AngularJS: Developer Guide 2023

By Sam

The front end is crucial for the quality of the final digital product. Without it, no web application can run. This is an essential step in the creation of a website. The front end's primary purpose is to draw more users. It should also serve as a call to action, encouraging them to use the service as their immediate solution.

For front-end development, the appropriate tools must be used by professionals. One of these tools is Angular JS. In front-end development, it comes in second place to React. We will focus on the Angular JS framework because of its versatility and perspective.

You need to know about the hiring process if you want to hire angularJS developers. This entails understanding the developers' tasks and responsibilities and the appropriate soft skills inquiries to pose to them. Additionally, it discusses where and how much AngularJS developers are paid in various places. You can recruit AngularJS developers with the aid of our tutorial.

What is Angular JS?

You must clearly explain what Angular JS is and how it is used to hire the right Angular JS programmers. The open-source framework AngularJS is one that Google has maintained for over ten years. When it was first created in 2010, AngularJS was first known as Angular JS 1.0. However, the framework was completely redesigned in 2014, becoming Angular 2 or simply Angular JS.

The revised framework is built on the JavaScript programming language. It is mainly used to develop variously complicated web applications. Web application development is streamlined and effective because of Angular and its companion technologies, JavaScript, Dart, and TypeScript. Additionally, it provides a simplified test process and a wealth of capabilities. The MVVM and MVC frameworks are to thank for this.

Angular JS is a standalone framework with implemented tools such as Aptana or Sublime Text. The framework can also be configured via the Angular CLI, a command-line interface.

Best Use Cases for Angular Framework

Every tool has a distinct function, and Angular JS is no exception. It's crucial to completely comprehend Angular's capabilities to use them effectively before hiring an Angular developer for your project requirements. Angular is a front-end technology, but it excels in certain situations.

  • Enterprise web design: Angular JS is great for developing flexible, scalable web applications that can be used by enterprises of all sizes and industries. Businesses also benefit from flexibility and reliable solution. 

  • Platform Migration: Porting legacy apps to Angular JS can improve the performance and flexibility of business applications and expand functionality. 

  • UI/UX design: Front-end development, to which Angular JS is closely related. Angular JS allows you to create a custom web design that will match the corporate strategy and offer a pleasant user experience. 

  • Custom development: High-skilled businesses need reliable, flexible, and efficient web solutions to support their business. Angular JS can be used to fulfil any business need. It will also serve as a technical tool that will allow you to reach new heights in enterprise development. 

Roles and Responsibilities of AngularJS Developers

It is crucial first to define the roles and responsibilities of AngularJS developers. This is essential information for hiring AngularJS developers.

Angular Developer Role

A client-side software developer works with Angular JS. The primary responsibility of a developer is this. They develop a fully-featured UI service that can be used for both web apps and websites. Angular developers are skilled in creating modules and connecting components to create functional software.

Angular is a JavaScript framework. Front-end developers should have experience with other tools. Angular is used chiefly for the single-page application development process. An Angular programmer skilled in JS frameworks and Angular is required if you want to build such an app or website. Angular developers must collaborate with back-end experienced developers on numerous projects to prevent unforeseen delays and issues.

Angular Developer Responsibilities

Many tasks are required of Angular developers:

Front-End Construction

The Angular developer is responsible for developing interactive front-end parts of mobile app development and web apps. This includes single-page applications. An Angular developer should build high-performance software.

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Angular UI developers must be proficient in JavaScript language and HTML, and CSS languages. Developers should be able to write easily tested code without difficulties, be well-documented, and comply with all the standard requirements.

Building RESTful APIs

To ensure that single-page applications meet the specifications, Angular developers must work with back-end dedicated developers.

Unit Testing

Unit testing should be performed by developers who code with Angular after every development phase. Every Angular developer is required to assume this obligation: Testing services, complicated tests, code units, and other things. There are tools available in Angular that can be utilized to offer quality assurance services.

Sources of External Data and APIs

Developers should be able to access external data sources and APIs. This is useful if data needs to be extracted from third-party services.

Bug Fixing

After finishing front-end development, QA engineers test the product using various techniques to identify flaws. The developer should fix the issue as soon as it is placed. Best Angular JS developers must occasionally deal with code written by another developer. The bug has to be located and set. A programmer ought to be able to read other developers' code.

Permanent Learning

The last objective of an Angular developer would be to pick up new skills and stay current with new Angular releases. Angular 7 (the most recent version) is slated for release, while Angular 8 is expected to arrive in March or April.

How to Hire an Angular Developer

Today, Angular is a modern technology, and many customers want to construct web applications using this framework. Have you had enough of searching for qualified Angular developers? We'll provide you with the most recent versions of our Angular code if you send us a mail.

You should clearly define the Angular version that is required for your project. Also, tell us more about your project and its specifics. If applicable, share details about any other projects. It is insufficient only to inform a specialist that you are seeking an Angular developer in a letter. Developers should be able to precisely and concisely outline their obligations and duties because they value their time.

You should indicate a list of technologies you have used to help candidates get familiar with Angular and learn more about your role when hiring an Angular developer. During the initial conversation, you can evaluate the applicant's soft abilities. (For further information, check the section on interview questions.) An interview can help you see the potential and what they can do.

Let's now get into the details of the skills required to be an Angular developer.

Angular Developer Skills

Angular developers have the same career paths as other software developers, starting as junior developers and progressing to middle or senior Angular developers. It's critical to comprehend the fundamental abilities needed by all Angular developers and those of senior and medium developers.

The primary skills required to be an excellent Angular developer:

  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript 

  • A deep understanding of AngularJS, Angular practices, and the modules that are most commonly used 

  • Constructing self-contained, modular, reusable, and testable components and modules 

  • Transparent dependency chain in-app logic and file system 

  • Ability to offer SEO solutions for single-page apps 

  • A thorough understanding of the roles of the platform, API, caching layer, proxy layers, and other web services that are part of the system.

While the skills mentioned above are helpful for junior Angular developers, you will need more than just creating complex software. You should pay more attention to the skills of senior and middle developers.

  • Excellent knowledge of CSS and JS methods to provide high-performance visual effects while maintaining a frame rate above 30 fps 

  • Validating user actions from the client side and providing feedback 

  • I am writing non-blocking codes and using advanced techniques like RxJs Observables when necessary. 

  • Build custom modules for general use and components that extend core Angular's elements and modules 

  • You can experience all levels of operation, from creating XHRs using vanilla JS to using custom wrappers around HttpClient. 

  • Experience in building infrastructure to support the front-end app. 

  • I am automating the production build process by using task runners and scripts. 

  • Documenting code correctly using JSDoc and other conventions 

  • Automated TDD tasks allow for the creation of comprehensive unit tests. 

  • Create end-to-end testing suites for all components and then run them using test frameworks 

  • Create configuration, build, test, and other scripts for Continuous Integrity environments 

These Skills are an Added Plus:

  • Strong knowledge of Typescript features (decorators and generic types, enums unions, etc.) 

  • Ability to use browser APIs (storages and IndexedDB workers, indexedDB workers, file readers, canvas, and geolocation) 

  • Understanding the REST architecture 

  • Understanding server-side rendering (NG Universal). 

  • Understanding approaches to internationalization 

  • Handling sockets requires experience 

  • Using standard methodologies (KISS, DRY, SOLID) 

Senior Angular Developer Skills

Suppose an Angular developer excels at any of the skills listed above. In that case, it is a sign that they can solve all their problems. Using some of these tools is possible, but it's not necessarily a disaster. It doesn't matter if the programmer is willing to learn.

Since we have used these skills in different projects, our developers have a lot of experience.

Considerations to make when building a progressive web application. Let's now discuss the questions to ask when hiring an Angular developer for your next project.

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Interview Questions for Angular Developers

These questions are frequently asked in interviews for Angular developer positions to assess developers' hard skills.

Questions about Hard Skills

Click on a file to see detailed answers to these questions.

  • What is Angular?

  • What are the main components of Angular?

  • Explain Modules in Angular

  • Explain components in Angular

  • What are Angular directives, and how do they work?

  • How do you deal with errors in Angular apps?

  • What is routing?

  • What is CLI?

  • What is Dependency Injection?

  • Explain the tsconfig.json File

  • Package.json File Explained

  • App.module.ts File - Explain

Angular developer interview challenging skills questions

Interviewing suitable candidates for your project is something our team can help you with. To have one of our requirements managers contact you, fill out the contact form.

Although the list of interview questions for AngularJS developers can be expanded, answers to these questions will suffice to determine the level of a candidate.

Soft Skills Questions

We'll show you the most common questions and skills that HR managers ask so that you can consider them. Click the image below to see the complete guide. This guide is only an estimate. Each interview has its approach. Questions may need to be modified depending on the situation.

  • Specific actions require a response

  • Adaptability

  • Communication skills

  • Management of conflict

  • Creativity

  • Making decisions

  • Dedication

  • Teamwork

Interview questions for Angular developers regarding soft skills

Interview questions can help you select the right specialist to work on your project. Where else can you find them? This is the next section.

Where to Find AngularJS Developers Who Are Dedicated?

You must first decide what kind of developer you need. You can employ a single independent Angular developer or locate an internal developer. Alternately, outsource your development and hire an Angular-focused team. Which choice is the best? Let's investigate.

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Freelance Developer

Developers who work for themselves are known as freelancers. AngularJS developers can be hired through freelance websites that let professionals submit their profiles. To determine the programmer's level of expertise, do an interview. A freelancer can be your best bet if you need a small website or app built. A freelancer needs help to create software of high quality. Attractive UX/UI, sound testing, back-end, and front-end - there is no way one can be a specialist in all these areas.

Even if you only hire one Angular developer to work on your project, you will only be able to check the quality of the code if the other person is an experienced programmer. You'll be required to pay extra for bug fixes if something goes wrong. Freelancers are thus only applicable when adjustments need to be made.


  • Collaboration with a software company is more affordable

  • For specific tasks


  • It is only possible to comprehend code quality by being a developer.

  • Your project could be at risk if your freelancer leaves.

  • A freelancer may only be skill level in some phases of software development.

  • Freelancers work independently and may have a schedule that is not compatible with yours.

  • Failure to meet project deadlines

You can start your search on platforms such as Coders and Upwork if you are looking to hire a freelancer or a specialist in an offshoring model. You will find an Angular programmer who is available to hire for your project.

You should also check out other communities that specialize in Angular development. There are many resources available for Angular developers, such as:

  • Angular Air

  • ng-newsletter

  • Try Angular 2.

  • Constructed with Angular

Experts will help you find the best solution

In-house Developer

In-house team development allows you to control the product and hire every team member. It is a good idea to hire a local team of dedicated angular JS developers if you are a startup and your product is very specific.

While you can allocate local resources, it is possible to rely on outsourcing. The process needs to be fixed. You will need to pay rent and monthly wages.


  • Your employees are available around the clock.

  • Collaboration with you and your team members is more efficient during development.

  • There are no language or communication barriers.


  • Monthly wages are required for in-house team developers, regardless of whether they made more or fewer contributions to the project.

  • It takes time to get new employees to know each other. It's important that you remember this.

  • It takes a long time to hire AngularJS developers.

  • Rent and taxes will increase your monthly expenses by a significant amount.

You can use specialized websites like Coders, Indeed, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor to assess the market for specialists, the average salary of those who work there, and other important information when you start the hiring process. After studying the situation, you'll be able to understand the needs of the candidates. You can make the best offer to a specialist to hire for your project.

You can also hire a recruiting agency to find the right specialist. Then you'll have to wait. This option comes with additional costs, so it's not an option if you are on a tight budget.

Outsource Development

This is often the best and most cost-effective option. This means you can outsource a software development team to another country and then hire a dedicated team of software developers who are specialized in the area. They have all the necessary tools for software development companies. If you only require one specialist, such as an Angular developer, you can hire him through any outsourcing website.

You can have your project developed from scratch or on a turnkey basis. This means that you can only make timely payments. It is essential to choose a company that can deliver quality work.


  • Control your costs: You don't have to pay any additional taxes.

  • All details are taken into consideration: Each software development services cycle is overseen by a dedicated outsourcing team that includes a staff of specialists.

  • Reduced costs: The cost of living in a country with Angular programmers is lower than that in your area, but the quality is the same.

  • Flexibility: This model is flexible.

  • Quality: Outsourcing companies ensure quality and deadlines so that your product is built within the timeframes and meets the required standards.


  • Language: Language barriers and lack of communication

  • Time difference: Consider choosing a country that can outsource software development within your time zone.

If you're trying to outsource development time and employ AngularJS developers, Clutch or GoodFirms are excellent tools for getting authentic evaluations and feedback on businesses worldwide. You will find a company that best meets your needs.

It will make it easier to hire developers, and you'll know exactly what kind of developer you need. The hourly prices of independent contractors in various locations and Angular outsourcing companies are covered next.

Tips for Hiring Angular Developers

1. Looking for an AngularJS Development Company? Then Look No Further!

Suppose you're seeking a full-time or freelance job. In that case, there are several locations where you may find the most excellent AngularJS developers. Attending conferences like Angular application is a superb idea to deepen your grasp of the framework and gain access to the performance of any Angular web development firm you employ to work on your software projects.

Another option is to turn to an HR agency to organize a recruitment campaign to help you find suitable candidates for your job. This method can be costly, as you might expect.

2. The Best Candidates to Shortlist

It can be challenging to distinguish between inexperienced and experienced AngularJS developers. Given the potential for having mountains of resumes, selecting the most competent candidates could be challenging.

You require more than just a working grasp of JavaScript to design a fantastic AngularJS application. Understanding the foundational ideas of software engineering that apply to the framework is crucial. Find AngularJS professionals who are knowledgeable about JavaScript in general and have a wide range of AngularJS-related protocols in their cognitive repertoire. To reduce the number of applicants who are not suitable, you will need to create a job description.

3. Preparing for Interviews

Optimized planning is critical to avoid making mistakes during the interview phase. If you are still determining your readiness for the interview, you may always consult current interview templates. These templates usually include multiple sections, including the company overview, job description, and recruitment requirements. The template may be copied and given to interviewees.

It would help if you worked with AngularJS web development business logic with a wide range of skills outside of AngularJS. This goal must be reflected in your job description and the interview procedure. The capacity of the candidate to incorporate extendable features into the framework and to design stunning build pipelines should be the main subject of interviews.

The specifics of your project should be the main topic of the interview questions. Ask the candidates to develop strategies for distributing responsibilities among team members. Interviews should only include questions that are related to the job description.

4. Assessing Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential for collaboration, especially when using complicated technologies. Recruitment efforts for AngularJS developers should give careful regard to candidates' communication abilities. The candidate's capacity to communicate intricate technical concepts to non-specialists and the benefits and drawbacks of each idea should be evaluated.

5. Minimizing Error's Margins

AngularJS eliminates many of the risks associated with front-end technology. Still, performance issues might result from mistakes of any size committed by an AngularJS website development business. AngularJS has addressed many common AngularJS mistakes, so a skilled AngularJS developer should avoid making these errors.

It would be best if you prioritized regular team code reviews to evaluate team members who make mistakes. Also, you should assess their ability to successfully integrate certain features and ask about their knowledge of all the consequences. The app development team is a critical part of any app. You should seek feedback from users, even colleagues, and loved ones.

6. Prioritizing Periodic Performance Evaluations

To ensure that the team adheres to quality control measures, the same organization you used to recruit should be applied to the periodic appraisal of the performance of the senior developers hired. This means you will need to develop a list of questions for the evaluation. Ask each team member to come up with a list of questions that will help you determine how they can share tasks among themselves.

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Finding the right AngularJS company with the right skills and experience for your project may take time. It is simple to construct an AngularJS website after hiring suitable candidates. Another challenging phase starts as the requirements for maintenance, tests, extensible, and extensible emerge. A great Angular application design company will provide a valuable calling card.

The unity and tenacity of a reliable AngularJS web design business with a sixth sense for building unique web apps will be advantageous to your developer team. Since its creation, AngularJS has been a widely used tool. As a result, we've compiled a list of tricks and advice to help you prepare to hire AngularJS developers. The expertise of the AngularJS developers has improved the software quality standard over time.

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