Shopify is the right customizable platform for you if your business wants to be an e-commerce company. Hire certified Shopify developers who can be non-technical entrepreneurs who need someone to build their storefront or if they are part of a current team. This will help you save time and money.

A specialist in Shopify can provide insights and development into the platform that is not available to generalists. This saves time and money in onboarding and learning more about Shopify. This person already knows how Shopify works, including inventory systems, payment gateways, and navigation. This will help to reduce errors and bugs during the launch.

Full-stack developers can discover payment gateways, stores, and other aspects of the e-commerce industry. However, hiring a Shopify-specific designer is a benefit because they can better understand e-commerce and how to use software systems that customers contact stores. a Shopify programmer can help you make your development process more efficient and less costly if technical skills are not your strength.

If you are interested in hiring Shopify developers, let us know how to find the best site to hire Shopify developers in the following sections.

  • Shopify programming Languages & Tools

  • Shopify Developers to Hire

  • Find Shopify Developers to Help You with Your Projects or Staff

  • Shopify Developers Get Competitive Pay

  • What to do next to hire Shopify devs

Shopify Languages & Tools

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JQuery

  • React and JavaScript

  • Liquid

  • Shopify Ajax API

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and React are all standard automation tools for app development. Shopify's Liquid is, however, unique. The Liquid was developed by Tobias Lutke, Shopify CEO and co-founder. It is an open-source project available on GitHub. All Shopify themes are built around the Liquid. It's used for loading dynamic content to Shopify's online store pages.

You will want to see the languages on the CV and resume of Shopify developers if you are a non-technical person looking to hire a Shopify developer for a single project. Request a portfolio to see if the candidate has any previous experience with building the features you are looking for. You can see this sample portfolio of web developers to get an idea of what to look for.

Shopify experts are looking for hiring managers. It is a good idea to look at the portfolios of potential candidates and their GitHub. This will help you determine if they have the basic skills that you need. A member of your engineering team may be interested in participating in the interviewing process. They could ask more technical questions about the candidate, depending on what features you would like to implement.

Interview questions should focus on your skills if you are building third-party apps to sell on Shopify. Your potential developer's front-end skills will be critical if you focus on developing themes. Notably, a flair in UX and UI will help them stand out from other developers.

Shopify Developers to Hire

Determining what you need from your Shopify Developer

Professional Shopify developers are needed. But how can you find qualified candidates? You must clearly describe the technical skills required, as well as the soft skills needed.

Describe the developer's track record during the interview and application process to ensure they possess the necessary technical knowledge. The breadth and depth of the portfolio of Shopify developers are more important than other areas of development. This is especially true for complex designs and features.

If you have one, you want your new hire capable of executing your vision. You will be satisfied with potential outcomes if they have done similar work. You will have a better chance of finding a developer that fits your requirements if you are clear about your expectations and can communicate them clearly during the interview process.

Technical Knowledge

It is essential to communicate what Shopify developers need to know before you begin the hiring process. Clearer information about your requirements will make finding the right person with the required technical knowledge easier. It would help if you considered the expertise required when writing your job description.

If you're looking for a shop with all the bells & whistles, it won't be easy to find the right person with the technical knowledge. There are more chances of errors when you hire a junior developer to create complicated features. This can also lead to extra time and additional costs for product completion.

If you already have a team, they could help you determine the project's scope and the level required of expertise. You could get advice from them on the best way to hire a senior or junior developer to help you build the features that you want.

It's better to have more technical knowledge than you don't need. Although a senior developer might be more expensive per hour, their expertise may mean less time spent than a junior developer who must spend more time learning about your requirements, which could potentially cost you more in billing hours.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are essential for any project. Shopify projects can have a lot of moving parts. Shopify storefronts can mean that you may maintain regular communication with your Shopify developer. Before launch.

Finding a candidate who can respond to your emails promptly, communicate what they need, and accept constructive criticism is essential. It is important not to hire someone slow to respond to time-sensitive tasks. E-commerce can be unpredictable, and Situations can shift quickly., so it is crucial to have a quick response. You should be open to constructive criticism. An overly sensitive contractor or team member can cause friction and delay and lead to a project that does not meet your expectations.

Seek reviews from Shopify store owners, online communities, and forum members to see if they have any. Shopify stores are complex and require lots of communication. It's a good idea to find out if the Shopify developer you're considering hiring has excellent communication skills.

Communication is essential for a temporary project or a permanent position on your team. Poor communication skills in e-commerce can lead to lost time and unreachability at critical moments.


Shopify developers with more experience could be a critical factor in your success. A full-stack developer might not have the same experience as a Shopify developer. This will allow you to be more familiar with e-commerce UX/UI. An experienced developer can save you time and money if you are a non-technical entrepreneur looking to build a project.

Shopify developers with extensive experience can help you avoid common pitfalls and suggest improving your store. Shopify expertise can be added to your existing team to improve their authorizations and payment gateway skills.

Shopify developers interested in your products can provide feedback from the consumer's side. This may not be easy to find, but having someone passionate about your products on your team could make your customers' experiences better.

Find Shopify Developers to Help You with Your Project or Staff

Now that you know what you are looking for in a Shopify developer, you need to know how to find them. Shopify sponsors many events for developers and partners, both in person and online. These are great settings for networking and locating Shopify developer partners.

We have listed some online presence communities and events where you might be able to Hire professional Shopify developers

Online Communities

Shopify Forums

Shopify forums allow store owners to communicate with each other about various topics, such as store reviews and technical Q&A.

E-Commerce Talk Shopify Channel

E-comm Talk is a Slack channel that allows entrepreneurs and developers to meet to discuss e-commerce-related topics.


r/Shopify allows store owners, developers, and Redditors to post questions and comments about a wide range of Shopify-related topics.

Shopify Community on LinkedIn

Shopify Community is a LinkedIn group that allows for discussion about Shopify. It includes advice for Shopify customers and Shopify experiences.

Face-to-Face Events

Shopify Meetups

Shopify Meetups, sponsored by Shopify, allow you to meet in person or virtually for a discussion on Shopify-related topics. These meetups can be held on Zoom or at coffee shops in the US and Indonesia. They allow participants to discuss everything from design to email marketing.

Shopify Unite

Shopify Unite, an annual conference held in Toronto, brings merchants, developers, and partners together to discuss possible future trade.

Shopify Pursuit

Shopify Pursuit is an international conference for Shopify Partners, Developers, and other Shopify Partners. It lasts three days. Shopify describes it as "a place to step back, network with other developers and impart your expertise on creating your Shopify business."

Shopify Developers Get Competitive Pay

Once you have identified your ideal candidate and their location, the next question you need to ask is how much you pay Shopify developers. We've provided information on the typical pay for developer salary using Shopify and salaries by state and freelance website rates to help you decide what you should offer your candidate.

Annual Salaries

ZipRecruiter estimates that a Shopify developer makes $93,000 per year on average salary. Six percent of Shopify developers make between $43,000 and $56,000 annually. Three percent of Shopify developers make between $173,000 and $186,000 annually.

Get Freelance Developer Rates

Shopify developer hourly rate can charge as low as $65 an hour, while full-stack developers typically charge $61-80. Shopify developers can charge various fees depending on the complex store setup. These rates can vary from $500 to more than $25,000, depending on the required experience level of customization.

Next steps for hiring Shopify developers

It would help if you now had an idea of what you need in a Shopify developer before you hire them.

  • What would you like your store to look like, and what features and functions do you require?

  • Do you have any questions?

  • You can find examples of online retailers stores that you would like to include on your website.

Understanding your needs will allow you to write a more detailed job description. It will reflect the complexity and customizations that you may need for your store. It would help if you were honest and thorough about your needed technical skills. This will allow you to find the right candidate for your job.

Once you have a clear idea of the features you are looking for, you can search to identify potential Shopify developers, search forums and communities for Shopify, and read reviews and view portfolios. You can contact the developer if you find a portfolio that you like. Although this can take longer than posting a job ad to see who responds, it will allow you to get closer to the design you desire for your store by actively vetting candidates. You can also filter out those with poor reviews.

Shopify Meetups are a great place to find app developers with the soft skills and pleasant personalities you seek. Although you can always meet with potential developers, later on, it is a good idea to chat with them in informal settings so you can assess their soft skills.

Technical skills are essential in developing talent. However, the ability to communicate well with others, whether a temporary project or a longer-term one, is equally important. This is important for productivity and stress levels.

Before you rush into the interviewing process, make sure that you have enough money in your budget to hire dedicated Shopify developers with the technical skills you require. Knowing the project's scope will allow you to create a budget, with or without the help of an existing development team. This will avoid any awkward surprises later.

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