Practices For Android: Tips And Techniques in 2023

By Sam

Android Designers and engineers are all motivated by the need for unforgettable encounters. With more people trusting your apps than ever, the expectations are higher, and it's becoming harder for designers to do a good job. It would help if you were not only up-to-date but also stood out from the rest of the developers to make your mark on this market.

​These are the best practices you can use to achieve better outcomes in development.

1. Select the best development method

Different apps can be built using different approaches. Before you begin the development process, planning, brainstorming, and choosing the suitable method is essential. Before proceeding, you will need to decide whether your next app will be Native, Hybrid, or Web-based. Each development method has its pros and cons. Doing your research will help you make an informed decision.

2. Keep High-quality Code

Coding is an art, as we all know. Coding is an art. Once someone gets the hang of it, they will love it. Your code's creativity will show how much better you are as a developer. Quality of code is everything. Writing extended code is not a good idea. It can lead to more bugs, take up much of your time, and add complexity. These are some tips to improve code quality.

  • You can first study the code of an expert to get a better idea of how it works and then try to modify it.
  • Be specific about the purpose of each function that you use.

3. Be Consistent With Your Coding Style And Maintain An Accurate Architecture

  1. Use descriptive names.
  2. Keep your code clean and concise.

Tip: Use Proguard to delete all unusable codes and reduce the APK size

  1. Acquire knowledge of Android documentation

Android is a vast topic, so it's impossible to assume that you know all the concepts and techniques. The documentation of the stack is your best friend when you are programming or building applications. It is essential to learn how to read and understand Android documentation. This will allow you to create many applications with different features. Android Developers

5. User input

It's easier to make your project work more approachable if you interact with users. Every text field in coding is designed for a specific job. Some text fields can be used as numbers, while others as alphabets. Suppose the user requests the numeric value. In that case, having the number pad open is considered a better practice.

If your field is used for passwords, it must include a hint so that you can easily remember the password. You can do it as.

6. Layouts should not be too deep.

The UI is slower to manage if there are many code views. Using the right view group can avoid deep hierarchies. It is recommended to use a single-level order.

7. Design is important

Developers have different duties than Designers. Developers are more skilled in technical concepts than designers. Designers, however, are known for their creativity. Nevertheless, it is essential not to lose sight of the bigger picture when developing an app. To code an app correctly, you need to understand the effects of layout additives. Your expert team must agree on the same page to get developers and designers working together effectively. You can use mood boards or other tools to organize your thoughts and keep track of design elements. This will make it easier to improve your design and reduce the chance of making many changes to the sport to suit the designers. If you can see a way of expanding and laying out, you must plan your design elements early.

8. Accelerating Android Gradle Builds

  • Keep your Gradle up-to-date, and use the most recent Gradle plugin for Android.
  • You can enable Offline mode, Gradle Daemon, and Parallel build for your project. For Gradle offline use, see the setting below.

Make sure to check the box for Offline work. Click OK or Apply.

  • Instead of using Dynamics versions, use specific dependency versions.
  • Add the following flags to
  • Org. Gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx2048m - The amount of memory allocation increases to around 2GB to the Gradle Daemon VM.
  • Org. gradle the setting.daemon=true enhances the build and enables the data and code to be stored in memory for the following build.
  • Org. Gradle.configureondemand=true - only project-related tasks are configured, saving time from the Configuration phase of Gradle.
  • Org. gradle..parallel=true - Runs tasks from many projects simultaneously. This is especially useful when modularizing the app.
  • Android.By categorising files and folders produced in earlier builds, enableBuildCache=true speeds up the creation of build items.
  • org.gradle.caching=true - Turns on Gradle-caching.

9. Choose a specific layout.

You can choose your website or app layout before you start developing it. Before choosing a layout, we must understand the process of creating the UI for the project. When we talk about layouts, we know that there are ConstraintLayout and LinearLayouts, RelativeLayout and FrameLayout. You only need to perform performance analysis on some layouts before you can get started. If some of your XML is being reused, you want to avoid code replication in different layouts. Simply add By separating them.

10. A project's Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

ADB is a tool that can be used to reverse engineer, but many android-tech enthusiasts also use it. However, very few people use it to its full potential and are often unaware of its capabilities. ADB is a command-line tool, or a client-server program, that allows you to communicate with the best android designers operating system. Although developers don't use this tool often or as often as they should, it can help them have more productive and enjoyable development experiences. You can use it to add/remove files/data from android devices. It also addresses hidden data in a matter of seconds on your computer. Developers use these tools to test and make changes to android OS devices. ADB can be used to erase the mobile password from the android directory and reboot the device if it is lost.

11. How to handle configuration changes in your app/project

Android developers have to manage the configuration of their android apps. The Android will usually delete your existing Activities and Fragments and recreate them. The app will run smoothly if the orientation is handled correctly. Now that you want your application to respond to simple changes in screen orientation programmatically, you can utilise the Activity's OrientationEventListener class to implement this. Let's look at its implementation in Activity. Create an OrientationEventListener immediately and supply its implementation. The following is an illustration of how the SimpleOrientationActivity activity class logs orientation data to LogCat:

12. Provide the highest level of security

Security should always be a priority regardless of the developer's type of app. Security clouds are a big concept that many developers seem to overlook. Your apps will contain sensitive information about your company and its users. The app you create may contain payment information and other sensitive information such as a home address, phone number, or any other information a user has provided. Users will be reluctant to give you information if your app isn't secure. Security breaches can devastate your brand and make it difficult to recover.

So as a developer, you must take measures and use encryptions and other tactics like (Two- Factor-Authentication 2FA) to protect sensitive info.

Research has shown that over 3 billion people use smartphones worldwide. And that number is only growing. While building an app by yourself may have seemed like a daunting task a few years back, it was possible to build your website. With custom web development platforms like Velo by Wix, custom web design is now a breeze. Fast, easy, cutting-edge. Let's return to apps. The value of a professional mobile application increases exponentially when you consider the users of other mobile devices, such as wearable technology, and the more than 1 billion tablet users worldwide.

How can business goals create an app that meets their needs without spending a lot of money or reworking their revenue model? There are a few best practices that software companies that specialize in creating mobile apps that work for their clients, such as yours.

These guidelines allow developers to manage their budgets and keep projects on track. They also help ensure that the platform is functional and meets the intended goals. It might seem that businesses don't need these best practices. After all, who is the person designing and developing the app?

You'd be wrong if that was your belief. Businesses must understand how mobile app developers develop apps throughout the entire software development cycle, especially for mobile platforms. This will allow you to select the right partner for your business requirements, find a solution that suits your budget, and better understand how your app development project requirements progress.

​What is the average time it takes to build an app?

The timeline is just as difficult to determine as the cost of a mobile application development project. This is because each business has its own unique needs.

What time do they require the app to be live? How much do they have to spend? What features are they looking for in an app?

Software development projects typically take between 9 and 12 months to complete. Businesses that invest in mobile apps should allow for the same time.

However, a few things can impact the time it takes to create an app. These are:

1. Different App Versions and Their Features

Many mobile apps will have multiple versions over their lifetime. A business could reduce the number of features in its first version and add them later to speed up its app development.

2. A larger budget might result in a quicker development cycle

Brands with more money can spend more on designers, developers and hours. App development projects are usually faster when there is a bigger budget.

3. Is the Agency also required to design the app?

Many organizations use the same app development and design agency to design and develop their apps. The timeline can increase if the app must be wireframed, conceptualized, and designed before it is coded.

​How do you hire an Android app developer?

There is a high demand for developers, with more than 2,677,000 Android applications on the Playstore. Mobile apps are a popular choice because of their ease of use and smooth functionality.

Worldwide customers of Google Play downloaded 111.3 billion apps on mobile devices in 2021. This is an increase of 76 billion apps in 2018. App developers make up around 32.9 per cent of Asia and 29.4 per cent of North America. This shows the global demand for quality android apps that can be used for various purposes, such as social media, business, or gaming.

A competent Android developer must be familiar with all the latest trends, IDEs, frameworks, languages, and technologies to understand the client's requirements and meet their goals. The app should be able to fulfil all of these goals and help them create an innovative and user-friendly product. It is key to understand what you want from an app and how you want it to be presented, as well as the goals you intend to achieve with relevant tech stacks and models.

You need to be clear about your goals and have a strong vision for your product. Apps solely for entertainment, like games, might take a different approach. They may have an engaging design, sound effects, and fast loading. A grocery app must have strong backend support, great customer service, navigation, GPS, and push notification capabilities. Each app serves a different purpose, and it is essential to understand the basics of android app development.

​Role and Responsibilities for Android App Developers

  1. They are responsible for developing apps for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This includes designing, debugging and finding areas that can be improved.
  2. They collaborate with other dedicated teams to create cross-functional designs and analyze the latest trends to provide the best possible user experience as well as user interface.
  3. They create clean, efficient code for the app and use APIs to improve the user experience.
  4. Android app developers are constantly innovating, performing instrumentation tests, and closely monitoring the app's performance, especially during the development stage, to optimize the codebase.

​Hiring Android App Developers

  • Developers must be technically sound.
  • Preferably, they should have a background or expertise in Computer Science and related fields.
  • Developers of Android apps should be fluent in at least one language.It could be Java or C++.
  • They should be familiarized with Eclipse and its features.
  • It is important to be familiar with Android SDKs and the evolution of various Android O/S.
  • Having a solid foundation in OOPS, DBMS, and Program testing software is important.
  • It is crucial to understand UI/UX design, responsive designs, and other aspects to create a functional app.
  • They should be familiar with the types of frameworks, backend support, cybersecurity, and other aspects of the available platforms.
  • Experience in software development is an advantage.

​Hire Android App Developer: Common Mistakes

There is a lot of demand for Android app developers. This means some people do not want to develop apps but just go into this field for a paycheck.

Apps are in a competitive market that has thousands of products and services similar to theirs.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right app developers for your company.

1. Check their background

Do not trust just a resume that lists their experience. Do background checks and ask relevant questions about the person to determine what motivated them to choose this career path.

2. Examine their knowledge about the latest trends and technologies and the competition they might face.

Android apps are often competing with iOS apps on the market. App developers must be aware of all the difficulties they face. App developers must also keep up to date with current trends and technologies, as apps are constantly evolving and no longer in demand.

3. Expand your search

Software development is easy. All you need is a computer and a network connection. You can work remotely. It would be a good idea to search for Android app developers wide range to find the best since there are no restrictions on travel or work hours.

4. Pay your dues!

There are many opportunities for app developers to work in the high-demand market. If you make smart investments in app development, you can get a great ROI and a competitive edge. It is not a smart decision to underpay potential app developers.

​Freelance App Development - Hiring Remote Team


  • Choice

Freelancers give you more options. It may turn out that your local talent search is not going as well as you expected. Maybe the perfect person for your project is in Ankara. You can expand your search to find talented people.


  • Recruitment costs
  • Communication

You must still manage a recruitment process, just like an in-house team. This can lead to increased costs and a more flexible team.

Plus, freelancer work is remote work. Your UX designer can work with remote android designers from home, in sweatpants, rather than coming to the office. Sometimes, this can lead to a disruption in communication. It is important to consider time zones and use online communication tools. You will also need to consider how other designers will communicate with you.

You want to hire android designers someone with great communication skills. Finding someone you can trust to work independently and get the job done is important.

​App Design Agency - Outsourcing Your Design Work

You've decided not to hire a design team. You will need to outsource the work. You have two options: app development and design company or an app agency.

Agencies do only design work. Design and development companies handle all aspects of your project. You should thoroughly vet any company you choose to work with. This includes reviewing past work.

Many companies post portfolios on websites. Online portfolio sites are a great option if you're looking for the discovery route. Iterators, for example, have profiles on Dribbble and Behance. These sites offer online portfolios of work. It is possible to stumble across an app design company or agency whose work matches your expectations.

What are the pros and disadvantages of using a mobile app development company?


  • Experience
  • Talent

You're hiring professionals when you hire a design agency. They live, eat, and breathe mobile app design. They have done it before, as a group. They are capable of doing it again. They can do it again.


  • Cost
  • Relationship

One downside to employing a whole agency of talented designers is app design cost. Do your research and compare prices. Call for estimates. It is worth comparing the cost of hiring an app design company with the cost of hiring individual designers.

You should also ensure that your selected agency will be a good partner. You should hire an agency that shares your passion for success and vision.

You might not be able to work well with an agency if you don't have good working relationships. You might have less control over your project's design and final result.

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  1. Ensure your designers can create native apps for any platform you choose - Android, iOS, or both.
  2. React Native might be a good option for your app.
  3. React Native lets you create an app with a native look and feel for iOS and Android.

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