The Only Features You Need In Your Peer to Peer Lending App

By Ruchir C.

Gone were the days when you could easily acquire cash from a bank. The red-tapism in banks has passed its boundary, and it is not a simple assignment to demonstrate the insurance. You also need to remain in a line, make unnecessary rounds of the bank, and still don't get the loan. With the coming of mobile applications and innovation, you can get a loan easily with peer-to-peer lending mobile applications. 

A Peer-to-Peer money lending application allows you to lend cash without the association of a conventional bank or credit association. You can loan money sitting in your armchair. They have become among the most trending tech in the Fintech world. 

It has been assessed that the valuation of the P2P business will reach a valuation of $150 billion by 2025.

What is P2P Lending Mobile Application?

P2P lending is a cash lending strategy in which the borrowers and cash lenders are equivalent to organizations or people. There is no investment of mediators, for example, loan agents, banks, or some other financial foundation. As there are no mediators, the loan fee isn't as high, and financial investors acquire benefit.

This total mechanism of cash lending and borrowed is performed on an application that is named a P2P money lending application, where the uses can be both cash lenders and borrowers.

There are a few expenses while keeping a bank, like leasing premises, staff expenses, PCs, software, etc. There is no such necessity in a P2P money lending application, and you need a reliable mobile application development company that can fulfil every one of your needs. 

How Does Peer to Peer Lending App Work?

When you apply for a P2P credit, you need to have data or information about this idea and follow all means before applying. This progression will incorporate a credit request or other information too. Your rating and financial core will affect the pace of interest and terms conditions. If you're happy with all the idea or terms/conditions, you can move ahead. 

In this interaction, Investors audit your loan request. You'll need to give every detail, like how you propose to go through the money or why a credit loan is essential to you. Your requirement needs to be certifiable to improve your chances of receiving a loan. 

You'll survey the terms and accept the loan; only then you will have the option to acknowledge the loan. Relying on the platform, the assets may be deposited into your financial records on the same day or within seven working days. 

Usually, P2P moneylenders accounts connect with the credit departments like customary loan specialists; your late fee may affect your credit score. In this, you can make regularly scheduled instalments.

Types of Loans Offered Through Peer-to-Peer Lending App

The P2P loans are used for multiple purposes as personal loans. Some of the popular P2P loans are;

· Personal Loans

· Home Loans

· Auto Loans

· Student Loans

· Medical Loans

· Business Loans

As the P2P market size are predicted to be worth $1 trillion by 2050, it is the perfect time to search for Mobile App Development Services to build a peer-to-peer lending application for your business. 

How Money Lending Apps Benefit Borrowers?

1. Flexible

Generally, P2P loans are unstable. For example, the borrower doesn't have to give any security, so you will not have to tie your resources or property, similar to the case with the customary credits. In P2P money loaning, the application cycle is speedy and straightforward. In this manner, you can get to assets in a short span.

2. Thorough inspection

While there is no requirement for a guarantee, still the borrower needed to submit scanned duplicates of his visa and different details alongside his tax identification number. They need to submit documents to demonstrate their solvency. A P2P loan application consistently provides clients with a high degree of trust.

3. No Interference

In a P2P loaning application, there are no banks or an expensive mediator includes. The client neither needs to pay for the financial services nor has to persuade the bank to give a loan since you are solvent and dependable. Every one of the processes are carried on a solitary mobile application to the expense of minimal charges.

4. Lower Interest Rates

The loans that you will get on a peer-to-peer landing would charge a very less interest fee than traditional moneylenders like banks and building social orders. As the financial lenders are lending their cash straightforwardly to the borrowers through an application platform, there are no delegates by which both parties can use from more favourable rates.

How Lending App Benefits Money Lenders?

1. Lenders Choose

As a cash lender, you can classify the borrowers and can check their identification. You will get complete details of a borrower alongside its credit score and other related components in the financing algorithm. You can decide to invest resources into the borrowers who match your preferences. 

2. Fraud Prevention

The saddest thing for cash lenders isn't getting their cashback. However, a P2P application executes a Fraud Prevention System to keep a zero-resilience strategy on fraud. The best P2P application needs to follow systems that are the strictest and generally thorough inside the business.

3. Attractive and Steady Returns

The current normal rate of return on a P2P credit lending application is 10%. However, it relies upon the sort of loan and the time duration. A 10% return is very appealing in the current financial market, particularly if qualified borrowers enhance it. 

Why Should Businesses Invest in P2P Money Lending Application?

The money lending industry is developing a lot. The alternate lending segment is seeing a ten-fold expansion in the previous decade. The worldwide peer to peer (P2P) lending market size was esteemed at $67.93 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $558.91 billion by 2027, developing at a CAGR of 29.7% 2020 to 2027. Generally, the borrowers are taking cash for buyer credit loans, independent business loans, student loans, or land loans. As indicated by the European Union, about 53% of different small and medium-sized associations in Germany and the UK applied for an online loan in 2019, which was altogether higher when compared with the earlier the year 2018.

Top Features of Peer-to-Peer Lending App

As both lenders and borrowers use peer-to-paper lending apps, there are two different panels for the borrower and lender. The top features that you must include in your peer-to-peer lending apps are:

For Borrowers:

The features for the borrower panel are:

Sign Up

Firstly, you need to sign as a borrower in the application. You need to have the management data accessible and have a monetary account that needs to be at least a year old. Likely, you would be approached to portray your business so the loan specialists realize why you're safe to loan.


After you finish up the sign-up, the application's functionality from the administrator side will tell the banks the risks and prizes of giving a loan to your business.

Loan Market

There is a credit market on the application on which your loan will go live when your business is approved. Here, the moneylenders will offer to fill your loan, contending with one another to give the most competitive rate. Eventually, the least financing cost bid would be acknowledged. Consequently, you need to pay the most minimal interest for your credit.

Accept the loan

After your loan gets 100% assets, you need to acknowledge the terms and conditions of the credit. The application can charge you almost no expenses while moving the cash into your account.


There would be a reasonable date to make your loan repayments; these will be fixed every month so that you will know the dates of your repayment in advance.

For Lender:

The features for the lender panel are:


Like borrowers, you need to create an account as cash lenders with an investor financial arrangement and suitability.

Choose Account

There can be various types of records for the moneylenders, for example, Growth accounts who need a fast and straightforward strategy for making a diversified arrangement of business loans, pay account those trying to create a steady level of income from a precise amount without eating into their capital, or a self-select record where the money lenders can hand-pick which organizations they need to loan to.

Add your funds

Whatever account you have picked, you need to add money to your account using various instalment techniques.

Lend to borrowers

You can also bid for the loans offered by the borrowers. 


You'll get monthly repayments of capital and interest from every one of the organizations you've lent to. You would then be able to lend this cash to different organizations to continue earning returns.

Team Required for Lending App Development

Hiring a development team for developing a money lending application is most important, so you must know each individual. The ideal team required for developing a lending app is:

· Project Managers

· Team Managers

· Technical Experts

· Business Analysts

· UI & UX Designers

· Frontend and Backend Developers

· Quality Analysts

Technology Stack for Lending App Development


Programming Java, C, HTML

Cloud Azure, IMB SoftLayer, Google Cloud

Testing and Debugging Runscope

Tracking Issues JIRA

Data Analytics Solutions Amazon and Google

Push Notifications Two, Apple

Social Sign-in Social Media Sign-up Plugins

Database Management MySQL, PostgreSQL


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2020 felt like the entire world had paused. However, students all throughout the world need to pay their study loans, patients need to pay the clinical loans, and organizations need to deal with their accounts with the most extreme efficiency to remain afloat. This contributes to making fintech applications an important financial instrument, and numerous new businesses and business people are searching for Software Consultation Services for developing lending applications currently.

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