Are Back-end Developers in Demand in 2023?

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There are still a few weeks till the new year, but predictions for 2023 are getting more optimistic. Looking back at the leading backend web development technologies for 2022 was impossible for us to resist.

Software development has significantly increased as a result of technological advancements. The backend is the primary component of a product's functionality, even though software developers are increasingly user-friendly and inclined to create software that caters to client demands and preferences.

As the wind changes, so do trends. New approaches to problem solutions appear every year. They are more efficient, advantageous, and well-liked in the marketplace. Avoiding these inclinations may strengthen your competitive strength and ensure steady business growth.

This article has compiled a list of the top web and backend trends for 2023. These trends come from many areas, such as e-commerce and programming languages. Hire backend developer who will learn what skills to improve, and the business owners will be able to discover new tools for their future projects.

What is Backend Development?

Backend development is known as building and maintaining the systems that handle data processing and carry out operations on websites or applications. Although offshore backend developer generates the logic and databases that users cannot see, front-end developers can see what is being done.

Backend developers' activities will differ depending on the sector and their level of competence. Some of the most typical backend tasks include the following:

  • Server-side environments: Building and maintaining 
  • Writing, testing, maintaining, and distributing code 
  • Speed and efficiency testing 
  • Optimize performance by debugging code 

General Development Trends

Expected Accelerated Response Time

In 2022, people will favor using mobile devices over desktops. They hold a market share of 55%. Even though websites contain a lot of content and the Internet is continuously changing, users expect them to load more quickly than ever.

To hasten mobile pages, Google has developed an open-source initiative (AMP). This project uses a lightweight CSS version and a stripped-down HTML version to speed up websites for smartphones and tablets. While the AMP version of a page loads in just 0.5 seconds, standard page loading takes three seconds. This feature is a fantastic way to increase conversions, search engine visibility, and user experience.

Two-factor authentication

This pattern in software development relates to safety. Two ways are needed to confirm identification using two-factor authentication, or 2FA. These typically contain a username, a password, and one of the additional verification methods. Mobile "authenticator" apps, SMS, and a call with the code are common alternatives. This authentication is safeguarded against social engineering, phishing, and brute-force attacks. It would protect them even if a hack or other online crime compromised the account. Criminals won't have access to accounts without a physical device because they require one to complete the assignment.

With two-factor authentication, users' accounts are more secure and less vulnerable to hacking. It still needs a password that is susceptible to online threats. Passwords ought to be abolished by development trends. This notion was endorsed by corporations like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Google. On all of their platforms, these companies want to use passwordless authentication.

Users may currently unlock their smartphones using their fingerprints, faces, or gestures as a form of authorization. These choices improve security and privacy.

Single Sign-On (SSO) by trusted authorities

Users can sign into different applications using this authentication mechanism and a single set of credentials. You can use a standard password, an OTP, or a fingerprint scan. You can log in with a reliable source like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. The authority will return a token to the user after they have provided the correct credentials. The token is encrypted and contains valuable information. When processing the token, the application confirms that it comes from a reliable source, not a malicious one. The user can log in successfully if it comes from a reliable source. Numerous apps support sign-in with these tokens.

SSO can be divided into two types: enterprise and social. People often use their Facebook or Google accounts to sign in to a website. Employees can access company collaboration tools such as Zoom and GSuite with the enterprise SSO.

SSO offers many benefits. SSO increases productivity because people don't waste time searching for the correct passwords. This also affects security standards, meaning only authorized users can access private data. An organization can create a security policy with minimum password length, complexity, expiration date, and other requirements.

Software Development Trends for E-commerce

Chatbots Integration

Chatbots are growing in acceptance. Businesses incorporate them into their mobile apps and websites. Intelligent assistants, known as chatbots, offer quick answers to frequently asked queries, schedule appointments online, and handle minor issues. Fewer support workers mean additional financial savings for startups. Chatbots are available around-the-clock and don't need time off for sickness or holidays.

Additionally, there is long-term onboarding. Additionally, chatbots can gather user data for marketing teams and engage with clients to learn continuously. While managers can handle more critical and trivial concerns, chatbots can still replace support teams.

Chatbots are text-based, which is the only problem. You will need to enter your questions or tap on the already-made FAQs. It takes time and effort, and it can be challenging.

Voice Search

The difficulty with typing gave rise to voice-based search assistants. Users only need to state their request, and an algorithm will deliver the desired solution or response. This is a more efficient, engaging, and simple way to complete the task. This market's tremendous growth comes as no surprise. It will amount to $11.2 billion by 2026.

Voice search assistants can be helpful for both customers and business owners. Voice search tools save time and let users browse a website for longer. Like chatbots, spoken search also collects data on the likes and tastes of its users. There are lots of places that could use improvement. One illustration is how the bot communicates with search engines. Numerous small enterprises have embraced voice search and recognition services. They also invest in natural language processing (or NLP).

Augmented Reality

In both backend and mobile development, augmented reality has gained popularity. It combines the physical and digital worlds. Aspects of sensory, auditory, and visual content are all possible. The data is used as an overlay by AR to build a unique interactive environment. These encounters call for sophisticated input and environmental awareness. By 2025, the AR market is still anticipated to grow to $3.7 billion.

Many mobile apps employ augmented reality to deliver fresh material. Games like Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters have been around for a while. Retailers and cosmetics firms increasingly use this technology to improve the consumer experience. Two examples of these popular applications are virtual fitting apps for sneakers and digital makeup studios that allow users to test out new colors or palettes in their own homes.

AR allows you to visualize steps and makes them more transparent and illustrative. This is a significant factor in decision-making. AR technology is ideal for e-learning projects because it's interactive and immersive.

Popular Programming Languages for Backend Web Development


Ruby is a highly flexible language. It is adaptable and straightforward to keep up with. The language has gained well-deserved popularity recently due to its developer friendliness, many libraries, and active community. Windows, Linux, and macOS all support Ruby.

Ruby can automate command-line tools, web scraping, and other tasks. DevOps and data processing are also possible. Ruby on Rails is a fantastic framework for accelerating the creation of web applications. With this tool, even a small team can quickly produce complex applications.


Python has long been a particularly well-liked programming language for creating backend software. It is simple to learn, suitable for beginners, and constantly changing. The community offers a variety of frameworks, libraries, and tools that can be used to improve the characteristics of a language. Python has a wide selection of guides and training programs. Therefore, Python is frequently used by IoT, machine learning, and AI developers to produce philosophical works.


To soften Erlang's edges, the Ruby-like programming language Elixir was developed. Both languages have characteristics in common, and Elixir provides the same tools as its forerunner. Built on top of the Erlang Virtual Machine, Elixir provides all the concurrency characteristics necessary for scalable, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems. This language specializes in backend programming and provides simple debugging tools.


In 2009, Google created the Go programming language, sometimes known as Golang. It is an open-source project with a sizable community that Google supports. Despite having few tools, go is simple to use and understand, especially for C developers. This language's versatility, speed, and minimal memory footprint make it perfect for developing microservices.

Large businesses favor Golang for the development of apps. Apps can be made using Twitch, Dropbox, and Uber.

Technology Trends for Backend Development


Blockchain is part of Web 3.0. There are many ways to use this technology. It allows cryptocurrency traders to bypass costly payment systems. This reduces transaction costs and eliminates bank transfer fees. It saves time as money and data transfers can be completed in minutes.

Blockchain's decentralization is its key advantage. It does not require a central server or vault. It is a distributed public ledger that keeps track of transactions across many gadgets. Data is kept in blocks, which are subsequently linked together to form chains. A block in the middle of a chain cannot be removed or modified without changing all other blocks in the network. There is no way to hide or change the public visibility of any transaction history. Data sharing, copyright protection, IoT management, and copyright protection may all be secured using the blockchain. Some healthcare organizations employ blockchain technology to manage medical records because it is subject to historical changes.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered personal assistants are now a crucial component of our daily life. People frequently use Alexa and Siri on their tablets, computers, wearables, and smartphones. 36% of people worldwide use these voice assistants. The majority of those polled stated that it has significantly enhanced their experience. Voice assistants can speak intuitively with customers and build an emotional bond between them and brands. They can communicate in human language and provide more thorough answers. You may see entertaining movies of two voice assistants joking with one another. This enables a serious discussion. This development trend can be ideal for you if you want to give users a personalized experience.

AI has proven itself to be a great artist. Recent developments in digital art have been made possible by neural networks. Intelligent algorithms like Dall-E and Midjourney can create large paintings based on just a few words. Changing a phrase can generate pictures in entirely new ways in just a few seconds. Another AI technology allows you to restore parts of an image while keeping the same style and colors. These capabilities are invaluable in UI/UX design and app development. These features are valuable, especially when working within tight deadlines.

Intelligent algorithms can also be used for data analysis. They can quickly analyze extensive databases to look for patterns and new information. With its predictive capabilities, AI can suggest the optimal course of action. When formulating a company's marketing strategy, these characteristics are essential. Analysis of all potential clients is necessary. This increases the likelihood that a product will be well-liked by consumers. Data may be collected across all platforms thanks to AI. This is incredibly practical and improves your ability to perceive the big picture.

Serverless Computing

Applications can run on cloud-based servers thanks to serverless technology. The availability, capacity, and management of infrastructure are not concerns for the best developers. AWS, Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and other businesses provide these services.

The business works to keep web development expenses down, guard against data loss, and minimize system overload. The use of cloud technology does not necessitate server upgrades. The cloud service provider performs these tasks. Based on the actual server resource usage, the service fee is determined.

The serverless computing market could reach $21.1 billion by 2025. This technology still needs to be widely used by classic websites and apps. However, the statistics show a growing need for it. Most companies use serverless computing for image recognition, multi-media processing, chatbots, assistants, notification engines and IoT apps, data collection, and other purposes.

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Last Thoughts

By offering top-notch goods and services, you may stay ahead of your rivals with these trends. Following them all at once is a good idea. Choose the ones that will help your business and suit your process instead.

A range of technologies that can be used to streamline your development process is included in this list. You'll be able to select the ideal website framework with your technical expertise and project requirements. Once you've chosen wisely, hire backend developers to assist your company.

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