Avianna C

Avianna is a software engineer with 4+ years of experience in developing scalable software solutions. She has previously worked on developing automated solutions and integrating systems.

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Web programmer
Arjun F

Web Programmer

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I am a Web programmer with 3 years of experience. I love to learn new things and work hard. I am passionate about what I do and have a great work ethic....

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Database developer
Emiliano P

Database Developer

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I'm Emiliano, a Database developer with over 8 years of experience. I've worked on Mysql,Aws and Codeigniter applications, always willing to learn and improve to become a better professional....

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Web programmer
Emberly O

Web Programmer

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Hi, my name is Emberly. I'm a Web programmer with 9+ years of experience in developing scalable software solutions. In the past, I have developed automated solutions and integrated them with other sof...

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Web programmer
Mallory K

Web Programmer

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I am a software engineer with 4 years of experience in developing apps/applications. I have worked on projects that integrate with Asp.net,Yii and Aws. I am passionate about building great products an...

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Web developer
Walter E

Web Developer

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I am a Web developer with 6 years of experience. My professional experience is in various technologies such as Xcode,Drupal and Linq. I am passionate about working on challenging projects that require...

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Customer Testimonial

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  • Coders.dev provided me with a team of remote Joomla Developers to help our healthcare startup build a secure, fully functioning website for patient data access and storage. The developers were incredibly knowledgeable and professional, quickly understanding all the complexities of our project and delivering results that exceeded expectations in record time! We are humbled by their commitment to us as well as their work ethic - they really went above and beyond in helping us deliver on this critical project!

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