What Are The Advantages Of CakePHP Over Other Web Application Frameworks?

By Sam

PHP was first created in 1995. It is still one of the most popular server-side scripting languages. Google Trends shows PHP outperforms all other competitors almost from the day it was created. CakePHP is undoubtedly one of the most used PHP frameworks for development. It's a robust, feature-rich framework. It helps to reduce development costs and speed up the creation of applications by using code generation and other scaffolding tools.

A Brief Introduction to CakePHP

CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework that makes it easier to build web applications. It simplifies the process by eliminating the need to create your application from scratch.

After the CakePHP developers have learned a few convention rules, such as calling a class a certain way or ending the name for a foreign field in a table with "_id, " the framework's backend creates all the code by itself. This makes the code stronger, faster, and more delicious, just like its website claims.

CakePHP's official website states that it is:

CakePHP simplifies the process of building web applications and makes it faster, easier, and requires less code. Modern PHP 7 framework has a flexible database access layer and a powerful scaffolding system. This makes it easier, faster, and more enjoyable to build complex and small systems. CakePHP allows you to build fast and grow solid.

Why CakePHP?

Let's try to understand the CAKE PHP.

  • A User-Friendly Tool: Cake PHP is easy to code in CakePHP using the MVC architecture.
  • Security Highly Secure, capable of handling safe requests
  • MVC Framework: This framework uses the MVC framework, which follows the layered approach to keep the business logic clear and layered.
  • Simple Interaction with the Database: Developers have complete and easy control of the database. CakePHP makes it easy to perform insert, delete and update operations.
  • Testing Framework: This framework supports unit testing, making it easier for developers to test their applications.
  • Highly Compatible: This version is compatible with PHP stable versions.
  • Built-in Validation: CakePHP's built-in Validation ensures the code is valid.
  • Search Engine URLs are friendly.
  • It supports databases such as PostgreSQL and SQL Lite.

CakePHP Functions

CakePHP offers a request cycle with many components. Each request follows the steps below:

  • The rule has been redirected to index.php
  • Further execution of Autoloader and Bootstrap files is possible.
  • The dispatch filter processes the request and generates a reply if necessary.
  • The controller action interacts with the model's components and is called afterward.
  • View generates the body's response and header by using Helper and Cells.
  • The client is then notified.
  • The Controller interacts with Model and View to return the generated response to the user.
  • The application program starts with a user-requested webpage. The stages are then completed, and the user requests are passed one after another.

The dispatcher processes the request from the client. After the dispatcher filters the request, the dispatcher implements the controlled action and interacts with the model to take the dynamic data. It then takes the component, interacts with the database model, and sends feedback to the view. Finally, the request will be displayed in the web browser.

Why use PHP Framework?

PHP frameworks offer many advantages over writing code from scratch.

More rapid development

The development time of PHP frameworks is cut down because they include built-in tools and libraries. For simple testing, the CakePHP framework consists of the Bake command-line tool.

Less code is needed

If you use the built-in functionality, you won't need to write as much code.

Task Related Libraries

Many of the tasks web app developers will need to perform are routine. Validation of forms, data sanitization, and CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) are examples. Instead of writing functions for these tasks in your code, you can just use the ones provided by the framework.

Use correct coding techniques.

Most PHP frameworks follow best practices in coding. For example, the partition code can be divided into multiple folders according to function.

These frameworks will help you structure your code in an easier-to-understand, neater, and more maintainable way. Frameworks are used to define entity name standards. These frameworks should be followed.

It's safer than developing your application.

PHP has many security threats, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks. If you take proper precautions to protect your code, your PHP web applications could be saved. Although a PHP framework doesn't replace safe code development, it can reduce hacker attacks. Good frameworks include data sanitization and protection from dangers, as mentioned earlier.

Best PHP Frameworks

Here's a list of top PHP frameworks you can use for web development. There are many options, and each caters to different needs, so be sure to choose the right one.


Laravel, a well-known PHP framework, is known for its open-source PHP framework. It is an excellent tool for customizing complex projects because it has many functionalities and features. It includes user authentication, session management, caching, and other features.


CodeIgniter, a lightweight PHP framework, is for developers who need a simple but elegant tool set to create full-featured web apps. It is a lightweight PHP framework, taking up less than 1.2MB of disk space. It speeds up page loading and has minimal impact on web servers and applications.


Symfony was released for the first time in 2005. Despite being around longer than other frameworks, it is still a mature and solid platform. Symfony, a modular PHP framework built on components, offers much flexibility. Symfony also makes use of Twig, which is a fast template engine that uses a simple syntax. It also includes a debugging tool to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Laminas Project

Laminas is Zend's PHP successor. Laminas Projects is sometimes called a glue framework because of its component-based design. Laminas' PHP framework is object-oriented and MVC-based. It allows you to load only the components required as separate libraries. The features and MVC framework adhere to corporate development principles, making them suitable for complex web applications.

Why CakePHP Framework?

CakePHP is a PHP framework that stands out. It is an open-source framework that is distributed under the MIT license. CakePHP is flexible enough to be modified as developers need it. It's widely used to create websites and web apps. It supports many languages, so developers can easily create various applications. Cake PHP development company provides development for complex and dynamic websites. In this, we will discuss what skills are required to hire CakePHP developers as the best choice for web development growth.

MVC Pattern

CakePHP is built on MVC (Model View Controller). CakePHP developers love it because of this. This framework is a great choice for large-scale websites and applications. The database can store the queries, making it easy to manage multiple development issues in different areas. It is possible to create a data model and then connect it to the database. This allows developers to modify the framework by deleting or updating it.

MVC: Why use it?

  • MVC is an established software design pattern that transforms applications into modular, maintainable and quickly developed packages.
  • Your application will be lighter if you separate your tasks into views, models, and controllers.
  • Cake PHP MVC Framework supports parallel and rapid development.
  • This pattern makes it easy to separate logic and presentation. This is especially useful for large sites and applications.

Convention over Configuration

The software framework CakePHP uses the convention over the configuration design paradigm. Its primary purpose is to simplify the work of developers by reducing the number and complexity of decisions they must make while still allowing for flexibility.

Here, "Convention" is also known as "Arbitrary decision." A convention that has been decided already saves time and reduces defects.

Pattern for Active Record

The Active Record Pattern's core idea is to ensure that your database records are 'active' within your system. It is a way to access data within a database.

Advantages of Active Record Pattern

  • Active Record is a product of simplicity. Once you can use it efficiently, you will be able to write beautiful, concise queries that are easy for others to understand and maintain.
  • It's easy to pick up a project and look at its database schema. This is due to how closely matched and conceptual your records and objects are.

Open Source

CakePHP is an open-source framework that allows you to create robust web applications for a low price. The framework does not have a default language and can be used in multiple languages. This will enable developers to discover the best coding options to create great websites.

CRUD Platform

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, Delete. This is an essential feature for web development. The development process is much easier and more well-organized with CRUD. You can easily see the preliminary changes to your application with just one line of code. CRUD allows developers to access applicable regulations and implement new principles to create attractive websites.

Code Reusability

Developers can reuse code they have created before, reducing the time it takes to write the entire code from scratch. Instead, you can reuse the code written and deploy it multiple times. This makes it possible to create a website or web app in a shorter time.


ORM stands to represent Object-Relational Mapping. This allows you to define the connection between each table. You can then use the classified data to store the tables in classes. This impressive data management takes CakePHP development to the next level.

Active Community CakePHP

It is home to many active developers passionate about improving the framework. If you are stuck, reach out to the community to ask questions. Developers from around the globe and their experts can assist you. This is a great place to learn CakePHP and discover new opportunities in web design. This community is here to help improve frameworks and to share their views to validate what works and what doesn't.

No Pre-Installation

CakePHP doesn't require you to install the framework as you do for other frameworks. This allows developers to use the framework without having to configure it. However, most settings are already in place. You only need to set up the database settings. All other features will be installed automatically.


It is reliable and secure. Another significant advantage is security and session management. You can validate your data and include secure code for web development. This allows the developer to protect the application from any critical errors. CakePHP makes sure that your data is safe and reliable for end-users.

Code Testing

A website or application must be fault-free to ensure seamless performance. CakePHP allows the developer to test the functionality of the application quickly. There are many things to take into consideration when developing. Developers need to pay more attention to some things while creating. Developers can promptly test for errors, analyze them and fix them while coding error-free websites or web apps that are user-friendly.

Built-in LibrariesCakePHP, a flexible framework, comes with many modules and libraries that allow developers to create web applications and websites. CakePHP's web applications are robust and easily scaleable. The built-in modules and libraries allow developers to develop solutions to meet the exact time-to-market quickly. This facilitates agile development.

The right web development company can be hired CakePHP developers to create the code using the CakePHP framework. This will ensure that the code is consistent and follows Cake's conventions. It will also help to make sure that applications are robust and well-written.


Let's look at some of the benefits of CakePHP.

  • It is an open-source framework that allows web development.
  • It supports the MVC Model.
  • It is simple to use and interact with Databases.
  • It uses a built-in validation method.
  • Cake PHP makes it easy to manage email, cookies, and sessions.
  • It comes with an integrated templating engine.
  • It allows for easy caching.
  • It generates a single configuration file, which simplifies the configuration process.
  • The separate business model for the business layer and presentation layer.
  • The cost model is relatively lower.
  • It is easy to comprehend.
  • CakePHP can be used for application and website development.
  • It integrates with the object-oriented models and uses ORM (Object Relational Mapping).
  • Users can start using it with zero configuration.


Cake PHP also has its disadvantages. Let's look at some of these disadvantages.

  • Cake PHP does not have document support.
  • Learning PHP can be a difficult task.
  • It provides a one-way routing structure that is not tied to other frameworks.
  • We must update CakePHP's default routes. This is a difficult task in PHP'.


Let's examine the use of CakePHP.

  • This is used for web development.
  • Interaction with the database model is possible.
  • Complex business solutions.
  • The creation of an ORM-related business model.
  • This is used to create an MVC-based web application.

How have Web Development Frameworks Improved the App Development Process?

It is now much easier to develop web applications thanks to the availability of many frameworks that are built on different programming languages. This is why there is a high demand for frontend and backend developers.

Let's take a look at the reasons web frameworks make it easier to create new web applications down below.

Performance Increase

Pre-built functionalities and features are included in web frameworks to ensure high efficiency and speed when building apps. Websites built with the appropriate framework have a significantly higher loading speed.

Reduction in Errors

Framework methodologies often use the best software engineering practices. Many web frameworks include an integrated, pre-built testing system that allows you to test the code immediately. This reduces the chance of making errors in the final code.

Rapider Development

Many web frameworks include pre-written objects and templates that can be used to automate redundant programming tasks. These tools are time-saving and allow developers to focus on core programming, producing faster and more productive results.

Higher Security and Reliability

Frameworks are a collection of hundreds of pre-made components that have been regularly updated by a group of developers. The programming community has a huge backing, so your project will not get stuck. This allows you to develop the best solution for your business problems.

What are the Different Types of Web Development Frameworks

A web application generally includes a frontend or client-side component and a backend (or server-side portion). There are two types of web frameworks: one for the front and one for the backend.

Front-End Web Development Framework

These frameworks can be used to design the front end or user interface of a website application. Frontend frameworks are largely based on programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

The frontend framework's responsibility is to create the UX/UI design, as well as other critical aspects such as SEO optimization, code snippets, and templates, user interaction management, etc.

Backend Web Development Framework

These frameworks can be used to design the backend or the part that hides the functionality of the web app. Backend frameworks can be based on programming languages like Python,.NET Ruby, Java, and PHP.

They deal with server and database functionality, routing protocols and solution logic, architecture and authorization options, data security, and more.

The Best Web Development Frameworks to Take into Account in 2022

Angular Frontend

Angular is a popular frontend framework that many web application development companies use. Angular was introduced for the first time in 2009 using JavaScript as its programming language.

Vue.Js (Frontend)

Vue is a popular web framework that allows you to create single-page web apps as well as user interfaces. The framework is based on MVVM architecture (Model-View-ViewModel).

React (Frontend)

React was introduced by Facebook (now Meta) as a JS library. React is a web framework that can be used to create single-page front-end apps. It also supports mobile application development, which is not usually supported by most other frameworks.

jQuery (Frontend)

jQuery is an open-source JavaScript library that can be used to build user interfaces for apps. jQuery is well-known for its simplicity and cross-browser compatibility. It allows for easy interaction between elements of the DOM as well as its syntax structure.

Django (Backend+Frontend)

Django, a popular Python framework, is in high demand from developers and businesses. Django uses the concept of code reusability and follows the MVT (Model-View-Template) Architecture that enables it to develop applications at a faster pace. Django is a web framework that can be used to create the backend and front end of an application.

Ember (Frontend)

Ember is the most popular Javascript framework. Ember provides many out-of-the-box features that can be used for developing highly functional applications. Ember is used extensively by tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Netflix.

Ruby on Rails (Backend)

It is the most popular web development framework for building backend applications. It's based on the Ruby programming language and has been used to develop over 800,000. It supports complex algorithms for designing functional logic to solve business problems.

Laravel (Backend)

Laravel, a PHP-based framework, is fundamentally based on the concepts and paradigms of PHP scripting language. Laravel works on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.

It supports APIs and includes many packages that allow it to be adaptable and extensible. It is used primarily to design web app backends.

Web frameworks are a crucial part of software development. Each one has its own set of limitations and capabilities. Each one will deliver the best results for your project, depending on the requirements.

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Top remote CakePHP developers are a solid framework that makes application development easy, fast, secure, and simple. It is the best choice for commercial applications. Both developers and businesses can reap the many benefits of CakePHP. 

You can build custom websites and apps with CakePHP by hiring PHP developers from a top web development company to add more value to your project. The full potential of CakePHP with industry-leading developers toward their clients.

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