile-friendly solutions can be used to ensure compatibility
  • You will need to code it, and you won't only be able to do it if you don the technical skills. 

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Interactive email

Email marketing expert say that interactive emails are still relatively new. The latest email design trends favor interactive emails. It makes use of interactive JavaScript details. It garners a lot of interest and is incredibly stunning. It is a strong and alluring work that can easily captivate any audience. Most likely, it will shape our future and won't be incorrect.

Most email readers do not currently support JavaScript. Thus, only a select group of persons can access these emails. Despite being sturdy, the framework needs to be adequately supported—GIFs or dynamic effects that CSS powers can be used to generate interactivity.

Essential features for email design


These are the basic rules for email copy:

  • Avoid large blocks of information. Reduce them into smaller chunks. 
  • Headings help ensure clarity. 
  • Headings should be in the center. Keep it consistent. It is easier to read if you align left to right. 
  • Avoid overdecoration of text, especially if it's a block. 
  • To support your text, add visuals. To make reading enjoyable, you can use images, emojis, and icons. Videos are also possible. 


A logical visual separation is the best way to organize your email design. People love seeing small, visually appealing landing pages, thanks to AMP. The header, main body, and footer should all be organized properly.

  • The header should include your brand's identity, menu, and browser link. 
  • Your contact information, including your address and phone number, social icons, and id to reach the support team, should be included in the footer. 
  • A one-column layout is easy to read, clears up design clutter, and adapts easily to different screen sizes. Stick to it. 
  • You should utilize a card layout if you want your email to seem good. 
  • Keep the width at 600px with space on the sides to ensure content optimization safety. 
  • Use white space wisely. It is essential to allow for breathing space in your email. Too many white areas can make the user experience less enjoyable. 


Using something other than decorative elements for captions with descriptions is better. Use headings. These headings should be concise, clear, and to the point.

Examining the margins

Users typically use an "F" pattern when scanning emails. Here are some tips to make your email scan easier.

  • As people pay the most attention to this line, ensure you include the essential information. 
  • It is necessary to include bullet points and short words for vertical scanning. 
  • As readers skim the rest of your text, starting new paragraphs and subheads is a good idea. 


Use links as links. These links are frequently highlighted in blue and designated as such. You can use it if the styling does not match your brand's color scheme.


When designing emails, ensure that your CTA stands out. It should tell the user what to do. Your CTA is like a magnet that opens the door to your landing page.

CTAs should be bold and adequately colored against the background. It's a good idea to make your CTA distinctive. You can also tailor it to audience segmentation for better results.


If you add paragraph after paragraph of material, holding your audience's attention will be challenging. Either they'll get bored or scan the email before closing it.

Add captivating photos, videos, and GIFs to the written content to enhance it and make memorable experiences.

Emojis are essential to remember. Emojis may be a terrific complement to any email, even though they may seem informal or superfluous. Emojis might increase your open and click-through rates, according to research. Ensure that you know the implications and significance of any emojis you use.


Every color represents emotion if you've ever read anything about color psychology. Below is an infographic that shows each color.

Color psychology can be used in email design to target and fulfill the needs of your audience.

Your campaign should also define the colors you will use. It would help if you designed email campaigns for Black Friday, Halloween, and Christmas according to the occasion's color palette.

All these customization options are available under one roof. You can create your design or select from a variety of templates for email and newsletter design. It takes less than five minutes to create, design, and send.

Seven Best Practices for Email Design

Your brand's email template speaks volumes about you. Name, subject line, and preheader text are the three main elements that determine whether an individual opens your email. These elements include name, subject, and preheader text.

Use a catchy subject line.

Inboxes are first displayed with the topic line. The recipient is either drawn in or distracted by this moment.

The subject line of your email should be written so that the recipient opens it. This could be out of curiosity, value, or interest. This email's subject line piques their curiosity and encourages readers to click the link to learn more.

These are the characteristics of a great subject line:

  • With as little as possible, capture your email readers' attention. A word count of 6 to 8 is considered ideal. 
  • Give value to the recipient or pique his curiosity. Whatever will get them to open the email. 
  • Provide a summary of the contents that the recipients will read/or see after opening the email 

Add a compelling preheader.

Preheaders should be prepared with the content of your email in mind since they provide a sneak peek.

To give recipients a concise summary of your message, customize the preheader.

Keep the preheader succinct and direct. To ensure that readers can read the preheader on any device, the most important information must come first.

Create an appropriate logo

Voice, appearance, and feel should all be consistent in your company communications. From the time they open your emails, your audience needs to be aware that they are reading them.

How can you guarantee that your emails are in line with your brand? You should have the following in mind.

  • The tone of your emails and marketing materials should be consistent. Use the same brand voice across all communications, including emails, social media, and other channels. 
  • Use the same fonts and colors in your marketing materials. 
  • Include your logo, a link to your website, and social media accounts. This is an excellent way for customers to engage with your brand. 
  • You can add uniform CTAs that reflect your brand's voice and colors. 

The layout is the most crucial component.

In the design of an email, white space is crucial. Disorganized and cluttered emails can be challenging to read and make the recipient feel overburdened.

The user experience should be considered when organizing your email. Strategically arrange your written and graphic material while leaving some room. It would help if you made your email simple to read and navigate.

Let's look at an email sample that effectively utilizes white space. It has a strategically placed CTA, a constant brand tone and color, and a consistent brand color.

Put your CTAs in thoughtful places.

After your audience has read your email or blog, you may instruct them on what to do by using a CTA (call-to-action). Use a CTA to nudge your visitors to your website, join your social media channels, or schedule a demo call.

Planning where your CTA will be located is crucial. It should be appealing, simple, and valuable to the reader. Bold text, vivid colors, and sizable buttons are all excellent choices. Your CTA needs to be strategically positioned and easily seen. It must not be concealed in an email. It ought to be interactive to encourage users to click it.

Add an "unsubscribe" button.

Always give your audience a chance to decline your offers. Over time, your readers might change their minds about your content, mainly as your business develops and changes. Your content can no longer be relevant to a specific audience member.

Your email recipients have an easy and quick way to unsubscribe. Be sure to provide an obvious "unsubscribe" option.

You are also required, by law, to include an unsubscribe link. The Federal Trade Commission, GDPR, and CAN-SPAM Act require that you have a clear and conspicuous explanation explaining how recipients can unsubscribe from receiving emails from you in the future.

A/B test your email design

The process of designing emails is iterative. Which designs are successful and which are unsuccessful will be determined by your audience's feedback and statistics. You should modify or adjust your email design to obtain the best results.

A/B testing can be done on email design components like the CTA, colors and graphics, layout, tone, and white space. You ought to test as many details as you can. Make sure the design you select is efficient in reaching and capturing attention. Most recipients should be able to convert from the final email design.

Five Best Email Design Tools

Many email design tools can be used to create engaging, optimized emails to engage your audience.


Mailmunch email marketing experts specializing in lead generation and eCommerce marketing are available. Mailmunch is an excellent tool for small businesses to create landing pages, web forms, and Shopify pages. Mailmunch offers over 1,000 templates to help make engaging emails that appeal to your target audience.


Your email campaigns can all be designed, customized, and optimized using HubSpot's email software. To create emails, you can understand how coding functions. Your emails may be A/B tested, easily updated with photos, and mobile device optimized.


Chamaileon, a collaborative email builder, allows you to invite other members to collaborate on email designs. Chamaileon ensures that your email design is responsive. Chameleon's email builder includes customizable templates that you can edit according to the recipients.


Stripo does not require HTML knowledge to create professional email designs. You can view all premade templates from Stripo on any device. Stripo allows you to integrate with your existing email service provider (ESP) and access all of your email addresses from one central location.


Unlayer is a premium email design tool that costs nothing per month and enables you to generate gorgeous emails without knowing any code or design principles. Email creation is simple using the editor's drag-and-drop functionality. You can include videos, alter the text's color, and create countdown times.

The option to select from over 1,000 premade HTML email templates is Unlayer's most prominent feature. You may create a professional email within minutes by customizing one of these templates. Additionally, you have access to sophisticated features like merge tags, timers, and carousels. With the top 20 email service providers, Unlayer integrates without a hitch.

Top Trends in Email Design

Dynamic content

You can personalize your email to make it more relevant to each segment of your audience by dynamically changing sections. This personalizes your email and increases conversion rates. You could show menswear to the male audience and womenswear to the female audience.


2020 was the year of 3D imagery. 2023 will be more about brands looking for creative and new ways to display their products in the email.

Customers can experience the potential purchase by seeing the details and tangible images without going into the store.


Combination of simple and futuristic designs that evoke nostalgia and bold, bright colors that evoke optimism in 2023.

Simple approach

Email design is all about minimalism these days. Clearer and more concise email messages are more likely to be heard among the noise. The slim design brings calm and clarity to your inbox with its simple layout, large spacing, and on-brand colors.


Future email designs will continue to use artistic aesthetics that combine geometric and organic shapes. This is an excellent way to create clean emails and reduce cognitive workload. The design is abstract, and subscribers don't have to study it.

Brand representation and values

COVID has had success. Hire an email marketing expert for the management of email campaigns now places more emphasis on values, representation, trust, and empathy. Issues like diversity, gender equality, community safety, and gender equality are all the subjects of several marketing advertisements. Brands must reaffirm their brand values in their marketing initiatives to remind users of their concern for people.

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You might have to evaluate your email marketing templates' effectiveness over time. Your audience's preferences and behaviors might change over time. You will need to adapt where necessary, as the market (people) is the judge in marketing.

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