How to Hire a Skilled R Developer in 2023

By Sam

R is one of the most used languages in Data Science. It is used extensively to analyze data that is both structured and unstructured. It is used to develop machine learning models. Freelancers are highly in demand.

We will be sharing our tips and tricks which will help you to hire R programmer.

What does R programming do?

R is a programming language developed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka. R offers a wide range of statistical and graphic methods. This includes statistical inference, time series, and machine learning algorithms for linear regression., to name just a few. R is the most popular language for R libraries, but it's preferred for more complex computational tasks. Fortran, C++, and C++ are better choices. These are some of the most common uses of R programming language.


R is a popular language in academia. R is a popular language used by scholars and researchers to experiment with data science. R is also used for statistical analysis in numerous well-known books and educational materials on data science. Academics widely use it, and many talented statisticians fervently love the language.

Data Cleaning

Data analysis requires the ability to clean up large and messy data sets. However, it can be very labor-intensive. R provides a rich library of tools to make data cleansing and database cleaning faster and more efficient.

Visualizing Data

It is crucial to converting data into a visual form so humans can quickly and effectively interpret it. R offers many tools to aid data analysis, representation, and visualization.

Data Science Projects

R is a language that was specifically designed for statistical analysis. R libraries are designed to make data analysis more accessible, easier, and more detailed. R libraries are the first to enable any fresh statistical approach. As a result, R is an ideal preferred option for data science projects.

Machine Learning

Businesses often want to add automation and learning skills to make more accurate, consistent predictions. R offers many packages for machine learning. It can be used to create sophisticated algorithms that forecast the future. How to Hire R Developer?

There are several things to consider when hiring an R programmer. These include prices, experience, and the nature of the work arrangement. It all depends on what type of project you are working on and the communication skills required to complete it.

Requirements for R Developer Skills

These are the essential technical skills an R developer should have:

  • Proficiency with R

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Technology Suite

  • Strong knowledge of SQL and other databases technologies

R Experience

These are some examples of experience that R developers should have:

  • Data science includes database engineering, data mining, and database design.

  • Statistics and descriptive analytics

  • Predictive analytics

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

  • Prescriptive analytics

  • Decision science

How to write a description of a job as an R developer

It is crucial to create the ideal developer Job description for R developers to entice renowned developers. You should also set clear expectations upfront to save time and money during the vetting process.

Resume for R Developer

Introduction to the Company

This section can be used to write about 2-3 sentences describing your business. Include information about your company's culture and benefits. This section could be linked to the corporate website. Only the best candidates will conduct extensive research.

Job Description

We are seeking an R programmer for hire with experience who can collaborate with our development team to expand and maintain the effectiveness of current applications and scripts. Your primary responsibility is to develop and sustain new scripts and processes that automate, sequence reports, data transfers, pipeline workflows, and reporting, archive, management of service lifecycles, Upkeep, improvements, and reporting.


  • Expand and maintain the efficiency of current applications & scripts

  • Create and modify new processes and scripts for archiving, service lifecycle management, pipeline operations, reporting, data transfers, and automation.

  • Troubleshoot any anomalies in the output or script functionality of your application. These issues relate to the workflows of the sequencing pipeline.

  • Assist the scientists in understanding sequencing pipeline outputs and inputs

  • Manage the entire life cycle of products and services from inception through deployment.

  • Other essential responsibilities for the job/project can be added here.


  • Working experience in scripting languages like Perl, Java, Perl, C, or Java is a must. Only the Bash command language does not suffice.

  • Experience with version control, specifically Git

  • Experience working with Linux operating systems such as RHEL and Ubuntu

  • Storage experiences, such as GPFS, Isilon and S3

  • Experience and knowledge in developing R/Shiny apps

  • Shiny Server Pro or RStudio knowledge and usage

  • Knowledge of Nextflow and other workflow frameworks

  • knowledge of configuration management programs like Ansible, Puppet, or Bright

  • Solid knowing of how to use interfaces, and the user experience

  • any additional frameworks, libraries, or technology relevant to your job/project are listed.

  • Qualifications for certification or education

R Interview Questions

These are some questions to ask when interviewing R developers that will help you hire dedicated R programmers:

  • What is R?

  • What are the data structures of R?

  • Are you able to write and explain the most commonly used syntaxes in R

  • How can you list preloaded datasets within R?

  • What is the R language used for?

  • How do I install a package using R?

  • How do you create a custom function within R?

Freelance Rates for R Developers

In the United States, an R developer earns $130,000 annually. On average, an R freelancer will earn $51.33 per hour. The cost of a freelancer varies according to experience, location, availability, and other programming languages.

Where to hire an R developer - Top Websites

A few things will determine where R developers can be found. You should consider the product's lifespan, the developer's experience, cost, and how much time you are willing to invest in the hiring process.

These are our top two favorite places to hire professional R programmers:


The best peer programming session talent.

Upstack is a company that aims to raise the quality of remote tech teams by providing dedicated freelance talent. By sourcing developers from around the globe, they seek the best freelance talent.

The site uses an 8-point hiring system to ensure that users easily access top-quality candidates with exceptional communication and the development of soft skills. They have talent in many fields, including Java, Python, and iOS.

They have worked for major brands such as Lego and Microsoft. Upstack's broad talent pool is highly adaptable to the Size and scope of your business.

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Ideal for gigs and small projects

Fiverr, one of freelancers' most popular internet job boards is one of the Best Site To Hire R Programmers, is a trusted platform to connect with potential freelancers. This site is designed to make it easier for freelance software developers and clients to communicate efficiently.

If you have found the right match, you can reach out to a freelance developer by clicking on their profile. Once the agreements are agreed upon, clients' advance payments to the project's experienced developer are finalized. After reviewing the final product, you have three days to accept or reject it.

The site's extensive experience filter tools allow clients to search through its independent developers and find the perfect match. Depending on price, work type, and many other factors, filter developers can be done.

Fiverr is great for finding remote developers who specialize in a particular niche. Some categories cater to almost any software development service imaginable. Clicking on the link for building mobile applications will allow you to filter candidates according to more precise criteria, including creating custom apps or web-to-app conversions.

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