What Are Good Examples Of Websites Built Using Adobe ColdFusion?

By Sam

Adobe ColdFusion Basics

Adobe ColdFusion uses CFML to build modern web apps quickly.

ColdFusion's foundations were built on the IT values of security, efficiency, and ease of use. CF was first created in 1995 and has been a timeless IT marvel. It has seen many tech trends and the fall and rise of rival programming languages. Later, you'll discover what makes ColdFusion so resilient.

These innovative features can be accessed by users who choose the Standard, ColdFusion Developers, or Enterprise editions of ColdFusion 10. The updated adobe ColdFusion 10 includes improved web service support and language enhancements. It also features an HTML5 video player and Adobe CF Flash Player.

What is CFML?

ColdFusion Markup Language (or CFML) is a web-development scripting language that can be used with the JVM,.NET application framework, and Google App Engine. Many open-source and commercial versions of CFML engines, including Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee. High-level companies offer Java-based, a.NET version, CFML server engines.

What does ColdFusion mean?

ColdFusion is a web development suite used to develop and increase scalable e-business application performance. ColdFusion has functions that can be used to create PDF downloads and then access databases, which helps web apps thrive.

ColdFusion is a collection of products that are tightly integrated and not a single product. ColdFusion Studio is the main component. It's used to create a website and includes the database portion, visual programming automation tools, and debugging security tools. ColdFusion Server is the second component. It provides runtime services to serve pages to users.

What does Adobe ColdFusion do?

Adobe CF (ColdFusion) components are primarily used for data-driven websites and intranets. However, it can also be used remotely to create WebSockets or SOAP web services. It's especially useful as the server-side technology for client-side web services.

To continue learning how to make ColdFusion apps more current and alive. You might be responsible for a mission-critical or revenue-generating adobe CF app creation that you don't trust 100%. In such cases, implementing new features can be a slow and painful ad-hoc process, even for small requests.


Adobe ColdFusion components, or CFCs, slow turnaround apps at lightning speed. These amazing tools can quickly locate objects and groups of functions that you can put onto one item or entity.

The compounding of containerization tools allows you to solve multiple problems at once. These efficiencies are multiplicative. The more you use them, the more time they save.

These ColdFusion Components can be found here:

  • They work faster after the first use
  • Reusable in as easy as copy-paste
  • Securer than other objects because some objects can be restricted in access

Although there are many differences between adobe ColdFusion programming languages and ColdFusion, these two are the most obvious and frequently used by developers.

Adobe CF allows you to create modern web apps using CFML quickly. ColdFusion web services are simpler than other languages. It's easy to use, learn, deploy, and adapt.

ColdFusion also has built-in functions that allow you to access common built-in tools like PDF creation and database access, which can help your web apps thrive.

This all adds up to a programming language that's ready to deploy fresh out of the box. The language is easy to learn for developers since many of the amazing tools they would need to create natively are already included in the app.

ColdFusion Still Has a Place Among Developers

Does it suit ColdFusion developer needs?

It all depends on what web development language I use to create feature-rich Internet apps. Adobe Coldfusion is the perfect tool to create dynamic websites, thus giving the most significant advantage to users. It is a unique tool that delivers maximum results to clients, no matter how small or large they are.

Developers find the most productive and can create many applications and secure code with it in less time than other languages.

It keeps up with current technology trends. Adobe CF continues to improve the number of features in adobe ColdFusion specialist and releases new versions more often than its competitors.

The Top 8 Benefits Of ColdFusion 10

1. HTML5 WebSockets: ColdFusion 10 makes it easy to push data from the server to clients by supporting Web Socket protocol. This feature allows you to create many web applications that use dynamic data. You can also use the messaging infrastructure built on the raw Web Sockets for multiple channels, publishing or subscribing to them without extra effort.

2. HTML5 Charting: The upgraded ColdFusion web application development platform supports many interactive client-side charts. Interactive charts can be added to your web applications using client-side charts based on Flash, Canvas, or SVG. This will improve the application's performance. These interactive charts can be easily created and integrated using the ColdFusion CFCHART tags. These charts can be further customized with JSON objects.

3. Built-in HTML5 Video Player: Senior Web developers commonly have to write long lines of code with absolute focus to integrate video players. ColdFusion 10 has a built-in HTML5 player that can seamlessly be integrated with your application by using the CFMEDIAPLAYER tags. Adobe has also updated the Flash video player. Both video players can now be run using the same JavaScript APIs. ColdFusion APIs make it easy for the best ColdFusion developers/programmers to create web applications that target different devices.

4. Revamped web Services: The majority of web applications use RESTful Web Services over HTTP or HTTPS. ColdFusion 10 makes it easy for programmers to convert ColdFusion components to RESTful web services by adding some attributes. You can also associate an HTTP method with each ColdFusion function and invoke specific tasks via HTTP. ColdFusion 10 also supports web services with a revamped AXIS 2 engine. This allows developers to access and publish web services easily.

5. Enhanced cache settings: How a web app stores frequently accessed user data can affect its performance. ColdFusion 10 offers an enhanced cache setting that allows you to create data regions that can then be used as buckets for the cached user information. Adobe has also modified the caching function in ColdFusion 10 to take advantage of the cache region feature. Developers can also use this feature to run the cache server independently from ColdFusion JVM.

6. Better Search Options: Adobe designed ColdFusion 10 using Apache Solr rather than Verity. This advanced feature allows developers to index databases more efficiently and easily. The updated version also offers Data Import Handler support. The additional support for dynamic custom fields makes your search queries more flexible.

7. Share data connections easily: ColdFusion has been upgraded to support a wide range of JDBC data types, including SQLXML and LONGNVARCHAR. This feature allows developers to share database connections between clients more efficiently. ColdFusion 10 now allows you to save information about each link. When a particular database connection returns to the pool, it will be reset. To store client-specific details, you can use tags such as cfinsert or cfquery, cfupdate, cfstoredproc, and cfquery.

8. Comprehensive Security Features: ColdFusion 10 includes a number of enhanced features that increase the security of your web applications. You can use it to protect against CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) and XSS(Cross-site Scripting). The session cookies can also be restricted to a specific domain by being set to HTTPOnly. This feature can be used to invalidate or rotate a session.

Adobe ColdFusion Can Assure a Higher Quality Product and Meet Performance Requirements?

Vision is essential. It can deliver any web-development project, including prototype design, integration, implementation, and testing.

It is the best programming language to handle complex applications with consistent development. It's easy to implement web services, has a variety of functions and images, and has common PDF tools. Small and medium-sized businesses need speed. ColdFusion will help you get more done in a shorter time and with less effort, especially when it is about ongoing maintenance.

How does Adobe ColdFusion compare to its competitors?

ColdFusion's simplicity makes it a favorite tool for web developers. The built-in iterator that allows for grouping is much simpler than PHP. To write the same thing in CF, you only need 20-30% of the PHP code.

Many ColdFusion developers shared their experiences about finding spare time after completing ColdFusion earlier. Instead of writing the rest of PHP's code, they can test and improve the user experience.

We have already mentioned that maintenance is easier when there are fewer bugs to fix. The obvious benefit is that your team could spend their time and money on new features instead of maintaining them constantly.

Adobe has seen an increase in sales over the past few years of different language packages. Anyone who spends that much money on a programming language knows its benefits and capabilities. ColdFusion's proper niche is in enterprise buyers who spend more than $100k on other software (Windows and Hubspot, MS SQL Server, etc. ).

Third-Party ColdFusion Support

Solid third-party support is available from many sources for different purposes within the language. A fusion reactor helps you identify any flaws and work on improving its performance.


Foundeo provides excellent tools to apply ColdFusion blocking attacks against your servers. You can now use their web service called hackmyCF. This can scan your entire server to find security weaknesses that must be fixed.

Ortus Solutions

Ortus Solutions provides unique ColdFusion products and open-source and commercial support. There is no ColdFusion third-party support you won't find at these three companies.

All the facts that we discussed make ColdFusion very alive right now. Non-CF developers might not realize that there are countless conferences and camps, new versions of ColdFusion are constantly being introduced, and the language is still used by many top-rated website companies. It also offers a high ROI and increased productivity for large-scale businesses.

Adobe ColdFusion Standard Edition

  • Asynchronous Programming
  • REST Playground
  • Server Monitor
  • Modern Admin U/I
  • Comments Exchanged across Files
  • Standardized PDF Metadata

Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise Edition

  • Auto Lockdown
  • Code Profiler
  • Multi-latency Support
  • Distributed Cache
  • Performance Monitoring Toolkit
  • CLI and Read–Print-Eval Loop
  • All New, Built-In Functions

Adobe ColdFusion Builder

  • Intelligent Code Assist
  • Expert Coding Support
  • Security Code Analyzer
  • Integrated Debugger

ColdFusion's modern development best practices reduce stress, inefficiency, and project lifecycle of the true cost of time while increasing project velocity, innovation, and velocity.

Easy to create consistent server architecture for rapid development, testing, and production server.

To prevent bugs from spreading, a modern testing environment is needed. CF-compatible continuous integration tools. You can embed a portable development environment into your code base.

How to Recognise a Good Consultant in ColdFusion Before Hiring Them

Communication is an essential tool for a consultant. Clients should be able to reach their consultant quickly and ensure that they are understood at the end of each conversation.

  • Look at their reviews, referrals, and testimonials.
  • Choose to work with teams over solo developers.
  • You should ensure that they are responsive to your inquiries.
  • Make sure they pass a personality assessment.

Ask lots of questions and make sure you get the answers. Here are some suggestions:

  • The size of your company and the availability of developers to manage your project.
  • What is their history?
  • What are their most common specializations? (security, database tuning, etc.)
  • If you're looking for the right software development cycle, they may use it.
  • You should check which CF tools they are using and if they have any third-party additions.
  • What number of clients do they currently work with? This will help you to see where they are in the food chain and how responsive they will be to your questions.
  • Are they familiar with similar-sized companies?

Why is ColdFusion better than other web application development alternatives?

Here's a quick overview of the reasons why ColdFusion is the best programming language and application available on the market.

ColdFusion is known for its ability to produce high-quality software and applications in a short time. It allows for easy scripting tasks and speeds up large-scale development projects. It also saves hundreds of thousands of dollars on long-term development costs for membership. 

It is powerful and able - With the latest software updates, it has been possible to create the application in a manner similar to Object Oriented programming language using methods, classes, and functions. It also includes an extensive library of integrated services. 

Cross-Platform Operation - This software allows for flexible hosting options, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX. 

Integration with Top Web Technologies - The web development language is easily compatible with all the top web technologies from Adobe. It is one of the fastest and most compatible development languages when it is integrated with Adobe LiveCycle ES and Media Server. It also has many other capabilities that allow for easy association with top Microsoft products such as MS SQL,.Net platform, and MS office components. 

ColdFusion's - high performance is the most crucial benefit. It allows for rapid application development, and artificial intelligence, even if it is properly configured. This enables you to develop applications quickly and with minimal effort without sacrificing performance or efficiency. It executes speedily and sometimes even faster than other web development languages available on the market. 

Debugging capabilities - This application software has the best output when it comes to troubleshooting. The latest ColdFusion Builder cloud provider supports the software extensively. 

Development Environments - Today, each programming language has its own Eclipse IDE tool called ColdFusion Builder. This allows for faster application engineering and makes the whole process more efficient. 

It is robust and scaleable - This web application development language can be used to develop applications for small businesses and large companies. And provide job candidates to valuable companies. 

Credibility - The development language has some big names who have relied on it and enjoyed superior benefits. 

Good Development Community - ColdFusion is proud to have a dedicated development community that hosts essential international conferences on programming languages and related technologies. 

It is simple to learn - The web programming language is elementary. Understanding the programming principles is easy, and you will have a smooth sailing experience with a contingency plan of it. Increases the use of artificial intelligence for the software system that secures the code of the respective program. 

The above explanations show that ColdFusion has created a niche market. Adobe continues to update the ColdFusion language regularly. Moreover, new software versions are introduced to the demand for web application development at regular intervals. It is clear that the web programming language is performing well in this area and will continue to do so in the future. This fact is confirmed by the increasing number of companies offering Coldfusion services globally.

ColdFusion Development Companies offer flexible engagement models to global companies that want to hire ColdFusion developers to help them build web portals, web software, and web applications.

Our expertise lies in the ease with which our developers can be aligned to achieve specific business goals.Various Versions

Cold Fusion 3

Version 3 introduced server scope, custom tags, cfsearch/cfindex/cfcollection based on the Verity search engine, and template encoding in June 1997. (called then "encryption"). RDS support and a transfer to the Sun Solaris operating system were included in version 3.1, which was released in January 1998. ColdFusion studio also gained a live page preview and an HTML grammar checker.

ColdFusion 4

Version 4 was released in November 1998, and it was then that the name was changed from "Cold Fusion" to "ColdFusion"—possibly to set it apart from the notion of cold fusion. Additionally included in the release was the first iteration of cfscript, cfstoredproc, cfcache, cfswitch, and support for locking (cflock), transactions (cftransaction), hierarchical exception handling (cftry/cfcatch), and sandbox security.

ColdFusion 5

In June 2001, version 5 was released, bringing with it new reporting and graphing features, user-defined functions, and expanded admin tools.

Adobe ColdFusion 8

ColdFusion 8 was published by Adobe Systems on July 30, 2007, and it no longer includes the "MX" prefix. "Scorpio" was the codename used during beta testing. Over 14,000 developers participated in the beta process globally, far more testers than the 5,000 Adobe Systems had anticipated. Offshore coldFusion developers made up the skilled team.

Adobe ColdFusion 10

On May 15, 2012, ColdFusion 10 (also known as Zeus) was made available. The following features are new or updated and are available in all editions (Standard, Enterprise, and Developer):

Security upgrades

  • Better scheduler (based on a version of quartz).
  • Support for HTML5 web sockets and improved web services.
  • Integration of Tomcat.
  • RESTful web services support.
  • Linguistic improvements (closures and more).
  • Integrating search with Adobe Flash Player and the HTML5 video player in Apache Solr.
  • Enhancements to HTML5 that integrate Xpath.

Domain expertise using ColdFusion

  • Education / LMS/ E-Learning/ Training
  • Finance
  • Retail & E-Commerce
  • Real Estate

Test, Rinse, and Repeating

Our goal is to provide you with a solution that works architecture flawlessly across development on all the platforms (browsers, operating systems), is easy to use, and creates a new production environment for delivering the results that all of them are looking for.

We use a software tool to create a modern test environment for your system and carry out various testing such as unit testing, load testing, security, integration testing, responsiveness testing, and other tests.

Get a Free Estimation or Talk to Our Business Manager!


ColdFusion's success from the beginning is due to the fact that it has been able to pivot at regular intervals to stay relevant for the future. Few technologies have been able to stay in this game for so many years, which is something that we in our community are proud of.

We offer help with creating ColdFusion applications. Contact us at Cyber Infrastructure Inc. if you want to look through our qualified programmers. Our team of highly skilled developers has created web applications that are integrated with popular database systems like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, etc.

As the business landscape changes, we integrate our extensive web development experience with our business domain expertise. To create the best web applications and sites for our international clientele, we include the most recent trends in our solutions. To achieve your project-specific goals, our web designing and development experts also use cutting-edge development models and innovative methodologies.

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