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Ethereum blockchain engineer

Landry Ethereum blockchain engineer


  • 10 years
  • Canada

I am a highly experienced, results-driven Ethereum blockchain engineer with 10+ yr exp. I specialize in developing and implementing blockchain solutions with a focus on scalability, security, and performance. My expertise includes optimizing existing processes to ensure maximum efficiency and reducing costs. My experience also includes creating strategies for integrating blockchain into existing systems. I have worked on projects such as decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, distributed ledger technology (DLT), distributed networks, consensus algorithms, and immutable storage solutions. I have also developed tools for managing blockchain data and creating reports that provide insight into the performance of the system. I am adept at using various programming languages such as Solidity, JavaScript, Python, GoLang, C++ and Java to build secure applications. My knowledge of cryptography is extensive which has helped to secure data in the blockchain network. I have extensive experience in troubleshooting complex technical issues related to the blockchain network such as scalability issues, transaction delays, and hard forks. I am also proficient in setting up private blockchains for businesses that need to securely store data without relying on public networks. In addition to my technical skillset, my strong communication skills have enabled me to effectively collaborate with both technical teams as well as business stakeholders. My commitment to delivering quality solutions has earned me a reputation for being reliable and dependable amongst colleagues and clients alike.

  • DLT
  • GoLang Programming Language
  • Java Programming Language
  • Distributed Networks
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Python Programming Language
  • Transaction Delays
  • Solidity Programming Language
  • Scalability Issues
  • Cryptography Security
  • C++ Programming Language
  • DApps
  • Hard Forks .
  • Consensus Algorithms
  • JavaScript Programming Language
  • Ethereum Blockchain Engineer
  • Immutable Storage Solutions
  • Smart Contracts
Blockchain Developer

Madisyn Blockchain Developer


  • 5 years
  • Canada

With 5+ in the field of Blockchain technology, I'm an enthusiastic Blockchain developer with a unique set of skills, knowledge and capabilities that have allowed me to reach a professional level of competency in the development of smart contracts, apps, and distributed ledgers. I bring a creative eye to projects, and have a knack for staying up-to-date on the latest news in the industry. I believe that being open and willing to learn is one of the most important traits for any successful developer, which is why I strive to remain abreast. One example is my self-taught training in Solidity programming language – an invaluable skill for anyone interested in developing decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. My wealth of expertise also includes deep understanding of Hyperledger technology, Bitcoin network protocols, and scripting languages like JavaScript and Python. Here I have adeptly implemented complex alogithms including hashes algorithms (Radium), cryptography techniques (SHA 256), and consensus mechanisms for distributed networks like Proof-of-work or Proof-of-stake. I am also experienced at integrating new technologies into existing systems & processes while maintaining compliance with blockchain security standards & regulations. Beyond technical expertise I am motivated by challenges that come with each project; using problem solving to develop efficient solutions consistently across all development stages. As such, projects are personally managed from start to finish with quality control & assurance taken care off in order to achieve desired results. I take immense pride in my work within this field as it helps further develop blockchain's potential capabilities while providing reliable solutions to common problems on a global scale - making me an incredibly valuable asset for any project or team that I join!

  • Integrating New Technologies
  • Apps Development
  • Blockchain Security Standards
  • Bitcoin Network Protocols
  • Solidity Programming Language
  • Python Algorithm
  • Proof-of-Stake.
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Hyperledger Technology
  • Hashes Algorithms
  • Cryptography Techniques SHA 256.
  • JavaScript
  • Proof-of-work
  • Consensus Mechanisms
  • Smart Contracts
  • Distributed Ledgers
  • Regulations .
Ethereum blockchain developer

Katelyn Ethereum blockchain developer


  • 11 years
  • Canada

Katelyn is an accomplished Ethereum blockchain developer with over 11 yrs exp in the field. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its applications, she has successfully delivered numerous projects across various industries. Katelyn possesses a unique blend of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and a passion for innovation.As an Ethereum blockchain developer, Katelyn has fine-tuned her skills in smart contract development, decentralized application (DApp) development, and blockchain integration. She is well-versed in Solidity programming language and has a strong command over Ethereum's ecosystem. Katelyn's extensive knowledge of blockchain protocols, consensus mechanisms, and cryptography enables her to design secure and scalable solutions.Katelyn's capabilities extend beyond development as she excels in project management and collaboration. She possesses excellent communication skills that allow her to effectively interact with stakeholders, understand their requirements, and translate them into technical specifications. Her ability to work in cross-functional teams ensures seamless coordination throughout the project lifecycle.With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, Katelyn takes pride in her ability to write clean and efficient code. She follows best practices and industry standards to ensure the reliability and maintainability of her projects. Katelyn is also experienced in conducting thorough testing procedures to identify any potential vulnerabilities or bugs.In addition to her technical prowess, Katelyn stays updated with the latest advancements in the Ethereum blockchain space. She actively participates in community forums, attends conferences, and engages in continuous learning to expand her knowledge base. This allows her to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Ethereum 2.0 upgrades, layer 2 scaling solutions like Optimistic Rollups or zkRollups, and interoperability protocols like Polkadot or Cosmos.Katelyn's expertise extends beyond Ethereum as she possesses a solid understanding of other blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Hyperledger Fabric, or Corda. This broad knowledge enables her to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to specific business requirements.With a proven track record of delivering successful projects, Katelyn has worked with clients from various industries, including finance, supply chain, healthcare, and gaming. Her ability to understand the unique challenges and opportunities within each industry allows her to design customized blockchain solutions that drive efficiency, transparency, and security.In summary, Katelyn is an authoritative Ethereum blockchain developer with a wealth of experience and expertise. Her skills in smart contract development, DApp development, project management, and collaboration make her a valuable asset for any blockchain project. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, Katelyn is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

  • Testing procedures
  • Bitcoin
  • Layer 2 scaling solutions
  • Polkadot
  • ZkRollups
  • collaboration
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • decentralized application
  • project management
  • Corda.
  • consensus mechanisms
  • Optimistic Rollups
  • Ethereum blockchain developer
  • development
  • cryptography
  • blockchain protocols
  • Interoperability protocols
  • blockchain integration
  • clean
  • skills
  • DApp
  • Ethereum 2.0 upgrades
  • code
  • writing
  • Solidity programming language
  • smart contract development
  • Cosmos
Backend Rails Developer

Jacqueline Backend Rails Developer


  • 2 years
  • Canada

With over two years of experience as a Backend Rails Developer, I have been able to hone my skills and capabilities to create efficient, secure and scalable web applications for clients. With an understanding of the latest technologies and trends in web development, I am adept at developing robust applications that meet customer expectations. I have a keen eye for detail and take great pride in the quality of my work. I am comfortable working independently or collaboratively as part of a team, and have excellent problem-solving skills to help me tackle any coding challenges that arise. I am also highly organized and can manage multiple projects simultaneously with ease. My experience has taught me how to create clean, well-structured code with an emphasis on security. I have expertise in debugging and troubleshooting applications, as well as writing unit tests to ensure code integrity. Additionally, I understand the importance of optimizing code for better performance and can quickly identify areas where improvement is needed. I strive to produce work that not only meets customer requirements but also exceeds expectations by being creative and innovative with my solutions. My ultimate goal is to develop high-quality products that are both functional and visually appealing while maintaining reliability across multiple platforms.

  • Coding Challenges
  • Platforms
  • Backend Rails Developer
  • Troubleshooting Applications
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Web Development
  • Integrity
  • Reliable Products
  • Code
  • Testing
  • Debugging
  • Creative
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Unit
  • Optimizing Code Performance
Mssql Engineer

Iyla Mssql Engineer


  • 11 years
  • Canada

With over 11 yr exp as an MSSQL Engineer, I have developed my skills and knowledge in database management, performance optimization, and troubleshooting. I possess extensive knowledge and skills in,I am highly proficient in,I specialize in,My area of expertise centers around,I have a deep understanding and mastery of,My expertise primarily focuses on,I am well-versed in,I have developed expertise in,My strength is in designing and implementing robust database solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.As a seasoned MSSQL Engineer, I possess a deep understanding of the Microsoft SQL Server platform and its associated technologies. I am proficient in writing complex T-SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers, and functions to ensure efficient data retrieval and manipulation. Additionally, I have extensive experience in database administration tasks such as backup and recovery strategies, security implementation, and capacity planning.One of my key capabilities is performance tuning. I have a proven track record of identifying bottlenecks within databases and optimizing query execution plans to enhance overall system performance. By analyzing query statistics, index fragmentation levels, and server resource utilization, I can fine-tune databases to deliver optimal performance for end-users.In addition to my technical skills, I possess excellent problem-solving abilities. I can quickly diagnose issues within databases and provide effective solutions to minimize downtime and ensure data integrity. My strong analytical mindset allows me to identify patterns and trends in data that can be leveraged for business intelligence purposes.As an MSSQL Engineer, I am well-versed in working with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and translate them into scalable database designs. I have collaborated with developers, system administrators, and project managers to successfully deliver projects on time and within budget.My passion for continuous learning keeps me updated with the latest advancements in MSSQL technologies. This enables me to leverage new features such as Always On Availability Groups, In-Memory OLTP, and Columnstore Indexes to improve database performance and scalability.Overall, my goal as an MSSQL Engineer is to leverage my skills and knowledge to empower businesses with efficient database solutions that drive growth and success. With a strong attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, I strive to deliver high-quality results that exceed client expectations.

  • database management
  • troubleshooting
  • triggers
  • performance optimization
  • data integrity
  • In-Memory OLTP
  • backup
  • strategies
  • T-SQL queries
  • Availability
  • cross-functional teams collaboration
  • query execution plans
  • performance tuning
  • and
  • database administration
  • business intelligence
  • Always
  • MSSQL Engineer
  • scalable database designs
  • Groups
  • stored procedures
  • functions
  • security implementation
  • problem-solving abilities
  • Columnstore Indexes.
  • capacity planning
  • recovery
Software Engineer

Brooklyn Software Engineer


  • 5 years
  • Canada

Brooklyn is a Software Engineer with 5 years of solid experience building robust, scalable web applications. Brooklyn has a passion for technology kept up to date on the latest trends and advancements in relevant programming languages, frameworks, and tools. With a track record of success across multiple industries including finance, healthcare, and retail, Brooklyn can tackle difficult development tasks with ease. From creating a custom API for an ecommerce website to automating complex business processes for a major financial corporation, Brooklyn has developed expertise in multiple areas of software development. With extensive knowledge across multiple programming languages, Brooklyn takes all types of projects from concept to completion efficiently and cost effectively. Whether it be creating high-performance microservices in Java or delivering rapid prototypes in Nodejs and React, Brooklyn scales solutions up or down to solve real world business problems. Brooklyn is also comfortable designing solutions around DevOps tooling like containerization technologies such as Kubernetes and serverless architectures like AWS lambda functions. With resourceful solutions that bring value to businesses both big and small, Brooklyn has proven abilities toward successful customer projects time and time again.

  • DevOps Tooling
  • Containerization Technologies
  • React
  • Web Applications
  • Frameworks
  • Java
  • Software Engineer
  • Automation Business Processes
  • Nodejs
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS Lambda Functions
  • Tools
  • Programming Languages
  • E-Commerce API's
Database Developer

Jacob Database Developer


  • 6 years
  • Canada

Are you tired of databases that are as exciting as watching paint dry? Look no further! I am a Database Developer with a knack for turning dull data into a thrilling adventure. With over 6 in the field, I have elevated my skills to create databases that not only store information but also tell captivating stories.As a Database Developer, I possess an extensive knowledge of various database management systems such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server. I possess extensive knowledge and skills in,I am highly proficient in,I specialize in,My area of expertise centers around,I have a deep understanding and mastery of,My expertise primarily focuses on,I am well-versed in,I have developed expertise in,My strength is in designing and implementing efficient database structures that can handle massive amounts of data without breaking a sweat. I am well-versed in writing complex queries, optimizing performance, and ensuring data integrity.But wait, there's more! In addition to my technical prowess, I have a creative side that sets me apart from the rest. I believe that databases should not only be functional but also visually appealing. With my eye for design and attention to detail, I can create user-friendly interfaces that make navigating through data a breeze.As a Database Developer, my tasks include analyzing business requirements, designing database schemas, writing stored procedures and triggers, and performing regular maintenance tasks such as backups and updates. I am also skilled in data migration and integration, ensuring seamless transitions between different systems.My capabilities extend beyond just coding. I am an excellent problem solver who thrives on challenges. Whether it's troubleshooting performance issues or finding innovative solutions to complex problems, you can count on me to deliver results.In addition to my technical skills, I possess excellent communication skills which allow me to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams. I understand the importance of teamwork and strive to create an environment where ideas can flourish.So why settle for boring databases when you can have one that brings joy to your life? Let's embark on this adventure together!

  • Triggers
  • Database Developer
  • Data Integrity
  • MySQL
  • Data Migration
  • SQL Server
  • Stored Procedures
  • DBMS
  • Oracle
  • Database Management Systems
  • User Interface Design
  • Query Optimization
Ruby Software Engineer

Siena Ruby Software Engineer


  • 3 years
  • Canada

As a Ruby Software Engineer with 3+ yrs exp, I leverage my extensive familiarity with the language to write practically secure, optimized and well-documented code that meets the highest quality of standards. My allied expertise in continuous integration, test-driven development (TDD) and Agile Scrum process has allowed me to participate in developing innovative solutions to complex software engineering problems.I am self-motivated and have an aptitude for quickly learning and applying new technologies, particularly in web applications development. I have a special talent for making code reusable by introducing automation using modern frameworks like Rails, Sinatra. I strive towards productivity engineering by writing clean code and optimizing algorithms with latest principles like DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). Moreover, my robust experience in hosting applications on AWS stack has enabled me to create scalable systems increased uptime across multiple environments. By taking ownership of complex projects right from commencement to inception, I ensure successful delivery of projects within time and budget while paying attention to technical negotiations case studies including project validation. In the past, I have worked hand-in-hand collaboration with multi-disciplined teams pertaining to issues related to Software Architecture, Data Models & Caching Strategies. In addition, having successfully delivered projects across various industries such as Retail Commerce eCommerce & Community Networks for enhancing user experience brings out my adaptability & balance execution skills in both consumer & Enterprise domains. Besides coding in Ruby on Rails, I have vast knowledge of other languages such as JavaScript HTML CSS MySQL etc which are necessary for rapid integration of different parts. Overall I am an experienced Developer endowed with great problem solving skills along with an inherent knack for mastering new technologies quickly, no doubt this has afforded me distinct advantage while developing contemporary solutions!

  • Web Applications Development*
  • DRY Principle*
  • Scrum Process*
  • Rails Framework*
  • TDD*
  • JavaScript*.
  • AWS Stack*
  • Continuous Integration*
  • Ruby Programming Language
AWS DevOps Engineer

Palmer AWS DevOps Engineer


  • 2 years
  • Canada

Palmer has been an AWS DevOps Engineer for the past 2 years, honing his skills and broadening his specialist knowledge in AWS platforms, DevOps tools, and cloud infrastructure including Azure, Kubernetes and Docker. He is a highly knowledgeable engineer who takes initiative to further the results of DevOps projects. His ability to translate project ambitions into a reality with effective communication makes him an invaluable part of any IT project.Palmer is experienced in developing automated solutions quickly as part of an effective team, evidenced from his previous work successes. He pays great attention to detail and is dedicated to giving projects full attention until satisfactory completion. He is organized, focused, efficient and results - driven – qualities he brings safety higher order needs with which relies on for successful execution lifecycles. Always check configurations transformations plans ensure production readiness complete cycles align partnerships systems practice scale develop automate fix maintain productive environment complete tasks quickly efficient consider more innovative prioritize multiple deploy securely monitors requirements running plan strategic automation technologies apply several endpoints accurate certified write secure functional awareness gains structure infrastructure uptime solutions enhancement adaptive backlog understandable members understands design troubleshooting successful specifics monitor accuracy timeout instrument reduce implementation cost optimize

  • Gains
  • Members
  • Safety
  • Automation Capabilities
  • Into
  • Accuracy
  • Communication Skills
  • And
  • Technologies Enabled Usage
  • across
  • AWS Platforms
  • Docker
  • Production
  • Team
  • Practices
  • Cost
  • Automated Solutions Development
  • Specifics
  • Awareness
  • Order
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Reality
  • Uptime
  • Development
  • Instrumentation
  • Understandability
  • Attention
  • Kubernetes
  • Reduction
  • Performance
  • Optimization
  • Stages
  • Satisfaction
  • Translating
  • Dedication
  • Monitor
  • Success
  • Higher
  • Backlog
  • applying
  • TimeoutFor
  • Example - Endpoints
  • Towards
  • Enhancing
  • Solution Enhancement
  • Functional Services Awareness
  • Ambitions
  • Azure
  • Secure
  • Project
  • Strategies
  • Completion
  • efforts
  • Troubleshooting
  • Services
  • Systems
  • DevOps Improved Tools
  • Task
  • Ratings
AI Engineers

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Ruby on Rails Developer

Zariah Ruby on Rails Developer


  • 10 years
  • Remote

Ruby on Rails developer with 10+ years of experience in developing highly efficient web applications, I have a strong commitment to providing top quality and reliable code. My experience covers all the stages of development cycle from the initial concepts through the design, implementation, and testing. With my strong problem-solving skills and deep technical knowledge, I am able to identify solutions that are best suited for the job. I have written code bases for applications ranging from simple landing pages to complex web services. I’m also an experienced user of version control systems like Git & SVN that allow me to keep track of all changes made to the code and coordinate work with other team members. My extensive background in coding has enabled me to use various practices such as Test Driven Development (TDD), object-oriented programming (OOP), and Model-View-Controller (MVC) techniques. Additionally, I have developed a wide range of APIs that enable developers to quickly integrate their software with existing systems. I have a passion for learning new technologies and frameworks, which has helped me stay abreast with industry trends like agile development, Ruby 2.x/Rails 5+, HAML/Sass/CoffeeScript, PostgreSQL/MySQL/Redis & NoSQL databases as well as Minitest & RSpec testing frameworks. My experience also includes using CMSs such as WordPress & Drupal and popular Open Source tools including GitLab & Jenkins for automated deployments. I excel at working collaboratively in a team environment while being able to manage individual tasks independently if required without any supervision. In addition, I possess excellent communication skills that allow me to effectively convey ideas or technical concepts in an understandable manner during meetings or presentations. Overall, I am a dedicated Ruby on Rails developer who can bring out results quickly and efficiently by understanding user needs while writing clean code that is both reliable and maintainable over time.

  • Needs
  • Quickly
  • MVC
  • automated
  • Solving
  • Sass
  • Source
  • tools
  • Clean
  • Drupal
  • 10+ years experience
  • APIs
  • cycle
  • MySQL
  • Agile
  • HAML
  • Development
  • implementation
  • web
  • Minitest
  • Code
  • Maintainable
  • SVN
  • Redis
  • User
  • Code
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • CoffeeScript
  • deployments
  • Skills
  • Communication
  • TDD
  • Skills
  • PostgreSQL
  • Understand
  • Jenkins
  • developer
  • team
  • Results
  • testing
  • Open
  • version
  • design
  • Problem
  • Programming
  • User
  • Needs
  • GitLab
  • systems
  • control
  • Git
  • WordPress
  • Object-Oriented
  • Model-View-Controller
  • Rails
  • NoSQL
  • environment
  • development
  • databases
  • Efficiently
  • applications
  • Ruby
  • RSpec
  • Reliable
  • OOP
  • CMSs
Blockchain Developer

Scout Blockchain Developer


  • 12 years
  • NearShore

With over 12 yrs exp as a Blockchain Developer, I have established myself as a seasoned professional in the field of development. I possess extensive knowledge and skills in,I am highly proficient in,I specialize in,My area of expertise centers around,I have a deep understanding and mastery of,My expertise primarily focuses on,I am well-versed in,I have developed expertise in,My strength is in creating innovative and secure blockchain solutions that cater to the unique needs of various industries. Throughout my career, I have improved my skills and knowledge to become an authoritative figure in the blockchain development community.As a Blockchain Developer, I possess a deep understanding of the underlying technology and its potential applications. My proficiency extends to various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, and EOS. I am well-versed in smart contract development using Solidity and have a strong command over programming languages like Java, C++, and Python.My abilities encompass the entire lifecycle of blockchain development. From conceptualizing and designing robust architectures to implementing scalable solutions, I excel at every stage. I am adept at writing efficient code that ensures optimal performance while maintaining security standards. Additionally, my expertise extends to integrating blockchain solutions with existing systems and platforms seamlessly.One of my key strengths is my ability to analyze complex business requirements and translate them into practical blockchain solutions. I have successfully delivered numerous projects across various industries, including finance, supply chain management, healthcare, and real estate. My experience allows me to understand the unique challenges faced by each industry and tailor solutions accordingly.In addition to technical skills, I possess excellent problem-solving abilities and a keen eye for detail. I thrive in challenging environments that require quick thinking and innovative approaches. My strong analytical skills enable me to identify potential risks or vulnerabilities in blockchain systems and implement appropriate measures to mitigate them.As a Blockchain Developer, I am constantly staying updated with the latest advancements in the field. This ensures that my skills remain relevant in an ever-evolving industry. I actively participate in developer communities, attend conferences, and engage in continuous learning to expand my knowledge base.In summary, as an experienced Blockchain Developer with 12 years of hands-on experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project I undertake. My skills, abilities, and passion for blockchain development make me a valuable asset in delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients across various industries.

  • Smart contract development
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • Blockchain development
  • Corda
  • Java
  • EOS
  • C++
  • Python
Ethereum blockchain developer

Averi Ethereum blockchain developer


  • 11 years
  • NearShore

Averi, an experienced Ethereum blockchain developer with 11 years of expertise, is a name that resonates with innovation and excellence in the world of decentralized technology. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Averi has dedicated her career to mastering the intricacies of Ethereum blockchain development.Averi's journey began over a decade ago when she first discovered the immense potential of blockchain technology. Since then, she has elevated her skills and expanded her knowledge to become a true expert in her field. Her extensive experience has allowed her to witness the evolution of Ethereum from its early stages to its current position as one of the most prominent blockchain platforms.As an Ethereum blockchain developer, Averi possesses a wide range of skills that enable her to tackle complex challenges with ease. Her proficiency in programming languages such as Solidity and Vyper allows her to develop smart contracts that are secure, efficient, and tailored to meet specific business requirements. Averi's deep understanding of Ethereum's architecture enables her to design scalable and robust decentralized applications (dApps) that can handle high transaction volumes without compromising on performance.Averi's expertise extends beyond just coding. She possesses a comprehensive understanding of various consensus mechanisms, including proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS), allowing her to choose the most suitable approach for each project. Her knowledge also encompasses token standards like ERC-20 and ERC-721, enabling her to create fungible and non-fungible tokens that power innovative decentralized ecosystems.In addition to technical skills, Averi excels at collaborating with cross-functional teams and stakeholders. She understands the importance of effective communication and actively engages with clients to understand their vision and goals. Averi's ability to translate complex technical concepts into layman's terms ensures seamless collaboration between developers, designers, and project managers.Throughout her illustrious career, Averi has worked on numerous challenging projects across various industries. From finance to supply chain management, she has leveraged her expertise to revolutionize traditional systems and bring transparency, security, and efficiency to businesses. Some of her notable projects includeProject 1 Decentralized Finance PlatformAveri played a pivotal role in developing a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that enables users to lend, borrow, and trade digital assets without intermediaries. Leveraging Ethereum's smart contract capabilities, she designed and implemented a robust lending protocol that ensures fair interest rates and secure transactions.Project 2 Supply Chain Transparency SolutionIn collaboration with a leading logistics company, Averi developed a blockchain-based solution that enhances supply chain transparency. By leveraging Ethereum's immutable ledger, she created a system that allows stakeholders to track the movement of goods in real-time, reducing fraud and ensuring authenticity.Project 3 Tokenized Gaming PlatformAveri spearheaded the development of a tokenized gaming platform that revolutionizes the gaming industry. By utilizing Ethereum's ERC-721 standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), she created an ecosystem where players can own unique in-game assets and trade them securely with other players.With each project, Averi has demonstrated her ability to overcome complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible with Ethereum blockchain technology.

  • ERC-721 tokens
  • DApps
  • ERC-20 tokens
  • Ethereum blockchain development
  • proof-of-work
  • PoW
  • proof-of-stake
  • token standards
  • consensus mechanisms
  • smart contracts
  • decentralized applications
  • Solidity programming language
  • PoS
  • Vyper programming language
AI Developer

Melina AI Developer


  • 12 years
  • Near By

A confident and futuristic AI Developer with over 12 years experience in AI development. Highly experienced creating end-to-end solutions for diverse areas ranging from business analytics, product optimization, big data management, machine learning models to deep learning frameworks. Skilled in advanced analytics using pilot projects having capability to quickly understand industry/project domains and design, develop and deploy solutions swiftly. Possesses an excellent track record of meeting both internal satisfaction as well as external customer requirements via superior quality ai work such as conversational bots, facial recognition, anomaly detection on various state-of-the art platforms & tools. Hands-on approach followed is based on agile principle through interdisciplinary & cross functional team hence having ability to move seamlessly into multitasking projects building competent predefined structure interface within ease.Having expertise in Robust prototyping modeled using a combination of technologies and libraries such as Python, Scikit learn, TensorFlow 2. 0, Keras modeling framework` to recognize patterns & systems anomalies along with harnessing data for predictive analytics. With ability to quickly iterate from early preliminary plans into larger scale development endpoints the journey of seamless AI growth had been embarked.

  • Big
  • End-to-End Solutions Development
  • Product Optimization
  • Models
  • Machine
  • Predictive
  • Python
  • Business Analytics
  • Learning
  • Deep Learning Frameworks
  • Management
  • Data
  • Modelling
  • Scikit Learn
  • Framework
  • AI Development
  • Analytics
  • Keras
  • Tensor Flow 2.0
AI Engineers

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