How To Successfully Onboard Asp.Net Development Resources: 6 Proven Steps

By Sam

Often, organizations are faced with a pressing need to increase their ASP.NET development capabilities beyond their current capabilities. Sometimes, this means hiring a programmer or enlisting help from an ASP.NET outsourcing company. You can't expect new ASP.NET developers to integrate seamlessly with your existing team if you don't take the necessary steps.

To ensure that your outsourced team can ramp up quickly and deliver value to the company, business firms need to adopt "best practices". To get the best results, look at your entire work and pick a small project manager for the new team to start on. This does a few important things at once.

It allows the team to set up the development coding environment in a low-stakes setting. It also allows the team to become as familiar with the existing code sharing as possible to get on the ground running.

This approach allows your team or programmer to get up to speed with the code set quickly. The client also receives something back - a small problem has been formally solved. This increases client confidence and allows the team to move on to more difficult problems.

There are many other steps you can take in order to ensure that you handle ASP.NET developer Onboarding in the most efficient manner possible.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that you handle ASP.NET developer onboarding in the most effective way possible

Step 1: Keep an eye on those contracts

One of the most important things you can do during programmer onboarding is to have a contract that clearly outlines the relationship between you and your client.

This should include, at minimum, non-disclosure provisions that protect your company's private information and that of your clients. You should ensure that any clauses you include allowing the team or person to be fired at any time.

Ensure that the contract contains a clause stating that the intellectual property rights to the software developer being developed belong only to you and not to the ASP.NET developer. If you decide to end the relationship, this will protect your company from them taking all of your intellectual property rights with them. There have been horror stories about developers who sold their clients' software without protecting their intellectual property.

Step 2: Get Clear on the Company Rules

It is important to ensure that your new ASP hired team fully understands all organizational rules. Do you have a rule that source code must be stored in a repository? Do you have a rule that certain people can interact with clients? This should be clearly stated in advance to avoid any misunderstandings.

You must ensure that all company standards and best practices for coding are being adhered to. To understand the expectations from programming, your new programmer needs to spend time with a senior programmer.

Step 3: Concentrate on the Development Environment

It is important to establish a development service provider environment for any outsourced programmer or developer platform you hire.

They need to have all the necessary tools and access to be able quickly to deliver value.

Step 4: Quality communication is the King

It is not an exaggeration to say that communication between you and your developers is important. Software app development projects that fail due to poor communication are most often failed.

You must ensure your new ASP.NET developer understands how to communicate with the team. You can use chat tools such as Skype or email to communicate with your team of developers. It'll save you a lot of trouble if they know your preferred communication method.

Also, ensure that developers who speak a language other than English are equipped with grammar and spelling checkers. Grammarly is one example of such a tool. Because we all make mistakes in grammar or spelling, it's a good idea to have this tool on everyone's machine. This will also help ensure effective communication in the future.

Step 5: Clarify your Project Goals

To ensure that your relationship with them is ongoing, you should always try to read the whole body of work the extended dedicated team is working on. You'll want to choose a portion of the project requirements that you can start immediately to ensure they are quick to provide value and have relevant development experience with the codebase.

You can confirm that they know what you expect and that your work style matches theirs by letting them start on something small. You can fix the problem or replace the developer team or programmer if it doesn't work out. This is why termination clauses are so important.

Make sure everyone understands the priorities and requirements of the project. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and moving in the right direction. It is in everyone's best interest to set expectations about how they will work. This directly impacts the time they deliver results.

Step 6: Reporting. Reporting. Reporting.

You expect your new motivated team members to report daily activities when you work with them. Do not let someone new go for a week and then find themselves stuck on one thing. Ask them to outline the things they have accomplished today and what they plan to do tomorrow. This is a great way for you to keep them on track and give them as much visibility as possible.

This daily reporting is usually handled in agile ASP.NET development complete process, such as daily stand-up meetings. Eventually, if you are more confident in your ASP.NET dedicated team, you can increase this reporting frequency to once a week.

You can see the potential for problems as soon as they arise by having them make daily reports. It is much simpler to solve a small problem now than it has the potential to grow into a larger (and possibly more complex) issue in weeks or months.

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