C++ Developers Hiring Guide 2023

By Sam

If your business wishes to be near computer hardware, a middle-level language is required. Although C is a widely used language in the sector, its successor offers some crucial advancements.

Businesses favor C++ above other languages when it comes to creating robust, large-scale systems that maximize performance. In AAA video games, this is clear. C++ is the primary technology used by businesses like Blizzard, which create embedded technologies.

What is C++?

Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ in 1985 at Bell Labs. Software written in these languages can be utilized in a wide range of application sectors. With a few small differences, C++ is almost a superset of C language.

It is possible to utilize compiled languages instead of interpreted ones. For interpreted languages, an interpreter is needed instead of a machine to translate the source code. Before the code is executed, compiled languages undergo compilation, or translation, which is a considerably more effective procedure than for interpreted languages.

Also object oriented is C++. Because object-oriented languages provide more abstract yet intuitive programming environments utilizing classes, the majority of developers find them advantageous. C++ is also designed to work with large systems. C++ is a language that favors embedded software and systems programming.

Programming systems involve communicating directly with the machine. Programmers who work with systems might create a word processor that you can access from your desktop. This is in addition to a mobile app or website. Software embedded is designed to control devices and machines. The embedded software is used to control robotics operations.

Who is a C++ Developer?

Software engineers who specialize in the C++ programming language are known as C++ developers. Additionally, they are competent to maintain any C++ based programme they develop. The general-purpose programming language C++ supports a wide range of application types. Mobile and desktop applications are both created by C++ programmers.

The closest thing to desktop apps is system programming, which may be done with C++. For embedded software, such as digital watches and pacemakers, C++ is ideal. C++ programmers must comprehend the interactions between hardware and software.

Developers who use C++ are not limited to writing code. App ideas can be organized and conceptualized by C++ developers. The development of sophisticated algorithms is another example of this. Developers that work with C++ are also proficient in object-oriented programming.

Why Use C++?

There are numerous different applications for C++. Because C++ is low-level and can be utilized with hardware, it enables programmers to build complex software systems.

For instance, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are both written in C++. By utilizing some of the C++ utilities, such as a web layout engine and UI toolkit, intermediate developers can quickly design a basic web browser.

Games can be viewed as a single entity. To lessen overload, C++ optimizes the utilization of resources. The use of the network for multiplayer games is made easier by C++ for developers. Additionally, modeling, simulation, rendering, and 3D animation are included in the C++ toolbox. Development of animation is simplified by this.

C++ is used to create operating systems, which is not surprising given the language's heritage. Media players and the administration of audio and video files both make extensive use of C++. Developers also create PDF technology using C++.

The most popular language for creating compilers, a crucial component of computer programming, is C++. The recommended language for creating technical and medical applications, such as MRI scans or computer-aided design systems, is C++.

C++ Has Many Advantages

C++ can bring many benefits to your business. C++ is an intentionally designed programming language that developers love.


C++ is extremely portable because it can be used on many different systems. Mobile apps are especially attracted to this feature. C++, which allows multi-platform development, can help developers resolve the long-running battle between cross-platform and native apps.


C++ object-oriented features include inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and abstraction.

  • Inheritance allows you to derive a class using the same methods and attributes as another class.

  • Polymorphism refers to when a parent (which you might consider as a set) can reference a child or subset.

  • Encapsulation is where data and code are linked together.

  • Abstraction is when the user is omitted from unnecessary information.


Middle-level programming languages include C++. Low-level programming and the development of drivers and kernels are both possible with it. High-level programming or the development of software applications can also be done using it.


C++ is one of the most versatile languages available. It can be used to create graphics, games, and calculators.

Rich Library

C++ comes with a wealth of functions built in. These functions can be used to manipulate files, data structures, methods, or files.

Why You Should Hire a C++ Developer

Because C++ is versatile and multifaceted, dedicated C++ developers may be versatile. Building web applications, mobile applications, and other things is made easier with C++.

Currently, C++ is also quite popular. This implies that if you were trying to recruit a C++ programmer, you would have a large pool of candidates to pick from. Another reason to employ C++ experts is if you want to develop software that interacts with hardware.

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How Do I Hire a C++ Developer?

Experts in C++ can be a great benefit to your company. The speed and security features of C++ are well recognised. The versatility of C++ makes it a favorite among developers for any platform or application. This increases C++'s appeal to you and your business.

You can get assistance from C++ programmers with whatever project you decide to create. Whether you're a techie or not, these suggestions will be helpful.

Step 1 - Assess the technical competencies of a candidate

Coders has created a variety of technical assessments to assess technical competences. These technical assessments are more than the basic MCQs. They allow you to measure the skills that will be required for your job.

These tests include a solid framework that allows you to assess the skills of the individual as well as help you to evaluate their future job performance.

Step 2 - Learn the Skills Requirements for a C++ Developer

These are the skills you should consider when hiring a C++ programmer-

  • C++ libraries, algorithms, and containers are all well-known.

  • Implementation of quality and performance indicators.

  • Understanding memory management, dynamic polymorphism and other C++ templates.

  • C++ knowledge, including the latest standards and low-level primitives.

The developers ought to be able to create C++ programmes for embedded, desktop, and other platforms. Make sure they can create applications, find issues, maintain code quality, and collaborate with other teams working on various project levels before you recruit them.

Step 3 - Use online C++ Testing

Would you like to know if each applicant who through the selection process has the required technical skills? Does anyone not? It takes a lot of time talking to everyone and doing screen tests. The most accurate technique to assess a candidate's C++ abilities is through an online test.

An excellent technique to pre-hire engineers is through online testing. They give you the opportunity to assess their conceptual understanding and practical implementation. Coders’ C++ Test assesses developers' proficiency in C++ programming and problem-solving through multiple-choice questions and a practical coding activity.

The hiring manager can select the top applicant from the available talent pool because Coders benchmarks the test for job roles. These are the key roles that this test is most useful for:

  • Junior C++ developer

  • C++ developer

  • C++ application developer

  • Software developer 1 (C++)

Step 4 - Ask technical questions during interview

A personal meeting with the candidate will reveal a lot about them (face-to-face). Using the same methodology, the candidate will also learn about the business.

However, you shouldn't limit your queries to those that are comparable to "Where are you from?" and "What's your expectation?" Any company should think about recruiting technical developers and programmers.

You can better comprehend their contributions to the organization by inquiring about their language and skill levels.

Questions You Should Ask a C++ Lead

  • What is the difference between shallow copy and deep copy?

  • What does C++ mean by the main command void?

  • Which is better, Setjmp and Longjmp, or Throwing and Catching.

  • What problems has the Namespace feature solved?

  • Which do you prefer, a template or a basic class?

  • How did you overcome them?

Step 5 - Calculate the Salary Package

Each organization has a budget set out for certain positions and tasks. Before you assign wage packages or make hires, it is essential to grasp the marketing budgets. Average annual pay for C++ developers is $78,054.

The actual compensation packages offered to C++ developers are not represented by these salaries. Depending on the person's abilities, the sort of service provided, and the business, they may differ.

What are the Different Hiring Options?

Numerous new models of hiring allow you to adapt your collaboration with software developers to your specific needs. Different hiring options are available depending on factors such as geography or type of employment.

You will also be able identify the most appropriate for your company's app or desktop development needs by getting to know them all. Let's take a look at each option separately, as they all have pros and cons.

Hire a C++ Developer: Solutions Based on Geography

There are three options available to you if you need to hire top C++ developers: nearshore programmers, local talent, or offshore developers/dev teams.

Hire a Local Talent

Hiring local talent doesn't cost a lot. This is how hiring has traditionally been done. Your organization uses the local talent pool to employ a C++ developer. The majority of employers choose to use internet job boards to find this kind of applicant.

Although boards can be a fantastic resource for locating local talent, they are not the only ones. To find a top-notch C++ coder, you can also use your local HR services or head hunting businesses. Another excellent strategy to draw C++ developers is through regional hackathons and tech conferences. Numerous offline conferences have been postponed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hire Nearshore and Offshore Programmers

Hiring locally is not required. Through the market, you may also find and recruit nearshore or offshore talent. This implies that you are not limited to working with local C++ developers. How do you locate trustworthy engineers in a foreign geo? And how should this be accomplished?

The easiest method to ensure that your nearshore or offshore talent is dependable is to hire a C++ developer that has a history of receiving positive ratings. Businesses can easily assess a development company's reputation by reading online reviews. The correct developers are simple to find thanks to these platforms.

Hire a C++ engineer: Different Approaches based on The Type of Employment

There are many types of employment available, in addition to the ones you have chosen based on your location. It is important to choose the right type of employment for your C++ project. There are four options available when choosing the right employment type for you: in-house, staff augmentation or freelancing.

In-house Development

The field of in-house development has a long history of employment. By bringing in-house C++ engineers, you can draft a contract of employment for one or more candidates. You can expand your internal team by hiring a qualified C++ programmer.

If you want to create a primary development team that operates out of your office, in-house development is the ideal choice. The strategies listed above are the finest ways to find local talent in order to hire a C++ engineer internally.

In-house development is safe and reliable, but it has its own pros. First, it is difficult and expensive to hire a C++ expert locally. You must pay a monthly salary as well as all other financial and non-financial benefits when you hire a permanent in-house developer. If someone wants to do contract C++ development work, this is not the greatest choice.

There are better hiring options than in-house if you don't require your engineer to be physically present in a particular city.

Personal Augmentation

Contrary to in-house development services, staff augmentation is a more recent form of employment. You do not need to look for and select web developers. A better approach is to add more staff. You can use this to find a development company that employs top-notch developers.

This partner will assist you in hiring the most qualified candidates for your project and will even let you conduct interviews with them. This is a fantastic approach to work with C++ engineers for a while. You can select the most skilled C++ engineer using staff augmentation, who is typically situated overseas. There is another business that can handle this legal hire.

Once you have decided which candidate is best for your project, the developer can become a full-time member of the dev team. We recommend that developers hire via platform when looking for contractors. Our marketplace has many trusted developers who are partners with us. The developers we vetted are professionals from all over the globe.

Staff augmentation can be described as a great alternative to local hiring. Staff augmentation is the best option for temporary C++ developers.


You can temporarily hire a C++ programmer by using staff augmentation techniques like hiring freelancers. When hiring, freelancing is a fantastic choice, especially for small features and bug fixes in C++ or web development.

Once the work is complete, C++ developers are paid. The biggest benefit of freelancing is this. Platforms for freelance work are frequently quite competitive. It is most cost-effective because of this. 

The downsides of freelancing exist. Project cancellations and late submissions are common complaints. Therefore, for simple C++ development assignments or problem-solving, freelancing is preferred.


Similar to staff augmentation, is outsourcing. You can hire a development contractor and conduct interviews as well. Staff augmentation is not the same as outsourcing. Hiring a dedicated staff of frontend, backend, designers, and QA engineers is made possible through outsourcing.

You can also engage a manager through outsourcing who will be in charge of your project and your development team. If you need a team of developers to work on a project and someone to manage the project, this is an excellent alternative. If you don't want to be involved with your C++ project, this is the perfect choice.

On the other hand, outsourcing development firms attempt to sell you more personal than you actually require (like junior developers or project managers). Outsourcing has one major disadvantage: The cost.

What is the Average Cost of Developers in The U.S.

According to a report, C++ developers make $116,536 annually. C++ developers' salaries can vary from $42,000 to $180,000.

How Much do Developers Cost in South America?

The expenses associated with offshore software development are much lower than those associated with recruiting full-time U.S. personnel due to the economic contrasts between the United States, South America, and the rest of the world. A mid-level developer in South America can be hired for about $76,000, whereas a C++ coder has an average income of roughly $100,000.

How Much do Developers Cost in Ukraine / Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe's rates are extremely similar to those of South America due to the disparities in their economies. According to data, a Senior C++ Developer in Eastern Europe makes an average salary of almost $100,000.

How Much do Developers Cost in India / South Asia?

The rates to hire C++ developers in India or Southern Asia is comparatively the lowest with prices ranging from $40,000 to $80,000. According to data, a Senior C++ developer in India makes an average salary of almost $85,000.

Hourly Rates For Developers

Another method to look at developer costs is hourly pricing. Although getting developers to work full-time or on a long-term basis can be aided by compensation, it is not always easy to predict how much time a developer will require. You must figure your expenses in these scenarios using a developer's hourly fee.

Why Hire a C++ developer?

C++ programmers go through pre-vetting, interviews, and additional training to become actual experts who can adapt to circumstances both within and outside of their area of competence.

Our programmers must meet greater requirements. We only hire excellent coders, similar to how elite special forces units only hire the best from the major military services. We then take their abilities and polish them.

You won't be responsible for paying the overhead expenses related to full-time employment as well as the cost of hiring a developer, which can range from 20% to 30% of the developer's income.

For a little fraction of the cost of Coders.dev, you may hire a full-time, highly qualified developer. They also provide assistance with project management.

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High demand exists for C++. Its performance, dependability, and scope of use won't be affected. You can post a general C++ programme developer job if you're trying to recruit the best C++ developers. This will enable you to draw in both seasoned and inexperienced developers.

You shouldn't utilize conventional pen and paper tests to select the best candidate from the pool of applicants. Rather, use online tests. Hiring managers can view the abilities needed for the position by taking online exams. They also aid in locating people who have the technical know-how and abilities required to create C++ codes.

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