Best 7 OTT App Developers and Platforms to Build Your Streaming Service in 2023

By Sam

OTT stands for over-the-top. This is a convenient term that describes the new delivery method for TV and film content via the internet. It can be accessed on any device, whether connected to traditional satellite, cable, or broadcast television providers. OTT streaming is simply the payment of an internet provider like Xfinity for access to Netflix without paying for cable TV.

How to Deliver?

One of the reasons OTT is so popular is its accessibility. Customers only require a high-speed internet technology connection and a device that supports browsers or apps to stream OTT content.

Mobile OTT devices: Smartphones, tablets, and computers can download OTT apps for streaming on the go.

Personal Computers OTT Content Accessible from Desktop-Based Apps or Web Browsers

The most famous examples are connected TV devices - Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV. Game consoles like the PlayStation often support OTT apps.

OTT streaming refers to premium content and a better experience made available via an OTT content platform like Netflix or Hulu. The user does not need a cable TV subscription to view the content. OTT content is available on many devices because of its format. OTT audience via digital streaming via apps, platforms, or other means.

OTT Is Better Than YouTube

We've covered several ways to consume content, including YouTube, OTT, and cable. Let's now get into the details. Why is OTT more popular than YouTube for content creators or platforms looking to create a home for their community or content business?


OTT gives you control over your content and brand, audience, monetization, audience, and, most importantly, your data. YouTube only offers some of this.

Ad-Free Content

Most viewers don't like ads! OTT allows for ad-free content by enabling subscriptions (SVOD), one-time purchases (TVOD), and monetization strategies. Even if you prefer advertising (AVOD), OTT offers the ability to target more people, provide endemic content, have greater control over your inventory and campaigns, and direct sponsorships.

Direct To Consumer

OTT app development company is the best platform to reach your target audience with your content. It also allows you to control your video experience and can be used for delivering premium video experiences. Providers can receive immediate feedback from users through OTT.

Consumer Liberty

OTT has given consumers the ability to take control of their destinies. Consumers can now find what they are looking for and only pay for the services and content they need. OTT allows you to adapt your models to the market to maximize uptake. OTT also opens up the possibility for niche communities and content platforms to flourish.

Provides a platform for content creators from all types

  • Independent creators Looking to increase their content and create an engaged audience through their video platform 
  • Creator Communities that want to create multi-channel networks to show the talent of their communities and scale up to a broader audience. 
  • Talented Performers need to live to stream their performances seamlessly to enjoy them from anywhere in the world. 
  • Film festivals are looking for a better method to promote their brand, sell tickets and inspire creativity among the wider creator community. 
  • Faith organizations are working to create a stronger and more connected place for worship and service for God's greater good. 
  • Associations that have a specific need for a channel to represent their brand and maintain top-tier functionality accurately. 

OTT app development company that can help you tap into the growing demand for OTT applications. Our OTT video platforms are designed with an incredible viewing interface that increases user engagement.

Conceptualization and Idea Discovery

We ensure that your OTT app developer integrates with CDN, cloud hosting, and other essential services.

UI/UX Design

With flawless UI/UX design and seamless custom content streaming, our dedicated developers will ensure your audience has the best viewing experience.

OTT App Development

Tech stack like creates highly functional OTT app features which can be customized and scaled to meet your business system needs.

Smart TV App Development

Businesses are moving to smart TV app development in response to the daily use of smart TVs and smart appliances. Quytech can help you develop and design smart TV apps to reach your target audience across all platforms. Our apps are designed to facilitate easy navigation, sharing and pairing, connectivity, and many other functions.

Apple TV App Development

Apple TV app development is a great way to create a customer engagement channel. People are now able to enjoy movies and games online thanks to tvOS. This is where Apple TV app development comes in. Our tv OS applications are customized, feature-packed, and white-labeled. Your audience can download our apps directly from the Apple App Store.

Fire TV App Development

Amazon is the most popular online video streaming app. This is why there is a high demand for Fire TV application development. Quytech offers full-scale Amazon Fire TV app development services. This includes games, connectivity, utility, and video streaming apps. We can deliver Fire TV apps tailored to your business needs with voice search and integration of the purchased API.

Live Video Streaming Apps

Live streaming apps are becoming more popular in nearly every industry vertical, from education to healthcare and retail to marketing and sales. is a leading OTT app development company that has the ability to create live video streaming apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Our android app developers use the most recent technologies and development tools to create the best application.

You're in the right place if you want to stream real-time audio via a streaming app. Tringapps can design and build a customized live-streaming application that meets your specific needs. Our goal is to make sure that our audience receives the best audio/video content possible with minimal latency.

Video Chat and Conferencing App

Conference calls and video chats have revolutionized the way people communicate and collaborate. These apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. are full-stack developers who can help you jump on board the OTT bandwagon if you're looking to do the same. We are experts in building video chat and conferencing applications thanks to our OTT design and development expertise. You can open new business doors with our end-to-end platform for video chat and conferencing.

OTT Streaming App Development

Tringapps can help your customers stream content using Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku. Our OTT developers are skilled in creating innovative streaming apps that work on various devices and platforms.

OTT Mobile App Development

Every OTT media distribution strategy should include a mobile component due to the ever-growing user base of mobile devices. Tringapps' OTT developers collaborate with our mobile app developers to create robust streaming apps for iOS or Android devices.

OTT Platform Development

More than one OTT app is required for organizations that distribute content on multiple platforms and devices. creates complete custom agile OTT platforms, seamlessly delivering content across multiple platforms and devices to our customers.

The Top 7 OTT App Designers and Solutions You Must Know

We have selected the best from a wide range of platforms and app developers that can help you build as an active user on an OTT streaming service.

It is a professional provider of OTT platform development services. They have extensive experience and impressive expertise in creating media processing and delivery systems and custom OTT solutions that are perfectly tailored to any platform or device.

The company has successfully worked with different business domains and provided excellent streaming and hands-on experience across multiple devices. This includes iOS, Android TVs, Samsung, Apple TVs, LG, Roku, and STBs.

Oxagile is distinguished by its focus on viewer engagement, high scalability, and reliability. Oxagile develops multi-screen apps to meet the needs of enterprise-scale customers. It places a high value on performance engineering and intuitive UIs.

What Oxagile has to offer:

  • Multi-screen apps (website, mobile, smart TV apps, and TV apps for media streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV or custom Roku apps). 
  • Live streaming and linear video delivery solutions 
  • IPTV apps 
  • Implementation of FAST, SVoD, and TV Everywhere Economy 
  • Video advertising and audience analytics 
  • End-to-end media processing and delivery workflows 
  • DevOps and performance engineering 
  • Cloud migration 
  • Extensive data services provide insight into viewer behavior. 


Zype's video platform allows for risk-free app launches and end-to-end video delivery infrastructure. Zype offers OTT platform development services for businesses specializing in education, fitness media, entertainment, and faith. It also has an enterprise-level domain. Zype will launch your streaming service, providing scalable and resilient video infrastructure to help you grow your business.

What Zype has to offer:

  • Direct-to-consumer video apps and services builder 
  • Video distribution to vMVPDs and aggregators, as well as social platforms 
  • Data capture and paywall-enabled videos for driving leads and sales 
  • Subscribe, rent events, and do video ads. 
  • Subscriber migration services 
  • Simplified video content management 
  • Optimization of video content 
  • Multicasting live events on social media platforms 
  • Live broadcast, configuration, monitoring, and streaming support

A key vendor among OTT video app builders. offers AI-powered solutions to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. It targets their specific goals, making it possible for people who have never written code to create the streaming software they require. You have complete control over the process, cost estimation and time efficiency, success guarantee, and hands-on control. You can quickly build an OTT application using

What has to offer:

  • Apps for TV 
  • Apps for the web 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Desktop apps 


Another OVP that offers endless opportunities to build high-quality assurance of OTT streaming platforms. Kaltura, a flexible and reliable service for video streaming, has solutions for many industries. It is a prominent OTT platform developer and has provided solutions for Thomson Reuters, and Deutsche Telecom, among others. Kaltura is capable of turning any video service idea into a reality.

What Kaltura has to offer:

Cloud TV platform, a Video platform for publishers, Virtual, LMS video, Lecture capture, Video content management system, APIs, SDKs, and experience components.


An OTT app development service and a flagship digital technology company. Tothenew is a popular destination for small and large businesses thanks to its 10+ years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers. Independent software vendors and businesses specializing in media, entertainment, finance, healthcare, or pharma can use their solutions. Tothenew allows content providers around the globe to create OTT platforms.

What Tothenew has to offer:

OTT platform development, Smart TV solutions, and Media Services.


Are you looking for an OTT app developer that can help you launch a streaming service that stands out? VidApp is an innovative platform that has its personality. The VidApp platform can help you create educational courses, yoga, lifestyle classes, and entertainment. The VidApp platform offers a simple user experience and the ability to tailor solutions to specific industries. This makes it an excellent customer experience that provides high-quality digital products for end-users.

What VidApp has to offer:

Secure downloads, Roku and Apple TV apps, Daily Journal, In-app purchases, Modular templates, Create custom playlists, Custom Look and Feel.


Daffodil is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for enterprises. Daffodil is an OTT app developer that has a remarkable amount and variety of experience. Daffodil is a platform and app developer who focuses on the most advanced app technology. He has developed apps and platforms that have been successful for businesses of all backgrounds and created inspiring products that provide valuable content to their audience.

What Daffodil has to offer:

Smart TV app development, Fire TV app development, Apple TV app development, Roku TV app development, Live streaming platforms, Video chat, and conferencing systems.

How do you choose an OTT App developer?

There are many platforms and apps that can be built, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. These are some tips to help you make your decision and not regret it later.

IPTV, sometimes known as "Internet Protocol Television," is another online streaming option to traditional television. IPTV employs a closed server, whereas OTT does not, which is the primary distinction between IPTV and OTT streaming.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more widely used in several sectors of the economy. Today, it is also influencing OTT content creation, digital transformation, and changing the dynamics of digital media distribution. We are seeing the emergence of various new and unexplored revenue sources as media businesses continue to deploy AI/ML across a wide range of digital content channels. Content created and built for viewer involvement and immersion. The footage that is currently available has all been authored and produced using a single-camera perspective.

7 Benefits of Creating OTT Apps with React Native

Higher Engagement

For OTT app development, React Native can create a better user experience. React Native allows users to share videos directly with their friends if your app has a video player.

You can also allow them to like or disapprove videos, and they will spend more time engaging with your content. This is great news for advertisers, as you can charge higher rates to advertise in your application.

Increased engagement could result in huge profits, especially considering that the over-the-top apps will generate $1 billion by 2020.

Access to a broader audience

React Native is a JavaScript framework. This means that you can create your app once in JavaScript and then run it on iOS or Android. This is a significant advantage over other cross-platform frameworks like PhoneGap and Xamarin.

You can also use JavaScript libraries such as JQuery and Bootstrap to speed up the development of your app. Developers can now create OTT apps on multiple platforms simultaneously, making reaching a wider audience easier.

Your skilled development team will also be able to reuse most of their code quality across all devices so they can get their app up and running much faster than if they were using a different technology stack.

Better user experience

OTT React Native App Development (OTT React Native App Development) is a new way to develop apps. React Native developers can create user-friendly apps faster, so users spend less time learning how to use the app and more time using it.

This is particularly important for business productivity for applications where employees might have limited training. Employees who can quickly learn a new app can be more productive right away.

OTT React Native App Development is a great way to make your business goals run more smoothly when all your data is in one place.

Access to technology is easier.

React Native is the only software required to create OTT apps. Everything can be created, tested, run, and debugged from any browser.

Developers who don't have the hardware or OS required to create applications for a platform are able to do so easily. React uses JavaScript rather than native languages, so you don't have to be an expert in Objective-C and Java.

It's also easier for developers without experience in mobile development platforms such as Android or iOS to create for these platforms without having to learn a new language.

Faster App Development Process

React Native is a popular topic for OTT apps. This technology is relatively new and allows you to create mobile apps using JavaScript. It is also open-source, so anyone can use it.

App developers love this because they can quickly create high-quality apps at a very low price. React Native is a popular cross-platform technology that allows developers to create apps quickly and efficiently.

React Native allows you to access a large number of components that will allow you to accelerate your development process.

React Native is a mobile application development platform that delivers quality results much faster than traditional frameworks.

User Retention/In-App Purchases

React Native is a great tool for OTT application development. It allows developers to create highly engaging apps with high user retention. Apps that are easy to navigate are more likely for users to stay with you, especially if they offer incentives.

Users can buy upgrades or items within the app, which helps them stay engaged for longer. This is a good business vertical strategy because software companies and other companies want their customers to be loyal to their products. As consumers trust brands, this loyalty can lead to higher revenue.

In-app purchases (IAPs) are a great way to increase customer loyalty. IAPs enable customers to pay for the content or exceptional features within the app.

Let's say you are playing a game on your smartphone. Instead of exiting your game and opening an app or going online to purchase extra lives or special power-ups, you can use IAPs to buy additional lives.

Connect with existing users

React Native makes it simple to connect with existing users when developing OTT apps. Your new app will be built upon an existing app. This allows you to leverage user data for targeted marketing.

If a user logs into your app via Facebook or Google+, all of their information will be available when they login to your new app.

This is huge because you don't have to spend money on collecting information from every user. Instead, you can save time and energy by creating more content for users.

Pros and cons of React Native in OTT App Development

React Native is an option for OTT application development, but it's not perfect. React Native is not perfect, and there are cons to be aware of before you use it in your next project.

Cost React Native is an open-source and free platform that is great news for developers who are on a tight budget. This does not mean that React Native has any official support from Facebook.

Security React Native has another drawback: it isn't as secure as other platforms. This is because JavaScript can be hacked.

This security risk is important to know if your app handles sensitive user data. These risks can be mitigated by using third-party software or implementing security measures.

Potential Performance Problems React Native apps may experience performance problems. This is due to JavaScript code being interpreted at runtime. It can lead to delays in some situations.

If you are developing a time-sensitive application (like a game), this could pose a severe problem. There are ways to optimize your code and minimize performance issues.

Inadequacy of customizability React Native is not as customizable as Android or iOS. React Native may require you to compromise the design of your app. React Native can make it more difficult to implement certain basic features, such as animations.

OTT Platform Development Services

OTT Application Consulting

Smooth OTT Consulting requires a customer-focused approach and an eye on long-term vision and innovation. You can ensure customer satisfaction with our cutting-edge full-app development cycle OTT consultancy. There are no bottlenecks or downtime, and there is minimal downtime. With deep expertise in consulting, our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of OTT platforms.

Analyze potential customer base to determine payment plans for activating new subscribers

  • For cost-effective resource planning, consult with OTT domain experts in infrastructure consulting. 
  • Technology stack develops state-of-the-art OTT platforms to offer next-gen viewing experiences. 
  • Innovative consulting to track and analyze KPIs and analyze analytics on viewing patterns or choices. 
  • Engagement to maintain long-term relationships with broadcasters, service providers, content distributor platforms, and other parties. 

Implementation of OTT Applications

Different OTT platforms have unique implementation requirements. This is in addition to the focus on futuristic digital entertainment. A perfect implementation cycle would increase the business prospects and yield a return on OTT investments. This would drive technology cost efficiency and business outcomes.

OTT Implementation Scope

Our OTT implementation includes management of all implementation tasks from Smart TVs, Tablets and Mobile Devices to Tablets or Desktops - regardless of hardware.

Implementation with a full-fledged development team helps to leverage in-ad traffic on viewing platforms like YouTube.

Implementation Use-Cases

OTT players have the option to choose the most compatible OTT implementation with continuous innovation. Platforms can use the project deliverables to attract new viewers who are open to new viewing experiences and want to be able to access them at any time.

Our technical expertise helps you sustain innovation and accelerate growth through OTT implementation journeys – leveraging the latest infrastructure and tools for streamlining content sharing. OTT providers can beam content to multiple platforms through syndication.

OTT Application Integration

As Digital Entertainment options expand, so does the range of on-demand viewing. It is essential to eliminate silos in hardware and systems that drive today's OTT platforms. This applies regardless of network bottlenecks or hardware limitations. Integration is made easier by a true feasibility analysis and root cause approach.

Scalable integration and keen integration of the OTT model adopted by partner platforms

  • Integration of monetization resources and tools for monitoring and impact on streaming media. 
  • To increase streaming efficiency, platform-centric API integrations are required wherever possible. 
  • Elimination of cross-platform issues, buffering excesses, and ad-hoc maintenance caused by downtime. 
  • Important updates regarding subscriptions, renewals, and seasonal shows, as well as alerts from OTT integration partners. 

OTT Application Migration and Upgrading

Smooth OTT Migration and Upgrade strategies are possible when you focus on your customers and keep an eye on long-term innovation as well as the vision. You can migrate from any legacy platform and reimagine your OTT experience using upgraded infrastructure, cloud-based platforms, or third-party environments to manage subscribers.

A roadmap for scaling OTT migration with consolidated user subscribers and critical data

  • Optimal migration to maximize resource utilization, latency, and network streaming requirements. 
  • Platform migration for future-oriented CRM and CMS capabilities. 
  • Reimagine subscription history and real-time payments. 
  • Upgrades scheduled based on the selected OTT system database and utility platforms. 

Support and Maintenance of OTT Applications

OTT Security and Support

Maintenance activities are crucial in removing outsider threats to OTT applications, fine-tuning the number of checkpoints, and securing databases necessary for mission-critical business requirements. We fix streaming issues and consistency in Digital Space across Smart TV or Wi-Fi TV – either from devices or OTT parts that could have a considerable impact.

OTT Support The Essentials

Our dedicated resources are available to help you understand and solve your problems with architecture or front-end performance well beyond deployment and delivery. Our OTT Maintenance and Support are backed up by efficient resources with a strong knowledge of video formats and cross-platform requirements - both in terms of hardware and systems. This includes a basic understanding of core maintenance and troubleshooting of strategic OTT components.

OTT Support - Scope and Depth

To ensure operational sustainability and maintenance and support overheads, Maintenance and Support planning, Maintenance and Support protocols, software compatibility, and support for the campaign-driving platform, choose the best OTT Maintenance and Support platform. Clients are also helped by the prompt responses and quick turnaround.

OTT Transformation and Support

Our staff is trained to answer customer questions and follow protocols for Maintenance and Support in order to support the next-gen platform-agnostic OTT revolution. To ensure continuity and business agility, we emphasize uninterrupted support, including the addition of prime-time content and optimizing subscriber plans.

OTT Support Around-the-Clock

An OTT Application Development Services Help Desk provides L1 and L2 support depending on the severity of the issue. This includes latency time, network resources, and other issues. Our OTT consultants are skilled at quickly fixing issues related to OTT bandwidth, either on-premises or in the cloud.

We assist subscribers with a variety of support needs and journeys with upgrades. Our Maintenance and Support and Maintenance and Support professionals interact with clients until they are resolved.

  • Preventive maintenance protocols are used to prevent random failures and maintain uptime 24 hours a day for consistency 
  • Monitoring asset performance regularly and eliminating bottlenecks in OTT operational metrics are key. 
  • Highly skilled support professionals available to answer your queries about streaming, bandwidth, or API components. 
  • Schedules for inspecting OTT performance across architectures, and allied vendors 
  • Timely resolution of tickets and closure with the coordinated escalation in support of critical OTT services 

Next-Gen OTT Development

Digital entertainment platforms that are not traditional have been revamped to provide a wholesome OTT content-on-demand experience and viewing experience.

  • Smart options and menu controls allow you to choose the best video and rendering formats. 
  • In-app promotion and promos via social media buttons. 
  • Subscription models that include robust OTT app requirements and cloud storage capability 
  • Reaching niche audiences via mobile and web platforms is easier with intelligent choices 
  • Payment options for renewals, opt-ins, and other genres. 

Get a Free Estimation or Talk to Our Business Manager!

Conclusion is a top software development company that can help you build a custom OTT app development. This will allow you to create a highly effective app in a short time.

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