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Qa automation tester
Jaden Q

Senior Cross Browser Tester

hire Qa automation tester4.6

  • Qa automation tester for hire10 yrs
  • best Qa automation tester in United statesUnited States

Jaden is a Qa automation tester with 10+ years exp in Sanity,Qtp and Cross browser. Expertise in Cross Browser Testing, Performance Measurement & Optimization , Data Integrity & Security Scanning , Automated Cross Browser Testing and Scope Validation Services .

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Cross browser QA

1.Search and Find Talent

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Customer Testimonial

  • As a Canadian real estate business, we hired's team of remote compatibility testers to ensure our website was running smoothly and that any bug fixes were identified quickly. We found the quality of their work to be outstanding and would highly recommend them for anyone looking for reliable professionals who can tackle complex coding tasks efficiently.

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