What Should I Know When Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

By Sam

People must be aware of how intricate and complicated the hiring process is. A person is at the center of the hiring procedure. The focal point is this complex, paradoxical existence. What makes someone the ideal match? What qualifications, qualifications and cultural backgrounds are needed?

This post will review how to locate Ruby on Rails developers compatible with your business, project objectives, and corporate philosophy. We'll check RoR technology, hiring procedures, and questions to ask prospective RoR developers. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to hire the top Ruby on Rails experts.

Ruby on Rails: Benefits for Your Project

Before we talk about hiring, let's first discuss Ruby on Rails technology. The development of Ruby on Rails merits consideration. What are the benefits to your business of implementing this technology in your upcoming project?

Rapider Development

Ruby is generally more efficient than other programming languages like Python and PHP. Ruby's framework, Rails, hastens the development by minimizing the amount of code written. You can speed up the process of getting a high-performance app.


Regardless of its sector, size, or target market, every firm needs to be able to scale. Even though you might be little now, your company might expand significantly. You must possess the means and capacity to react. Your programme will only be able to respond slowly to abrupt surges in user load, seasonal changes, or traffic spikes. Depending on your needs, Ruby on Rails can be scaled to respond to traffic spikes quickly and effectively.


A sizable community that supports and regularly contributes to the development of Ruby on Rails. Numerous tools, features, and add-ons are available in the vast RoR library to enhance your application. Ruby on Rails uses gems to extend functionality and build feature-rich, fast applications.


Cybersecurity is a hot topic in software development. No matter how sophisticated your app is or how appealing it is to users, no matter how great the features are, your audience will soon lose interest in your product. Data breaches can cause significant reputational damage and financial losses. Ruby on Rails offers high security without the need for additional coding. With the default tools, you can ensure a secure development cycle.

Ruby on Rails Developers Skills

It is only possible to hire them if you know Ruby on Rails. What does a developer of Ruby on Rails do? And what abilities are needed for programming RoR?

Technical Skills

What are the most critical technical skills required for Ruby on Rails developers?

Ruby on Rails

The syntax of RoR, including loops, classes, modules, etc., and object-oriented programming, should be well-known to Ruby developers. Additionally, a model view controller framework user must be familiar with Ruby on Rails. RoR engineers need to be knowledgeable with REST APIs, have experience with Ruby on Rails, and be able to do operations like POST, GET, etc.


Ruby is a backend language. However, RoR developers need to understand how the front end functions and works. Although Ruby on Rails engineers don't need to be experts in JavaScript or CSS, it is essential to have the ability to communicate with frontend developers effectively and understand their needs.


Before recruiting a Ruby on Rails developer, ensure they can read logs and comprehend databases. Developers of Ruby on Rails must have a working knowledge of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are essential for team collaboration and play an important role in software development.


Communication skills are crucial because Ruby on Rails programming requires extensive teamwork and collaboration. RoR developers must communicate well with others and fit in with the organization's communication style.

Analytical reasoning and logical reasoning

It takes more time to conceptualize, design, and implement a feature than it does to write the code that executes it. Coders can quickly create and materialize plausible concepts using advanced analytical and logical skills.


Technology is changing faster than any other industry. The ability to keep up with new developments and trends makes the difference between a great engineer and one who is brilliant. Ruby on Rails developers are eager to learn and self-educate.

Ruby on Rails Developers: What is the Cost?

How much would it cost you to employ Ruby on Rails developers? The hourly wage varies depending on the region. Generally speaking, it is less expensive to hire a programmer from Eastern Europe or Asia than from the US. The project's complexity, seniority, and talents of the Ruby on Rails developer all affect salary.


Western Europe

Eastern Europe


$75 - $200

$60 - $100

$40 - $70

$30 - $50

You can decide whether you want to hire a Ruby on Rails outsourcing firm with the help of our budget overview. If your budget allows, you can engage a Western European or American RoR development business. However, Eastern European, or South Asian Ruby on Rails developers offer an outstanding balance between skill and affordability.

Ruby on Rails Developers to Hire Using the Right Model

This section will examine three strategies for hiring Ruby on Rails developers. Your business goals, staffing requirements, personal preferences, and budget will all influence your choice. Let's look at the pros and cons of different hiring options.

Ruby on Rails Developers Available For Hire

In-house employment is an old work that is still relevant today and offers many benefits.

The Advantages of In-house Ruby Developers


Employers who are hired in-house will only work for your company. Without distractions, they will give their full attention to your project. An in-house team is more focused than workers constantly switching between tasks. They will be focused solely on your goals and only spend their time working towards them.

Simple Communication

When you recruit Ruby developers internally, you have several simple and direct communication methods. Your staff members will work in the same time zone and share an office. Collaboration is made possible, and communication is made more straightforward.

Corporate Culture

Internal Ruby on Rails engineers become essential to the business, team, brand, and organization. They can participate in company initiatives, plan events, and represent the logo and message of the brand. Employees can sense a connection with the company, its goods and its beliefs. This cultivates devoted employees who will back your business through any adversity.

The Disadvantages of in-house Rails Developers

Talent pool are Limited

You might need help finding qualified Ruby on Rails developers, especially if you live in a small area. There are few software companies in certain areas, so RoR developers are hard to find.

Costs are Higher

A variety of HR laws must be followed when hiring employees internally. Your business must pay taxes, employee insurance, office supplies, vacations, and other costs. Paying for all the expenses associated with onboarding one Ruby on Rails developer could prove counter-productive for a short-term project.

Where can I hire Ruby on Rails Developers?

You can check out sites like Coders.dev, LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder and others. To find Rails programmers with experience, visit these websites: To find the hidden gems and hire RoR app developers, your HR department will need to review many applicants.

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Freelance Ruby on Rails Programmers

Freelancers are remote developers who work on a single project. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of hiring freelancers in this text.

Benefits of Ruby on Rails Programmers Freelancing


Freelancing can be as cost-effective as hiring staff in-house. Freelancing does not require paying for office equipment, taxes, or pension. The hourly rate paid to freelancers is multiplied by how many hours they've spent on the project. You can also agree on a fixed price for freelancers after the project has been completed and approved.

Large candidate Pool

Most freelancers work remotely, so their geographical location is irrelevant. This allows you to hire Ruby on Rails developer all around the globe. This will enable you to hire someone quickly and within your budget.

Ideal for short-term Projects

You can engage a Ruby on Rails developer freelance for a single task or a brief project. Freelancers will benefit significantly from this partnership since you can agree on the financial terms and engage a developer to handle a quick assignment your team cannot finish. Maybe your staff needs to be busier with other activities to dedicate attention to a new project. It's simple to assign this kind of project to a freelancer.

The Disadvantages of Freelancing Ruby on Rails

Experts have less Control

This is a two-fold point. You have less control over the tasks or projects that the Freelancer is responsible for, and you can't manage their work as well as you usually do. It will help if you establish trust when working with freelancers. If this trust is lacking, your project could be better.

Unknown Level

Numerous freelancing marketplaces lack any vetting procedures. Freelancers can put as much information as they want, including phony credentials. Although Ruby on Rails developers may be hired under the impression that they are Ruby experts, they are novices. There is no method to determine who passed the examination, even if the platform needs freelancers to pass exams posted on their website for publishing. 

Was it you or someone else who was behind your account? It takes a lot of expertise and experience to evaluate skills properly. Later, when we examine the Ruby on Rails developer interview questions, we will talk about this.

Where can I hire Ruby on Rails developers and Freelancers?

Many platforms allow you to hire RoR developers.

  • Upwork and Freelancer are great options for hiring developers online. These platforms have no to minimal screening and even tests. You can find middle-level to junior specialists here.

  • Coders.dev is a platform that provides top-quality Ruby experts. It has five steps to verify applicants. Only experts in both, primary skills and soft skills pass the tests to be admitted to Coders database.

Use the IT Staff Augmentation Model

A specialist is borrowed for the duration of a project as part of an IT staff augmentation. Using this kind of hiring is effective for short-term initiatives. Staff augmentation, in contrast to freelancing, integrates into your internal team. They will collaborate with you on your project from beginning to end.

The Benefits of IT Staff Enhancement

Guaranteed quality

A staff augmentation company can provide an extra measure of dependability and security. Your staff augmentation partner will oversee all paperwork and ensure the performance you've agreed upon. Contracts will ensure you receive the outcomes you seek while providing legal protection.

Rigorous Vetting

IT staff augmentation companies conduct a thorough hiring process before appointing Ruby on Rails engineers. You may rely on their knowledge and collaborate with the most excellent experts. The top candidates will be provided by IT staff augmentation partners because scammers are uncommon on freelancing sites.

Cost Reduction

Long-term financial savings are another benefit of hiring additional IT personnel. Your business will spend less on overhead and employee training. You won't need to make any preparations because your staff augmentation partner will take care of the onboarding and training. Additionally, you can select an Eastern European-based agency that charges less for the identical service.

Disadvantages of IT Staff Augmentation


Remote staff augmentation can still be cheaper than hiring an IT team. Remote team members can cause problems in communication and organizational processes. This disadvantage can be easily overcome with an IT staff augmentation partner who is skilled and experienced and will facilitate smooth and productive collaboration.

Where can I find IT Staff Augmentation Services?

You may conduct a full background check on IT staff augmentation businesses online. We advise reading reviews and perusing client lists to ensure the company is reliable and knowledgeable. Visit the homepages of the top Ruby on Rails businesses and look at their case studies. Finding a business that can match your demands and goals and has enough Ruby on Rails experience is essential. You might inquire about the agency's interview procedure and staff evaluation system if unsure.

Comparison of in-house developers and freelancers with IT staff augmentation.


Personal in-house


Personal augmentation

Cost effectiveness

The most expensive model

Model that is cost-effective

Model that is cost-effective


To find the perfect candidate, your HR and Team Lead will need to conduct multiple interviews

You might find someone less experienced than they claim, depending on where you are looking.

Experts with years of experience will ensure top-quality vetting


Reliability of high quality

As you don't have control over their work flow, freelancers can be unpredictable.

Reliability at a high level, supported by legally binding agreements

Control of projects

You have complete control of the project

The task outsourced will be done without your direct supervision

As the augmented workers become part of your team, you will retain control.

Talent pool





Clear channels for direct communication

Lack of communication

Clear channels for direct communication

Important Questions to Help You Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

A lot of planning and preparation is required to conduct a technical interview. Invite the Tech Team Lead or CTO to evaluate the prospects' technical talents first, followed by an HR professional to examine the candidate's soft skills and cultural fit. To handle the subtleties unique to Ruby on Rails, enlist the assistance of veteran RoR developers or Ruby consultants.

The most effective methods for conducting fruitful technical interviews and choosing qualified candidates to participate in the creation of Ruby on Rails applications will be covered in this section. We will also go over a list of interview questions that can be used to gauge a candidate's knowledge and skill level.

Top tips for conducting a Successful Technical Interview

These tips will help you prepare for interviews and create a relaxed atmosphere for your Ruby on Rails candidate. These are the top three tips for Ruby on Rails developers:

During the interview, convey your corporate culture

It is crucial to keep in mind the value of company culture. Tell the interviewer about the company's values at all times. The company's values will guide candidates' decisions about their employment. Therefore, it's critical to emphasize these ideals during the interview. If you want workers familiar with your brand and who can work well in a team, it's crucial to explain the company culture.

Ask specific questions and learn more about the candidate

It would help if you looked at the candidate's resume, credentials, and work history to understand better how well they would fit into your company. To ask targeted questions without deviating from the topic, you can also research the candidate's background and experience in Ruby on Rails development firms.

Make sure that the candidate is familiar with the role

You should discuss the requirements and expectations of the position during the interview to make the greatest possible impression. To ensure that the candidates for your open positions understand the role and outsource Ruby on Rails development services, allow them to ask questions during the interview.

Ten Ruby on Rails interview questions

This is a brief overview of the most common questions Ruby on Rails developers ask during technical interviews. This is a partial list; you can add more Ruby on Rails questions.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ruby on Rails?

There are many advantages to programmers' productivity, built-in testing and open sources. While it is difficult to create simple solutions, the biggest problem is the complexity of the tools needed to build an innovative app.

2. What are Ruby on Rails design patterns?

You can employ a variety of design patterns. Service objects and View objects are the most widely used.

3. What are Ruby gems?

Ruby gems are libraries that increase and enhance Ruby's functionality.

4. What are Ruby gems most helpful to you?

This question is open to all candidates. It allows them to share their RoR experience and gives you insight into their programming style.

5. Describe the DRY code's meaning and purpose.

Developers can keep their code short by using DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself).

6. Name some standard Rails errors that can lead to a longer loading time.

The database's columns don't have any indexes; too many gems are used, the read timeout setting is too high, and other issues.

7. Which deployment tool do you prefer?

By asking them this question, you can learn more about the prospect and how proficient they use the tools your firm prefers. Since the question is unrestricted, the applicant may mention Jenkins, GitLab, or Capistrano.

8. What is an Active Job?

Active Job allows job seekers to declare jobs and will enable them to work on multiple queuing backends.

9. What is the RoR garbage collection process?

Garbage collection removes pointer objects and programs to make space for more critical processes.

10. What is a Rails Engine?

Rails apps are a set of engines that give the application various functionalities. Rails engines cannot function alone; they must be a component of the main Rails app.

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To work on your project, Ruby on Rails engineers must be enthusiastic and driven. You can identify and keep track of the ideal individuals with the assistance of several excellent Ruby on Rails companies. A long-standing Ruby on Rails user and seasoned Ruby development business. Please find the best developers for your upcoming project with the assistance of our specialists.

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