Invest in Upgrading the UX of CRM Design for Better RoI in 2023

By Sam

Visitors are no longer motivated by the price of products or services. It's now all about the user experience (UX). A study found that its user experience influences 94% of first impressions of a company's design.

A CRM is a customizable, simple platform that gives an organization all information relevant to customers. It will be more popular if it is well-designed. Poor design can deter and even prevent people from using the CRM. You must improve the CRM UX design to be a trusted and successful brand online.

​For better ROI, invest in improving the UX of CRM Design.

Improving your CRM application's design will yield tangible benefits and financial returns. High returns on investment in user-friendly CRMs are possible through -

- Less learning curves and easier use by users. The system's self-explanatory nature reduces training costs and the need for specific manuals.

- More usage means better data input, process automation, and information reporting.

- Less creation and use of shadow systems (excel sheets) lead to the increased manual effort.

- Use CRM software to maximize productivity.

​Tips for improving CRM UX design

​Ensure that your content is useful and logical

All applications have content. This is especially true in enterprise settings where the app is used daily by many people with different abilities and uses. The system must be flexible enough to adapt to the specific workflows of each business. CRMs integrate data from departments other than sales and marketing. This includes accounting and purchasing.

A second thing to consider is that company terminology can differ from one company to another.

Therefore, when creating a custom CRM design, CRM Designers must ensure they use the company's terms.

A potential lead might be described as an "opportunity" in the software. However, it could be called a "prospect" by the team that will use it.

Labelling should provide 360-degree visibility of customers, their transaction history, and their support system. It will be a great help if the terminology corresponds with the terminology used by the software team. Users will be discouraged from using the software if confused by too imaginative or outlandish nomenclature. Access to the information they need to make informed decisions at all levels of users must be made available to them promptly.

Most CRMs have a poor search function that results in many pages that are not relevant and poorly organized. This is a common complaint from users. A good search function amplifies user experience. When listing result pages, prioritize page titles, headings and account names. Add custom tags if necessary. Smart titles will improve results. Also, make sure to follow the relevant naming conventions.

Incorrect plurals, excessive spaces, and misspelt keywords should all be addressed. Designers should examine search engine logs to identify the most popular and commonly used keywords, terms, phrases and topics that users are searching for. Then, update the content accordingly.

Pre-designed reports, proposals, and email templates are a large part of the content. Employees often use these to send emails to customers as well as internally. These templates should be tailored to the company's needs and the analysis of their frequent communications.

​Devise Intuitive Navigation

An intuitive dashboard design should be organized by role, position, prioritized activities, and valid action suggestions. A CRM can serve many functions, including helping sales managers gain insight into customers and market trends. It can also help territory managers assign sales reps to specific locations. This may include product tracking, inventory management, and creating FAQs for customer service executives to assist clients.

It should be designed to analyze patterns and trends that will help managers in strategy-making and sales reps in winning over and keeping prospects. A pipeline view shows a breakdown of each stage of the sales pipeline. You can view each lead individually and see how many are in each stage. The top CRM Designers should allow for tracking leads at each stage and identifying why they may be failing at a higher level. This will enable executives to dig into the issue to solve it.

Users should clearly understand the starting point and the path that will lead to the next course of action.

Intuitive navigation aligns the user's needs and behaviour with the company's goals and priorities.

CRM systems allow users to select their default home page and access it from any page within the application. A navigational aid such as a breadcrumb path is required for users who leave their home page.

A few editorial or key links should be placed above the fold to make the breadcrumb path linkable. Avoid unnecessary pop-ups and reduce scrolling.

​Track Flawless Interactions

Communication gaps between customer service representatives or the internal team can cause frustration for clients and employees. Small hiccups can cause a disruption in the service process, which could eventually lead to the demise of the company's reputation. Interaction tracking is a vital feature of CRMs.

There are times when a customer calls multiple customer service representatives. This helps to reduce frustration, and it also helps to keep customers happy.

Complex businesses need robust interaction tracking systems that allow for call recordings, status communications, and email. An excellent interaction system allows for timely and effective communication at both the customer and interdepartmental levels.

​Analytics can be used to measure and improve UX.

It is a continuous process to meet user experience goals. Analytics can be used to improve the user experience of CRMs. A CRM should be more than a tool that stores customer data but also allows you to interact with customers. It should also be capable of effectively gathering, consolidating and analyzing data to uncover key insights that can be used to make data-driven decisions.

An analytical CRM is also useful for decoding customer behaviour and reacting to different situations. It helps to predict customer needs.

  • Closed loop cycle analysis can identify areas where planned processes are not working and assist in re-configuring navigational sequences and workflows.

  • Conversions of content are useful for pushing commonly used content higher.

  • Tracking feature usage over time by role/user/function is useful for identifying features that are not being used or are insufficiently utilized.

  • Analytics and business intelligence help to predict how customers will respond in the future based on past behaviour and segmented demographics.

  • Analyzing past data can be used to identify customers that are eligible for renewal. These customers can also be classified based on how they behave at renewal. This saves time and helps customers stay loyal by knowing what they want.

​Make the most of the technology you are using.

Users must be able to take advantage of the technology being used. The future CRMs will allow employees to develop relationships with clients and not just be data repositories. Virtual Reality, for example, is a key component of CRM design. It allows customers to see the product in a real-world setting, which can help them make informed decisions. This technology has been used by brands such as Lowe's or IKEA to assist customers in making their decision.

Machine learning and predictive analysis are two technologies that can help improve the accuracy of qualifying leads. They also automate engagement. Users experience higher closing rates and quicker processing times. Salesforce, a leading CRM provider, has its artificial intelligence platform, Einstein. Einstein analyzes data and can predict outcomes, provide solutions and automate tasks. Microsoft's Flow, a Cortana Intelligence Suite tool, supports Dynamics 365 with translations, sentiment analysis and keyword identification.

It is essential to access your CRM Design solution from anywhere via mobile apps on Android and iOS. It allows employees to be connected to the CRM data and provides the best services in a global setting.

Chatbots are also available that provide basic information to customers whenever they need it. This ensures that customer queries are always answered, even if service representatives are unavailable.

The ultimate goal of any CRM software is to allow users to get the most out of its tools and functions. This CRM can be designed to reduce the need for frequent maintenance, increase stability and scalability, and smooth the Flow of seasonal updates. It should be user-friendly and increase business profits.

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​UX Design Trends to Increase Your Website's Conversions by 2023

Technology changes at an incredible rate and website design trends follow suit.

UX design trends are one of the fastest-changing trends in the world. There are always new trends! We've compiled the top UX design trends that will boost your business.

  • Mode Dark

Are you noticing that your screen is getting darker? It's not unusual. Dark mode design is becoming more popular. Operating systems, browsers, and apps are increasingly using dark mode design. Apple, for instance, now offers a dark mode within its iOS and macOS operating systems.

Dark mode website design goes beyond choosing a dark background colour and a value of black. One solution may not work for you. If you have any questions about dark mode selection, Hire CRM Designers

Netflix is the ideal example of a brand that conveys a sense of sophistication, mystery, and drama.

Netflix customers watch their episodes at night or in dimly lit areas. This is why Netflix has introduced dark mode on its websites and apps.

Netflix uses dark mode to offer a seamless experience between the screen and the surrounding environment. This is because it recognizes that many users will be streaming in this scenario.

These streaming sites have a darker interface which helps recreate the cinematic experience of being in a theatre. It is also easier to view videos in this environment.

It is important to know how long users will scroll on your website or apps in dark mode before you can implement it.

Dark Mode, a new feature, is touted to increase visibility. It helps you stay focused and reduces eye strain. Regardless of what the claims may be, Dark Mode is available to everyone. More websites are now jumping on board.

  • Gradients

A gradient is a design element consisting of multiple colours that fade in and out over time. Also known as "colour progressions" and "colour ramps", gradients are also called "colour transitions" or "colour ladders". These can be made up of multiple shades of the same or different colours that blend. Websites with gradient colours are visually appealing and keep visitors engaged.

Gradients are a popular trend in graphic design. Gradients are easy to remember, make a statement, and elicit user emotions. This allows them to feel connected with the product or concept. When used correctly, gradients can make your website look modern and greatly impact your visitors.

In the following example, Skullcandy has combined several appealing colours.

Gucci Beauty Foundation's website is another excellent example. It makes great use of gradient design to attract customers' attention.

The background changes into a vibrant gradient every few seconds. Each image is shown, i.e. Each image, i.e. The cards' content is more prominent and grabs the viewer's attention immediately.

You can also take quizzes and access video tutorials or interactive colour palettes. This site is all about creativity and clever ways to increase interaction.

Gradients are all about colour, so choose your colours carefully when designing your website. It must match the page's tone or product element. UX design services are available if you aren't sure which option to go with.

Here's a great example of how to briefly explain the different colours of platelets.

This is how some of the most powerful global brands chose their colours.

The perception of a brand is influenced by its logo and website. Consider the cultural and psychological implications of the colours you choose for your website and brand.

  • Retro and vintage styles

The retro theme has been a huge hit recently, with nostalgic themes being popular in fashion, photography and video.

Websites that employ older fonts, colours and layouts are called "retro" (or "vintage"). This design style is popular because it evokes emotions and appeals to site visitors.

Remote CRM Designers employ retro features to quickly attract users' attention. They show products, advertising and other material in an immersive style that encourages users to click CTA buttons and convert visits into sales.

Baylis & Harding was founded in 1960 and had been providing amazing cosmetics to people around the globe for over 50 years. Baylis & Harding has maintained its historical style while other companies adapt to the times. This allows clients to feel like they are buying from an old friend.

The image shows how they have preserved the retro design style using only a black-and-white motif. This takes us back to classical times. Baylis and Harding also have a website that explains more about retro design.

Website visitors can reminisce by using retro styles. This can help form an emotional connection with the site, leading to increased conversion rates.

  • Blur Background & Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is a user interface design style favours black or light objects over backgrounds. The background blur is applied to the objects, allowing the background to shine. This gives the illusion of frosted glass.

This popular style is embraced by large companies such as Apple with its macOS Big Sur update and Microsoft with its new fluent design system.

Apple uses this technique for websites to show the most attractive elements of its new interface. This is eye-catching when combined with vibrant graphics and forms.

In the image below, Microsoft uses the same technique to show the most attractive elements of its new interface. This is eye-catching when it is combined with vivid graphics and forms.

  • Behavioral Design

User behaviour is an important part of user experience design. Many usability improvements are dependent upon the user's behaviour. This is how your user's view, think and react to your product.

Many companies use user behaviour to create products and conduct experiments to drive growth and behavior change. This is a complete approach to product development. It encourages teams to look at customers from a user-friendly perspective.

Companies now understand the importance of understanding their users' behavior. People no longer rely on handwritten notes and calendar alerts. In this competitive market, businesses continue to collect data from people and analyze their behavior. It ultimately provides value to users and increases product engagement.

Many companies, including Headspace, have adopted behavioral design to create their apps and websites. Its ability to keep customers involved by encouraging them to meditate daily has made it popular. Many techniques can be used, including personalized daily playlists, analytics and meditation history. You can also sync your schedules with "buddies".

Headspace is a great example of a digital product that understands its users and knows how to get them to sign up.

Planta, a very popular app, allows you to keep track of all the plants in your home. It measures the light intensity in the area where they are located. Based on the weather conditions in your area, users receive push notifications when it is time to water them.

This strategy is often used to create apps and products that assist customers in reaching their goals.

  • 3D Animation

3D animation can be a great tool for improving user experience and website interfaces. 3D animations are a great way to surprise and thrill visitors to your website.

3D animation has been a popular choice in the past year. Websites increasingly use animations, videos and 3D objects to create a unique user experience.

The 3D design adds beauty and elegance to objects. It lets you draw potential customers' attention and give them valuable 360-degree information about your products.

You can view the video that showcases the 3D effects on their website.

Gameloft's website features 3D animation. Their homepage features many design techniques, including a slideshow background with moving photos, 3D effects and rotating text. It's quite beautiful.

It's hard to look at the homepage and not want more. After all the 3D animations have been used, you will want to continue reading and exploring more of this website.

Because 3D animation works, it is becoming increasingly popular. 3D animation is an emerging trend in business.

  • Hamburger Menu

Companies prefer the Hamburger navigation menu when integrating all navigation links into one place. The Hamburger navigation menu is dynamic, stylish, and mobile-friendly. It draws much more attention than other menus because it is realistic and stylish.

A well-known website, Awards features a variety of creative templates and interesting designs. This website is minimalistic in design. To focus on the content, they reduce any additional noise. They chose a hamburger menu to achieve this.

Awards has a unique feature: it adds a "Menu" label to the menu icon. This input makes navigation simple, thorough, and transparent.

Another great example of the well-respected Loreal brand. The hamburger menu icon is located at the top of every page when you first visit L'Oreal. You can hover over the icon to change the color, making it more interactive and enjoyable.

Clicking on the arrow symbol will open a menu that includes many nautical items and subcategories. Its architecture ensures that the overall navigation is clear and uncluttered.

  • Breadcrumb Navigation

Your site's navigation is important, and breadcrumbs can be a key element of the user experience.

It's a secondary navigation menu. Breadcrumb navigation increases the visibility of landing pages by allowing users to quickly navigate to higher-level pages if they find your site through search.

Breadcrumb navigation allows visitors to easily understand the relationship between their current page (such as a product page) and higher-level pages (a Category page, for example).

The navigation can help you lower the bounce rate of your website and give users an amazing experience browsing through different categories.

​Different types of breadcrumb navigation:

  • Based on Attribute

  • Hierarchy is based

  • History is a foundation

Also, breadcrumbs can improve your SEO performance. Search engine crawlers or robots also benefit from the easy site navigation. These crawlers track links on the internet and find content for search engines. A hierarchy of breadcrumb hyperlinks can be used to guide the crawlers.

Example: Clicking on "categories", the breadcrumb navigation at, will bring up various options so that you can select the one that suits you best.

Click on the option you want to see. It redirects you to that page. Breadcrumb navigation allows users to navigate websites easily.

  • CTA Button Design

CTA buttons are interactive UI features that can be found on both mobile and web devices. Its primary purpose is to convince users to take certain actions that lead to a conversion on a particular page or screen.

Where should the CTA be placed on your website? What situations are suitable for your CTAs? What are the implications of all these factors for conversions?

  • Subscribe to CTA

  • Find out more about CTA

  • Purchase CTA

  • CTA for social sharing

  • CTA Form

Subscription CTA buttons are used to increase subscribers. Here's a great example from the HubSpot website.

CTAs can be used to provide detailed information about particular products and services. Here is an example from Adobe Experience Cloud.

Because visitors find your content informative and valuable, social sharing CTAs are important. You will get more people sharing your content on social media, which can help promote your business and increase user engagement.

You can also offer a subscription option to allow users to sign up for your company's newsletter. This lets you directly inform your users about industry news and best practices in their inboxes.

The ideal way to collect customer information is through Form CTA. This data can be used for future promotions.

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Many of the largest companies in the world use CRM to develop their business and sell more. It facilitates interaction between the company and customers and improves a company's image.

This CRM can be optimized for communication, reduce the need to perform routine maintenance, provide stability and scalability, and smooth the Flow of seasonal updates. It can increase user satisfaction, which in turn will lead to increased business profit.

Now you are familiar with web design trends that can help increase conversions and bring more people to your site. You don't have to rush to implement these designs on your site. If your website doesn't offer a better user experience, it doesn't matter how amazing a trend might be.

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