Ivory B

Ivory has experience designing user interfaces and experiences in a wide range of industries. She enjoys finding solutions which will work for lots of different people.

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Digital designer
Gideon W

Digital Designer

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Gideon is a product designer with years of experience. He focuses on designing solutions that communicate the client's needs effectively and concisely. He also has plenty of experience explaining his ...

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Heidi is a UX/UI designer with a passion for visual design. She has created interactive designs across many different mediums, such as web and product design....

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Ui designer
Roy F

UI Designer

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ROY is a UX/UI designer that has worked on a variety of different projects, including websites and apps. He works with companies of all sizes, and loves to start-ups to large enterprises....

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Design Lead
Brooke P

Design Lead

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Brooke has extensive experience in UX/UI. She has worked for two of the largest popular news and entertainment portals, and She is now focused on helping startups and already established companies....

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Graphic artist
Amiri E

Graphic Artist

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Amiri has experience designing user interfaces and experiences in a wide range of industries. He enjoys finding solutions which will work for lots of different people....

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Customer Testimonial

  • Coders.dev has been an invaluable partner in my real estate firm's growth trajectory. Their team of remote mobile UX designers have enabled us to create a seamless digital experience for our customers that is both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. They completely understand the needs of our business, they are incredibly responsive with any requests we make, and their dedication to quality assurance guarantees that all changes made will be done correctly the first time around.

  • "Coders.dev has been an outstanding partner for our Romania-based agriculture firm. We had a specific project in mind, and they provided us with a team of offshore Mobile UX Designers who delivered results beyond our expectations. Their staff was knowledgeable, professional, and flexible; adjusting to our needs as the project evolved. We've been very pleased with the quality of their work and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable offshore development team."

  • Coders.dev has been an amazing partner for our Georgia based automobile firm in finding the best offshore Mobile UX Designers. Their team was very prompt and responsive to all of our questions throughout the process, providing us with highly qualified candidates that fit perfectly into what we needed. We have already seen great results from their work and couldn't be happier!

  • As a United States-based automobile business, we found Coders.dev to be an invaluable asset when hiring our team of remote Mobile UX Designers. We were impressed with the quality and speed of their work as well as their ability to communicate effectively with us throughout the entire process. They exceeded our expectations in every way and quickly became one of our go-to partners for all future mobile design needs.

  • Coders.dev has been an amazing partner for our Austin based hospitality business! We recently hired their team of dedicated Mobile UX Designers and we were blown away by how quickly they turned around the project, while still delivering a high-quality product. They are extremely knowledgeable with mobile app design and development, plus their customer service was unparalleled. Highly recommend working with Coders.dev!

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