Henley E

Henley is a product designer with several years of experience. She focuses on explaining the design process to her clients in a way that's simple, concise, and easy to understand. She has experience working with many different types of clients from startups to large enterprises.

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3d designer
Dimitri Q

3D Designer

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Dimitri has more than a decade of experience in UX/UI design. He has worked in UX/UI teams for two of the largest news and entertainment portals in the United States and is currently focused on helpin...

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Graphics designer

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Arian is a successful designer with more than a decade experience. He has worked in teams for some of the largest news and entertainment websites in Florida, and currently helps early stage startups s...

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Digital Artist
Henley E

Digital Artist

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Henley is a product designer with several years of experience. She focuses on explaining the design process to her clients in a way that's simple, concise, and easy to understand. She has experience w...

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Web designer
Adley Y

Web Designer

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Adley is experienced designer who can do both UX/UI designs. She has designed for various clients and industries, including healthcare and real estate industries. She enjoys working with small or big ...

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Creative designer

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Finley has a decade of experience working as a UX and UI designer. She helps early-stage startups and established companies to create more seamless experiences....

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Customer Testimonial

  • We recently hired offshore Brochure Designers from Coders.dev for our new automobile startup based in New York and were very pleased with the results! The designers provided us with creative designs that exceeded our expectations, all while staying within our budget and timeline. Their communication was prompt and professional, making it easy to keep up-to-date on their progress. We would highly recommend Coders.dev if you are looking to hire quality design services at an affordable price!

  • We were in a bind when it came to finding an experienced team of brochure designers to help us with our agricultural business. We had heard great things about Coders.dev, so we decided to give them a try and couldn't be happier that we did! Their dedicated design team went above and beyond for us, creating stunning layouts quickly and efficiently. They took the time to understand our needs precisely before starting any work - something other companies have been unable to do in the past. The end result was exactly what we wanted; professional-looking brochures that truly reflect who we are as an organization. Thanks again Team Coders!

  • We had a great experience working with the team at Coders.dev! We needed an offshore team of brochure designers to help us create marketing materials for our education startup and they delivered outstanding results in a timely manner. They were easy to communicate with, responsive to feedback, and provided quality work that exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!

  • I recently worked with Coders.dev to create a brochure for my real estate business and I could not be happier with the results! The team of dedicated brochure designers was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. They asked all the right questions to ensure we created exactly what our target audience wanted, understood our brand identity, and delivered an amazing final product that helped us get more leads than ever before. Highly recommend them!

  • As an early stage retail startup, our goal was to find a reliable and affordable remote brochure designer. We were so impressed with the quality of work delivered by Coders.dev - their team provided us with creative design solutions that helped set our company apart from competitors in the market. The turnaround time on projects was quick and customer service timely, making it easy for us to move forward quickly on any project we needed help with. Our experience working with Coders has been nothing short of outstanding!

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